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algath1a, hi21:35
algaI've got a question re. event classes21:36
algaMozzilla only support 2 of them: public and private21:36
algawe need to map "private" to mean either busyblock or hidden21:37
algacurrently, if you mark the event as "[x] private" in mozilla, it becomes a busyblock.21:38
algaso, hidden is not supported by mozilla.21:38
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th1aHi alga.22:00
th1aI see.22:01
th1aWell... hm.22:01
th1aHow about if the admin sets the sitewide default to public or busyblock, then private becomes busyblock.  If the admin sets the default to hidden, then private becomes hidden?22:04
th1aOr we could add that as a separate config option for the site admin, but that seems to be getting a little too detailed.22:05
th1aProbably at some point we're going to have to come back and work out an interface that will allow the site administrator to set an overall level of paranoia22:07
th1awhich will change a whole bunch of privacy settings at once,22:08
th1awhile also allowing fine grained customization of security settings as well.22:08
algachoosing what 'private' means is complex22:08
th1aThen make it mean "hidden."22:09
algaI think that "hidden" is an exception22:09
algaif you give people access to your calendar, you generally want them to know when you're free22:09
th1aOh, right.22:10
algaso either the events are public, or busy22:10
th1aSorry, my head isn't deep into calendaring, right now.22:10
th1aSo this only matters if you've already made the calendar as a whole visible, right?22:10
th1aSo freebusy makes sense then.22:11
*alga is happy22:11
th1aYour instincts on these things are generally right.22:11
algathanks :-)22:21
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