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th1aWhat would be a good time tomorrow to have an hour-long IRC meeting?18:05
mgedminoh, "what would be a good time"18:11
mgedminsomehow I managed to read that as "would it be a good time"18:11
mgedminI suppose towards evening in our time zone and something in the morning in your18:11
th1aWhen do you guys eat "lunch?"18:13
mgedminit varies18:13
mgedminok, let's say any time between 14:00 to 18:00 UTC is fine for us18:17
th1aThanks.  I'll send out an email.18:17
gintasth1a: thanks for the clarifications18:28
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tvon|x31Was that irc summit slated for today?  I didn't see a date in the mail (that and I just got it 10 mins ago).18:48
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*tvon|x31 nods18:50
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mgedminth1a: are you still unable to access
*th1a is checking...20:29
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mgedminby the way, traceroute is blocked by our router, but pings do work20:30
th1aOh.  That's good to know.20:31
th1aI'm not getting through.20:31
th1aI couldn't get through from my parents' either.  We both use Verizon DSL.20:32
th1aDoesn't work on my Mac or Linux box.20:32
mgedmindid you try pinging?20:32
mgedminth1a: I just connected a monitor to our router and I see a bunch of dropped ICMP packets from your IP20:48
mgedminwhat is ICMP type 8 code 0?20:49
th1aDo you want me to ping you some more?20:50
th1aI'm sending 10 pings.20:50
mgedminproblem found20:52
th1aWhat was it?20:53
mgedminShorewall helpfully discards all packets with IPs from 70.x.x.x and some other networks20:53
mgedminbecause at some point in the past those networks were "reserved"20:53
th1aIt didn't seem to start doing that before last week.20:53
mgedminthe firewall configuration hasn't been touched for months20:54
mgedminprobably verizon acquired those IP address ranges recently20:55
*mgedmin is fixing the problem20:55
mgedminth1a: does it work now?21:05
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th1amgedmin:  Do you think we could hack together a demo that would demonstrate how Zwiki could be integrated with SchoolTool for the Emerging Technology conference (March 14 -17).  21:29
th1aIt would just have to work well enough to demonstrate the idea.21:30
th1aPerhaps make a Zwiki web for each class.21:30
th1aSomething like that.21:30
tvon|x31th1a: I'm having issues sending mail at my present location, but Brian and I are good for the IRC meeting tomorrow.21:32
th1aOK.  Good.21:33
mgedminyes, I think we could do that by March 1421:34
th1aOK.  It looks like I'll need to tie SchoolTool into some other stuff about wiki's I'll be talking about.21:35
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bska|mobileth1a: any ideas about the UI for adding users to groups as you create a new user?22:47
bska|mobilemy initial thought was a third fieldset with checkboxes for each group22:47
th1aThat should be fine.22:47
th1aWe can assume that we're not dealing with huge organizations at this point.22:48
bska|mobilebut that will get out of hand with schooltool, where every class is a groups, department, sports team etc22:48
bska|mobileI think its fine for schoolbell22:48
th1aIn SchoolTool, we'll be getting away from having the user think of everything that is a generic group as a group.  They'll be classes, activities, grades, etc.22:50
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