IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2005-01-10

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mgedminI think there's a bug in the Session product01:36
mgedminwe've moved to new hardware last week01:36
mgedminit is quite unlikely that the new server is flaky in the same way as the old one01:37
* mgedmin goes to restart zope on schooltool.org01:37
tvonIIRC that bug was supposed to be fixed the latest zope 2...  not sure though01:42
mgedminthe bug, if there is a bug, has got something to do with acquisition01:43
mgedminthe last line in the traceback is01:43
mgedminthe last line referred to in the traceback is01:43
mgedmin        if getattr(ob, '__of__', None) and getattr(ob, 'aq_parent', None):01:43
mgedminand it raises SystemError: error exit with no error set01:43
tvonah, not the error I was thinking about01:43
mgedminwhat error were you thinking about?01:44
tvonthe key part of the error said something about SessionObject or something along those lines01:45
tvonI'd get it at random on a few sites..restarting always got rid of it01:45
* mgedmin checks01:45 is running on 2.7.101:45 says the latest stable release is 2.7.301:45
mgedminI always assumed it was an indication of a hardware problem01:47
mgedminrandom memory corruption or some such01:48
mgedminit looks like I was wrong01:48
* mgedmin upgraded to zope 2.7.301:52
mgedminlet's see if that error reappears01:52
tvonheh, its a suck error since you basically just have to wait to not see it01:52
mgedminyes :(01:53
mgedminok, good night01:53
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bskahanHi all17:51
th1aOK, let's get started.17:57
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th1aFirst off, one thing I always forget to explicitly ask:  Now that you're done with one contract, when will you be ready to start the next?17:58
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bskahanI can start now, tvon can start next monday17:59
mgedminnext monday18:00
mgedmin(I think)18:01
th1aLet's talk about what you'll be doing then.18:01
mgedminour closest goal is SchoolBell 1.0 by March, right?18:02
mgedminmy vision for that release is:18:02
bskahanthere's a schooltool target for march/april as well, right?18:02
mgedmin- missing features that are necessary for a calendaring app (timezones, all-day events)18:03
th1a"SchoolTool Calendar"18:03
mgedmin(I mean, we should have those features that are missing now)18:03
mgedmin- easy to deploy (apt-get install) and use (slick UI)18:03
th1aSteveA expressed some concern about opening up a can of worms with timezones.18:04
tvonI think it is a can of worms, but we need to open it.18:04
mgedminlet's talk about timezones a bit later (I also think we need to open it)18:04
mgedmin- source code separated from schooltool into reusable Zope 3 components18:04
algaI think what we have by now is much more of a can of worms18:04
algatimetables, exceptions, calendars, compositions18:05
mgedmin- commitment to never break databases on upgrades18:05
tvonwe need to decide on how we will handle migrations18:05
mgedminzope 3 generations, probably18:06
algaand lots of discipline ;-)18:06
tvonis there an intention to drop the current "search" method in the code and use the z3 catalog?18:06
mgedmin(shorter link: )18:06
bskahanan addition to the list of calendar features - event descriptions18:06
tvonoh yes18:06
mgedminis there a wiki page "goals for schoolbell 1.0"?18:07
mgedminif not, could we create it?18:07
bskahangood idea18:07
mgedminI think event descriptins fall under my "missing features"18:07
* bskahan nods18:08
th1aI'll make the wiki page.18:08
tvonmgedmin: did you catch my catalog question?18:08
algado you mean busysearch?18:09
mgedminwe did not have intentions to start using z3 catalog18:09
tvonlet me check18:09
mgedmin"first make it work, then make it fast"18:09
* tvon nods18:09
mgedminhere's an extra goal for schoolbell 1.0:18:09
mgedmin- make it reasonably fast18:09
gintasisn't it?18:10
mgedminthis means: write a unit or functional test with a large amount of data, see if it works fast enough18:10
mgedminI do not know if it is or if it isn't, that's why we need some large calendars18:10
tvonwe need some generated calendars18:10
gintasI would call that 'write benchmark tests'18:10 anyone?18:11
mgedminmy has a LogReader class that gives you tuples (timestamp, event_type, text_or_something_else)18:11
tvonthats obscene..would make a great test18:12
mgedminlet's not get too obsessed with speed18:12
mgedminif icalendar clients (sunbird, evolution, ical) are unbearably slow for a calendar, I think schoolbell can afford to be slow too18:12
tvonwhere does the gradebook fall into this?18:13
gintaswell, the difference is that there is usually one client on a computer18:13
mgedminschoolbell will have no gradebooks, I think18:14
gintaswith schoolbell, we might have tens of simultaneous clients18:14
tvonst I mean18:14
gintas(I meant to say simultaneous connections)18:14
th1aI don't think speed is a concern for SB 1.0 or SchoolTool Calendar.18:15
mgedminth1a: gives me 404 not found18:15
th1aI just moved it...18:15
th1aIt is at
gintasth1a, I think mgedmin meant to say that we don't really know how fast schoolbell is, and it's important to find that out before deployment18:15
* bskahan agrees18:16
th1aOK, so I've got:  * TimeZones18:18
th1a* RefactorNotes18:18
th1a* Integrate EventAndBooking form18:18
th1a* EuroUS calendar styles18:18
th1a* AllDayEvents18:18
th1a* EventDescriptions18:18
th1aUp for discussion.18:18
mgedminthis is a list of must-haves for 1.0, right?18:18
th1aPlus the Z3 work.18:19
bskahan /*/*/calendar.vfb?18:19
bskahanwhat is EuroUS calendar styles?18:20
tvonfree-busy calendar18:20
bskahanfor outlook/evolution18:20
th1aAM/PM vs 24 hr.  Weeks starting on Sunday, etc.18:20
bskahansince outlook can't read ical, and evo can't write it18:20
* bskahan nods18:20
th1aWhat are you guys talking about?18:20
bskahanVFreeBusy, is the published free/busy format outlook uses18:21
bskahanfor scheduling meetings, etc18:21
th1aWe'd just have to publish it?18:22
th1aHow difficult would that be?18:22
bskahandepends on how closely it overlaps ical18:22
mgedmineasy, I think18:22
algaA simplified subclass of  our ical view18:23
mgedminhow should it be published?18:23
gintasI don't think that it would be hard, but I'm only vaguely familiar with that format18:23
mgedmina http url that outlook can download?18:23
* mgedmin never used outlook18:23
gintasmgedmin, yes18:23
gintaswell, I'm guessing18:23
bskahani think calendar.vfb vs. calendar.ics would work18:23
gintasI saw the same feature on KOrganizer18:23
th1aIf we could do it in two days it would be ok, I guess.18:24
gintasI think two days is reasonable18:24
mgedminth1a, could you add "database forwards compatibility" to the list18:25
th1abskahan:  can you take a closer look at it and make an estimate?18:25
* bskahan nods18:25
mgedminand also "slick user interface", "easy deployment", "reasonable speed"18:25
mgedminI would also like to elaborate on each of those issues18:25
jintymgedmin: anyway of testing for if the database forwards comptibility breaks?18:26
mgedminperhaps I should just go and edit the wiki page myself now, and then ask for comments?18:26
th1amgedmin: go ahead.18:26
gintaswouldn't it make sense for PoV to do the VFB export?  It should be similar to iCal export, which Marius did18:26
mgedminjinty, it is not trivial, but doable18:26
tvonyeah, POV could do it faster18:26
th1aThat's ok by me.18:26
jintymgedmin: thanks18:27
th1aSo what are the issues around adding timezone support?  Have you guys thought about this at all?18:27
* jinty goes back to kicking chroots18:28
gintasI'm thinking this involves two things: iCalendar parsing and the web interface18:28
tvonsystem should store it all in UTC, convert it based on user settings for viewing/ical...18:28
* mgedmin wants to finish thinking about high-level issues before descending into details too deeply18:29
gintasstill, it would be nice to have an idea of the scope of having decent timezone support18:29
algadon't you?18:30
th1aIt isn't a problem I understand well.18:30
gintasI, for example, don't really see right now why Steve said that timezones are a can of worms18:30
tvondos ical have any representation if timezones?18:30
algait's just that we use naive times now18:30
algaand we have to switch to UTC, or time with timezones in the server18:31
algaand make a TZ a preference of a user18:31
tvonI see18:31
tvonideally an anon cookie of sorts as well18:32
th1aDoes the SchoolTool know if its box is set to UTC or local time?18:32
tvonit can find out I think, or at least rely on a config file setting to do the math18:32
algaright now all times are naive, i.e. without timezones18:32
gintastvon, are you sure a cookie is the best idea? OTOH, I like mgedmin's suggestion to stay focused on the big picture until we have the most important things figured out18:34
tvonokay, lets come back to the tz issue18:34
gintasI thought along the lines of a user preference18:34
tvongintas: a cookie for anonymous is what I'm saying.  I don't think you should have to have an account to view public calendars in your own tz18:35
bskahanmgedmin: getting the _zope_proxy_proxy error on a fresh schooltool checkout again18:36
bskahanwas working last week18:37
th1aI guess I need a timeline of the Z3 work that'll be in SchoolBell 1.0.18:38
mgedminbskahan, run make18:38
mgedminwhat is "Integrate EventAndBooking form"18:39
th1aRight now we have a "create event" link and a "book a resource link"18:39
bskahanfrom a discussion tvon and I had about how to simplify them in the UI18:39
th1awhich is really unnecessary, since a resource booking is implicitly part of an event.18:40
th1aIt's not a big job.18:40
bskahanmgedmin: it was make, tnx18:41
th1aThe only thing on the list which is potentially controversial/time consuming is timezones.18:42
algawhat about migration to zope3 publisher?18:42
th1aI want POV to keep working on that.18:43
th1aWe need to decide where in the Z3 transistion we need to be for SB 1.0.18:43
th1aI'd like SB 1.0 to be Twisted-less.18:44
th1aSB 1.0 should clearly be a Z3 application.18:45
th1aThat's a high priority.18:45
bskahanare you shooting for an installable Zope3 component by 1.0?18:46
mgedminwaah, somebody edited the wiki page while I was editing it18:46
th1aFrom what I understand that's not likely in the timeframe.18:46
tvonheh, saw that coming18:46
th1aI thought it locked.  Don't some versions of ZWiki lock?18:47
gintashow is "a Z3 application" different from "an installable Zope3 component"?18:47
gintasdo you mean by "Z3 app", that it uses parts of zope3 as a library?18:47
bskahangintas: yes18:47
bskahanas opposed to installs into Z3 using zcml, et al18:48
tvoninstallable z3 component to me means that you can drop it into instnace/lib/python and link the zcml in to site-includes18:48
th1aThat's what we're shooting for in the long run--an installable component.18:48
gintasfrom what I understand, Albertas' work is the leading to an installable z3 component18:48
gintass/ the //18:48
mgedminplease take a look at the wiki page18:49
gintasalga, can you elaborate on your progress?18:49
mgedminI tried to deriver high level goals based on my understanding of mark's wishes expressed during the london meeting18:49
mgedminapproximately "school bell is the best calendaring thingy"18:50
* mgedmin now updating task list18:50
th1aThat looks correct.18:51
bskahanhow much work is required to be DB neutral?18:52
bskahanor, what do you mean by not enforcing a storage model18:53
mgedminschoolbell defines interfaces18:53
mgedminand provides sample implementations18:53
gintasthat sounds *really* complex to me18:53
bskahanafter I re-read the sentence it made more sense18:53
mgedminapplications are not required to use calendar/event classes that come with schoolbell if they want to use, e.g., calendaring composition or recurrence expanding code provided in the schoolbell library18:53
mgedminI started doing this in Mataro, while at the Ubuntu conference18:54
mgedminit was pretty straightforward18:54
mgedmingintas, what sounds complex to you?18:54
gintasit was a misunderstanding18:55
gintaswell, maybe not, but I thought that we want to be able to use something else and drop ZODB entirel18:55
gintasis that what you had in mind?18:56
mgedminI can see how that sentence in the wiki can be confusing18:56
mgedminwe will have the schoolbell application18:56
mgedminand schoolbell -- a collection of libraries18:56
gintasah, ok18:56
th1aThe bulk of this work needs to be done by POV.  Can you guys sketch out a timeline for getting it done?18:56
mgedminsupporting multiple storage models in the schoolbell application is YAGNI18:56
gintasyes, that's what I thought18:56
mgedminthat sentence refers to the library18:56
mgedminYou Ain't Gonna Need It18:57
mgedminpopular in zope3 circles18:57
mgedminso, do we agree on the scope?18:57
mgedminso, do we agree on the scope for the SchoolBell 1.0 release?18:57
mgedminhave I missed anything?  have I included too much?18:57
gintasI'd like to have a bit more details on the "finish migration to Zope3" part18:58
th1aI have no clue how long the Zope 3 migration work will take, so I don't know if it is too much.18:58
gintaswe had a list somewhere, but I don't remember if we decided to do everything in that list eventually18:58
* mgedmin is currently focusing on scope and ignoring time constraints18:59
th1aThe scope is good.18:59
th1aOK.  Our hour is up... One quick question...19:00
algamy estimate is that migration to Zope 3 views will require ~ 48 man/days19:00
algathis does not include security19:00
mgedminif we notice that we are short on time, we can drop off least important items from the list19:01
algaso prioritization is important19:01
gintas48 man-days for the views only? that sounds a bit excessive19:01
mgedmingintas, have you looked at alga's document on view migration?19:01
algasee my estimates for steps in the doc19:01
algait is in ideal programming time, I assumed 0.6 ratio to developer time19:02
* mgedmin 's gut feeling is that we can release schoolbell 1.0 after a month of work, but history tells that he is always too optimistic19:03
th1aWe've got more than that, so it's ok.19:03
tvonheh, initial_estimate * 2.519:03
mgedminth1a, what is your one quick question?19:03
th1aRefactoring notes.19:03
th1aWere we talking about Z3 annotations for that?19:04
bskahanno, just using facets19:04
th1aOh.  So we could do that now.19:04
* bskahan nods19:04
tvonoh? I thought it was annotations19:04
mgedminI expect that we will do quite a bit of refactoring while splitting schooltool into independent components19:04
th1aI was wondering if we needed to wait before refactoring notes.19:05
mgedminth1a, I don't think so19:05
bskahanis there a string reason to use annotations over facets?19:05
mgedminhowever it would be a very good idea to work on the trunk and coordinate closely19:05
jintymgedmin: please also think of separating pictures and page templates from .py files19:05
gintasthe 'yes' was to to mgedmin's note19:05
gintasI don't think it's a very good idea to use both annotations and facets19:06
jintymakes life a lot easier19:06
gintasthey are similar in their function somewhat, right?19:06
bskahangintas: that's the impression I'm under19:06
bskahanbut I could be missing something19:06
gintaswell, unless we plan to get rid of facets altogether, I suggest sticking with them19:07
mgedminok, let's wrap up then19:07
tvonI thought facets were "hard core" annotations, but I dont know much about z3 specifics that we arent using19:07
mgedminotherwise we will keep talking all night19:07
th1aGood meeting, folks.19:07
th1aI guess next Monday we'll be ready to discuss our work plans for the week.19:08
mgedminparting thought on facets and annotations: both are fine, annotations are more lightweight, facets are more domain-oriented; perhaps schoolbell should use only annotations while schooltool should use both19:08
bskahannot a bad idea19:08
algaare we officially done with the meeting?19:11
th1aYes.  You are dismissed.19:11
* mgedmin disappears19:14
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jintyth1a: on the release of 0.9?19:18
th1aYes.  I was just thinking we needed to discuss that.19:18
th1abskahan is cleaning up a few things.19:18
th1aAnd merging into the trunk.19:19
jintyThere is a way of having schooltool 0.9 packages the same as 0.8... I thought it up last night... but its scary.19:19
bskahanth1a: what do you want to change in the branch19:19
bskahanvs. trunk19:19
th1aThe release is coming from the branch, I guess.19:20
jintyhas to, the trunk is way too broken19:20
bskahanso for things to be in 0.9 they need to change their19:20
jintyfrom a packaing pov19:20
algaa packaging whom? :-)19:21
jintypoint of view:)19:21
algajust kidding19:22
jintywhat my first thought was when i saw pov19:22
th1aI guess you don't need to do anything else to the branch.19:22
* tvon goes to walk a dog19:22
th1aSo the only breakage in the database we introduced was changing the name of the root group?19:23
bskahanthere's a new attribute on the person object as well19:24
bskahanexisting persons wouldn't have it19:24
th1aAnd that would cause an error?19:25
bskahanwhen the calendar went to look up colors for overlays19:28
* jinty thinks a lot of false bug reports19:30
jintyis this something that should be reverted for 0.9?19:31
th1aNo, I don't think so.19:31
jintyok, then anything else?19:32
th1aSo if I write a script that pulls out the essential data from a current instance via the REST interface, and one that loads that data into a new instance, can the Debian install machinery do that automatically?19:32
th1aRun those?19:32
jintyqualified yes.19:33
bskahanth1a: you could access the ZODB directly for that19:33
th1aOh yeah.19:33
th1aHow would that work?19:33
* mgedmin delurks19:34
* jinty actually thinks - cannot guarentee the previous server is running19:34
th1aCould we just add the attributes directly?19:34
mgedminif there are only those two issues (other name for the root group, new attribute on persons)19:34
mgedminthen it should be simple to add a couple of lines of code to upgrade the database19:34
th1ajinty:  right, so just manipulating the ZODB might be preferable.19:34
mgedminwithout worrying about infrastructure like zope 3 generations19:35
th1aOK.  Let's do that.19:35
jintyPoint, before we get carried away: I never uploaded packages of 0.9rc1 anywhere.19:35
mgedminin Person.__setstate__ call the inherited method and then if not hasattr(self, 'newattribute'): self.newattribute = defaultvalue19:35
th1ajinty:  that's ok.19:36
mgedminin ensureAppExists add a check if there's a group named 'root' and if there is, rename19:36
mgedminrename might be tricky: remove from group container, change __name__, readd - or something like that19:36
* mgedmin goes back to lurking19:37
th1abskahan:  could you do that? (we'll add it to your next contract)19:37
jintyth1a: I mean that people who build packages themselves - well, it's shouldn't be too well supported.19:38
bskahanI can do it, do we need to if 0.9rc1 was never published?19:39
th1aWe're worried about migration from 0.8.19:39
bskahanoh, that's a different ball of wax19:39
th1aOh.  Sorry.19:40
mgedmintoo many changes?19:40
bskahanmaybe not19:40
bskahanbut I don't know them off the top of my head19:41
th1aThere's very little new functionality.  It's all UI-oriented.19:41
bskahansince 95% of the work was in the schooltool.browser its quite possible19:41
* bskahan nods19:41
* bskahan goes to look19:41
jintywhile he is looking: upload of 0.9 packages19:43
jintypersonally I lean towards it, on the basis that schooltool has only ever been in debian-unstable and ubuntu-universe19:45
th1aLean towards what?19:45
jintytowards uploading 0.9 to debian/ubuntu19:46
th1aWe're eventually going to be uncoupling SchoolTool and SchoolBell releases permanantly.19:47
th1aActually, in a couple months.19:47
jintyGreat, but untill I can actually put them in separate source packages without copying the entire code base, we should think of something.19:48
th1aSo what are you thinking for ST 0.9?19:49
jintyThe idea I thought of last night won't work.19:50
jintyBut unstable is well unstable - so perhaps just upload them as they are.19:51
jintyat least it gives people a chance to test schoolbell.19:51
th1aWe can just quickly move the UI improvements over to ST and release them together.19:52
jintyyou mean trunk?19:52
th1aI suppose I do.  Haven't I suggested this before?19:53
tvonI suspect something will break, but we could give it a whirl19:53
bskahanI'm not into the idea19:53
bskahanits completely untested that way19:53
* jinty wonders if his memory is broken19:53
bskahandepending on when you want to release19:54
th1aA week?19:54
bskahanhave to ask POV19:54
bskahanI have no idea how close trunk is to being ready to release19:54
th1aOK.  Maybe not trunk.19:54
th1aThat's not what I was thinking of.19:54
jintyand to ui19:54
* jinty has his fingers crossed19:55
th1aThis is all too confusing.19:55
jintymaybe we take a step back19:55
th1aIf you run the SchoolTool server from the SB ui branch, does it work as schooltool?19:56
tvonbskahan: what of periods in the ui?19:56
mgedmintrunk always works (unless someone breaks it)19:56
mgedminthe tricky bit would be to merge the ui changes without making parts of schooltool functionality inaccessible19:57
* jinty tries testing packages built from trunk in chroot19:57
th1aThat has to be done now anyhow.19:57
* jinty waits for things to compile - a lot20:02
*** SteveA has quit IRC20:06
jintyhmmm - ImportError: No module named ZConfig20:07
mgedminjinty, trunk?20:08
mgedminwhat command produced this error?20:08
tvonShould I tell anyone if I get a portal_status_message:  Email notice error: 'Connection unexpectedly closed'20:08
tvonfrom the collector on members.p.o20:08
tvoner, wrong room20:08
jintybasically installing built packages into a clean chroot and trying to start the server20:09
mgedminthe source layout changed20:09
mgedminwe no longer have zope modules in src/20:09
mgedminwe have the full zope 3 checkout as a sibling to src20:09
mgedminso you can run schooltool from a source checkout20:09
mgedminbut debian packages will not work20:09
* mgedmin wonders if anyone has already built zope 3 packages for debian20:10
mgedminif we could only depend on python2.3-zope3 ...20:10
jintyexperimental stage only - zopex320:10
jintyhave a copy from ubuntu on my machine20:11
jintyam not sure about debian20:12
jintySo, to get the debian packages from trunk to work, I only have to include Zope3 and put it on the path?20:14
mgedminafaics yes20:14
jintyok, and the current src/zope directory?20:15
*** bskahan has quit IRC20:16
mgedminthere should be no src/zope directory20:18
jintytrue - sorry!!!20:18
jintybtw: anyway I can easily separate the arch-indep files from modules? (I discovered .py files are not arch indep)20:20
jintyi.e. contents of src/schooltool/browser/www20:21
mgedminpatch the Template class20:24
mgedminoverride get_path_from_prefix20:24
mgedminalso change read_file in the same module (src/schooltool/rest/
mgedminrecursively grep the source tree for __file__ just to be safe20:25
jintyRunning the functional tests on the server in a chroot enough to catch everything?20:26
mgedminour functional tests for the web interface are not very complete20:27
jintyah, ok then, leave it to the users20:27
mgedminI suggest looking at a couple of pages with a browser20:27
mgedminif you see text, images and css, then it works20:28
mgedminI do not think there are any other arch-indep files in there20:28
mgedminmaybe zconfig's schema.xml20:28
mgedminmaybe our relaxng schemas, but patching read_file() should fix them20:28
jintyOk, i'll give it a try, probably for 0.1020:29
jintyI don't need to be super clean. Just shut up lintian a bit.20:29
jintyth1a: I should be able to release schoolbell/tool from trunk after a couple of days work.20:31
jintyThanks marius.20:32
jintyth1a: I need to go and look at a new flat, speak later about the release.20:33
*** jinty has quit IRC20:33
th1aOK.  I was in the shower.20:35
*** SteveA has joined #schooltool21:11
th1atvon:  ayt?21:22
th1aDid you get my Jabber message?21:25
tvonmhm, no21:25
tvonmy jabber connection to you is always a bit gooney, usually very laggy21:26
tvonlemme reconnect21:26
tvonsince I'm on a shoddy coffee shop connection here21:26
th1aAh.  Just got a phone call from Mark.  They need your bank account info to do the wire transfer.21:26
tvonah, okay21:26
tvonwhere should I send it?21:26
th1aYou can send it to Mark directly, I suppose.21:27
th1aYes.  They tried to call your office, I guess.21:27
tvonoh, Brian should be there but he poofed a lil while ago, not sure where he ran off too21:28
tvoncould call my cell perhaps21:28
th1aI think the bank tried to call your office.21:28
th1aJust email Mark.21:28
tvonokay, address?21:28
tvonbtw, are we going to bundle svn trunk with our 1.0 release or are we hoping that zope 3.1 is out by then?21:50
th1aI'm unclear on that.21:51
mgedminwe'll see21:51
th1aI'll be out for a bit.21:51
* tvon nods21:51
*** bskahan has joined #schooltool22:04
bskahanreading the log from my connection being down22:06
bskahanmail on zope-dev list today made it sound like 3.1 won't be out in time for our 1.022:07
*** alga has quit IRC22:09
* bskahan can't wait for bazzar22:18
bskahannow I've missed everyone22:24
bskahanif we're going to release from trunk should I spend time looking at 0.8 -> 0.9 migration?22:25
bskahanor just keep working on merging?22:25
* bskahan concludes merging22:28
*** tvon has quit IRC22:32
*** d2m has joined #schooltool22:32
*** th1a has quit IRC22:42
*** tvon has joined #schooltool22:54
bskahan sample .vfb23:40
*** th1a has joined #schooltool23:41
th1aEither way, 0.8 to 0.9 conversion would be nice, if we can get it with an afternoon's work.23:43
bskahanth1a: I don't think that's going to happen if 0.9 is coming out of trunk23:47
th1aI guess that makes sense.23:47
th1aI would be happier with SB/ST 0.9 out of the branch, with 0.8 > 0.9 migration.23:49
th1aBut I suppose we're just delaying the inevitable23:49
th1aI should just write export/import scripts.23:50
th1aThat's a good project for me.23:50

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