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mgedminI'm thinking about Python package namespace11:03
mgedmincurrently we have a top-level 'schooltool' package which contains everything (libraries + applications)11:04
mgedminif we split the standalone calendaring component into a separate package, what should we call it11:04
mgedminif so, what should the schoolbell *application* package be called -- schooltool.schoolbell?
mgedmindo we need two different names -- one for the standalone calendaring library, another for the schoolbell aplication11:05
Gagatanschooltool.lib.schoolbell for the library and schooltool.schoolbell for the app?11:16
SteveAschool.bell  school.tool ;-)11:21
mgedmin"flat is better than nested"12:02
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SteveAI would hate to see "lib" as part of a python dotted module name13:58
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