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th1amgedmin:  ayt?22:44
mgedminth1a: hi22:44
th1aAre you planning on coming to the UK Python conference?  Did Steve bring this up to you?22:45
mgedminyes, I got the emails22:46
mgedminI would be happy to do a presentation together22:46
th1aWe can propose a 90 or 45 minute talk.22:46
mgedminalthough I'm not entirely certaint what the content of the presentation should be22:46
th1aThat's what we need to figure out over the next couple days.22:47
th1aAlthough we just need a synopsis, so it shouldn't be too bad.22:47
th1aThe big question is 90 minutes or 45?22:47
th1aIf we did 90, we could do 45 on the big picture (me) 45 on technical implementation (you).22:48
th1aOr we can just do 45, which would be mostly me.22:48
mgedminI tend to avoid long talks, so I'd prefer the second option22:49
th1aThat's fine.22:49
th1aJust checking.22:49
th1aI'll write up a synopsis and send it to you.22:49
mgedminthat's great22:53
*mgedmin is about to go and have lunch before the nearest cafe closes22:53
tvon|x31was a 'description' intentionally left out of CalendarEvent?22:56
tvon|x31mgedmin: ^ when you return ^22:58
mgedminwe just never needed it22:58
mgedminI think we *will* need it soon22:58
mgedmina single "title" is just not expressive enough22:58
mgedminbesides we will need a multiline description field for compatibility with Mozilla Calendar etc.22:59
*mgedmin is really about to go22:59
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