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tvonbskahan: ayt?20:27
bskahantvon: yeah20:27
---mgedmin pakeitė temą į: http://schooltool.org20:29
tvonyou werent on jabber. nm20:29
bskahangossip bug, crashes if my connection drops20:30
tvonyeah...filed a bug about that, need to build it with debugging20:30
*bskahan nods20:31
tvonGroup question.  Renamed 'root' group to 'everyone', but its a little confusing with the 'everybody' acl permission group.  Any suggestions?20:31
tvoncould s/everybody/all/ perhaps20:32
bskahanis the renaming in code?20:35
bskahanCouldn't it be done just in the UI?20:35
tvoneg, not just UI20:35
tvonthe group or the acl?20:35
bskahanthe group20:36
th1a_I'm not sure that it ever needs to be referred to in the UI.20:36
tvoncould...I don't especially like that though20:36
tvonthe url would then be groups/root/ and it would say 'everyone'...maybe I'm just being anal though20:36
tvonthat doesnt fix the acl though, it would still have 'everyone' and 'everybody' in the dropdown20:37
th1a_I'd keep it root for now.20:37
bskahannow I get it20:37
tvonth1a_: k20:37
---th1a_ dabar žinoma(s) kaip th1a20:37
bskahanthat's actually a different issue20:38
bskahanthe root group ACL is wierd20:38
bskahanits also the same as 'authenticated', functionally20:38
bskahansince everyone/thing is in the root group20:39
th1aI've always found the root group to be problematic.20:39
tvonhow so?20:40
tvonI cant wait to get some xmlhttprequest code in here, it would do wonders for certain parts of the UI20:42
th1aWhat does the root group represent?20:42
th1aIf it represents the community, perhaps we should call it that.20:42
tvonthats better than 'everyone'20:42
th1aIt doesn't represent the school, because it will include things outside of the institution.20:43
tvonWe were using the root groups calendar as the default 'anonymous view' calendar20:43
th1aYeah.  Actually, I kinda like "community."20:43
th1aPerhaps we should try that on.20:43
tvonI like it20:44
tvonbskahan: ping20:44
bskahan /groups/community/calendar20:45
*bskahan nods20:45
*tvon renames20:47
tvonso we always want the community calendar to have acl 'view' for 'everybody', correct?  20:57
tvonwell, by default anyways20:57
th1aBy default.20:57
tvonI misspoke20:58
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**** LOGINIMAS PRADĖTAS Wed Jan 5 21:00:40 2005
bskahanisn't public view default for calendars?21:00
th1aiirc the default can be set site-wide, but that's public by default.21:01
tvonits ACLViewAccess21:01
*bskahan nods21:01
tvonthe group defaults to publicly viewable but the calendar doesnt set anything on acl when created as far as I can tell21:09
bskahangoing to eat21:19
tvonget me something21:19
tvonIs there any reason in the world for this:21:27
tvon<a href="/" tal:attributes="href string:/">21:27
tvontis in macros.pt21:28
mgedminnone that I can see21:28
*tvon nods21:28
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