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tvon|x31this is peculiar...  DailyCalendarView.getHours() sets self.starthour and self.endhour, however in a <tal:block define="hours view/getHours"> the start/end hour attributes are still set to thier default21:25
*tvon|x31 reads up on iterators21:28
mgedminI do not like that business with side effects of functions called 'getSomething'21:31
tvon|x31You mean relying on something that getHours changes?21:31
mgedminI think that DailyCalendarView should define a do_GET method21:32
mgedmincalculate the number of columns, start and end hours21:32
mgedminset them as attributes on self21:32
mgedminand then call the inherited do_GET21:32
mgedminless magic -> less surprises21:32
*tvon|x31 nods21:34
tvon|x31mgedmin: out of curiosity, have you run the schoolbell-ui branch?21:40
mgedminnot recently21:40
mgedminI'm planning to do so soon21:41
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*mgedmin plays a bit with the schoolbell-ui branch23:15
th1amgedmin:  I think their current version is probably rather different, as they haven't done a check-in in a couple days.23:16
mgedmincould be23:16
mgedminthe version I'm looking at seems rather unfinished23:16
th1aYeah.  Let me get tvon on Jabber.23:17
mgedminhow much work is there left to do?23:17
th1aA fair amount from that point.23:18
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mgedmintvon|x31: am I missing something or is there no way to get to the start page any more in schooltool-ui branch?23:32
th1aI can on mine.23:33
tvon|x31Some navigation is not in yet, but the start page is not being used23:33
tvon|x31if you login as manager it takes you there, as a user it takes you to your info page (though both will be redirecting to personal calendars soon)23:34
th1aRight.  That's what I want.23:34
mgedminperhaps I should wait until the interface is more complete?23:34
mgedminBTW "tomorrow's events" is misspelled as "tommorow's events" in cal_daily.html23:34
tvon|x31ah, thanks23:35
mgedminI like the pretty navigation icons23:36
th1aThey're from GNOME.  We're going to have to replace them at some point.23:36
tvon|x31the aesthetics are mostly complete23:36
tvon|x31minus some code related rendering issues like the height of the day view block23:37
mgedminhowever the navigation box seem to take a fixed margin on the left side of the whole page, leaving less space for, e.g., the weekly view23:37
tvon|x31other portlets will be placed below the navigation23:37
tvon|x31if it was just for nav we'd move it to the top23:37
th1aI notice that if I start an event at a fraction of the hour (e.g. 9:30) it still shows up graphically as starting at the top of the hour (9:00).23:38
mgedminby other portlets you mean things like the monthly calendar box and the list of tomorrow's events on the daily calendar view?23:38
tvon|x31mgedmin: yes23:38
mgedminby the way, I suggest adding a "New event" button, as the icon in the table may be hard to find23:38
tvon|x31th1a: yeah, thats due to the way the previous code worked.  I havent changed much actual view code to date23:39
mgedmin(I always wanted to do that, but never got around to it)23:39
tvon|x31mgedmin: we need new event and booking links for each hour....Brian is working on merging them into a single UI in which case we will just be able to click on the hour23:39
mgedminI'm not saying we should replace those links with a single button23:40
mgedminI'm suggesting that we have a plainly visible button in addition to those icons23:40
mgedminperhaps an "Actions" portlet?  New event, edit ACL23:40
mgedminalso, it would be good to decipher "Edit ACL" to something that normal people can understand23:41
mgedmin"Allow other users access to this calendar"?23:41
mgedmin"Grant permissions to other users"23:41
mgedminsomething short and clear would be nice23:41
mgedminbut I'm out of ideas23:41
tvon|x31something around "permissions" I think, yeah23:41
tvon|x31"sharing" maybe23:41
mgedminYeah, "Permissions" sounds good23:43
mgedminby the way, is the goal to have overlapping events in daily calendar view?23:43
mgedminit looks a bit funny when two events are squeezed together one on top of another while there's plenty of free space on the right side23:43
tvon|x31when two start at the same time it doenst look quite right23:44
th1aSharing is closer, I think.23:44
tvon|x31view of many overlaps:
tvon|x31mgedmin: what browser/os are you using btw?23:45
mgedminFirefox 1.0 on Debian23:45
tvon|x31ah, okay23:45
tvon|x31Does anyone on the team have osx or win?23:46
th1aI do.23:46
tvon|x31I've tested it with IE6 via CrossOver, and Konqueror 3.223:46
tvon|x31but we dont have a mac or win box here23:46
tvon|x31th1a: ah right.  IE and Safari tests would be good23:47
th1aThe svn version still behaves weirdly with reloads on Safari.23:47
tvon|x31oh right23:47
th1aNot as bad as before.23:47
tvon|x31That needs a proper resolution.  I'm not sure how to approach it though23:48
th1aIt might take a while to figure out.23:48
mgedmin(I was holding the mouse cursor over the "Loooong" event, that's why it's on top)23:49
tvon|x31oddly the one under it is missing a right border23:49
tvon|x31I'll increase the indent23:49
th1aThere must be algorithms for placing windows to minimize overlapping.23:50
mgedminFirefox is full of one pixel bugs, borders sometimes appear and disappear when you move the mouse around23:50
tvon|x31I could remove the overlap completely, the width of events is fixed.  I thought it was a nice effect that conveyed that two things were happening at once a little better than just being side-by-side23:51
tvon|x31that, and it saves a little width23:51
mgedminoverlap is better than having a horizontal scroll bar23:51
mgedminbut side-by-side events are better than overlapping ones, when they fit, imho23:52
th1aI agree with mgedmin.23:52
mgedminby the way, here's an interesting url:
th1aOTOH, don't get hung up on tweaking it indefinitely.23:53
tvon|x31mgedmin: yeah, we want to make them round and fancy23:53
mgedminright, there are more important issues -- have you seen the recurring event editing form?23:54
tvon|x31the popup?23:54
mgedminlabels are not properly aligned with their controls, at least in the svn version23:54
tvon|x31checkboxes and radios are wrong23:54
tvon|x31and they mess with other things when they are in a form23:54
th1amgedmin: Those are fancy boxes.23:55
*tvon|x31 realizes event widths are percentages and not fixed23:55
tvon|x31can set them to 20-30em though23:55
tvon|x31hrm, more fouled up than I thought23:56
mgedminperhaps setting clear:both in CSS for a label would help?23:58
mgedminok, it's almost midnight here -- I'm going home23:59

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