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th1amgedmin:  can we discuss the format for importing timetables?20:56
mgedminI'm working on something else at the moment20:57
mgedminwhat do you want to discuss?20:57
mgedminI doubt my competence in this area20:57
th1aHow it should look.  I can just send you an email.20:57
mgedminseeing as I've never had to create a timetable for a school on paper20:58
th1aI'll send you an email.20:58
greg|awayth1a: just came back and saw that you send mgedmin a e-mail I would be interested in also.21:08
greg|awayMay you send it to the mailing list?21:08
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gregwebth1a: btw I the one who works with pips21:10
th1aYeah, I will.21:19
th1aI had to walk over to school to get the Excel file.21:19
jintyth1a: about subscribing the list to the debian package tracking system?21:23
th1aThat's fine with me.21:24
jintyIt will not work because all the mail will be dumped as spam21:24
jintyunless the server can whitelist something21:24
th1aI should be able to do it.21:24
jintyi.e. the header :X-Debian-PR-Package: schoolbell21:25
jintyas well for schooltool21:25
th1aOK.  21:26
jintyThat will just be for the bugs, for the uploads, mails coming from * will do i think21:26
jintyI can be more specific if you want21:27
th1aI think once they start to bounce I can whitelist them from the Mailman interface.21:28
th1aThat's the lazyier approach.21:28
jintyok, but the bugs can come from anyone, but will always have that header21:29
jintyi'll do it now21:29
th1aI see.21:29
th1aWell, I guess I'll see what I can do.21:29
jintyok, there should be 2 confirmation mails waiting21:31
gregwebth1a: thanks21:32
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