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cherryAre you there chating with me12:42
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cherryWhat is your name?12:46
cherryAre you still there?12:46
cherryHello !I'm waiting?12:47
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cherryHello What is your name?12:50
cherryHello are you still there?12:51
Aistecherry: this is channel is not for kids12:52
cherryI know but I'm already 17yrs. old12:53
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mgedmincherry: are you a programmer?12:56
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cherryYes! I Am a pprorammer.12:57
Aisteand what, pray tell, are you ramming?12:58
algaAiste, nesikabinėk prie vaikų :-)12:58
cherryWhat do mean?12:58
Aistewell, you said, that you are a pprorammer12:59
Aisteso i ask, what are you ramming?12:59
cherryI have a favor>12:59
cherryHey! ARE you still there?13:00
cherryYOU FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1113:01
AisteSteveA: can you sort out this little obscene problem?13:01
algawhere are the chops, I wonder...13:01
algayes, dear?13:02
cherryAre you willing to be secret in bed/13:03
cherryAre yyou a guy?13:03
algaI am a guy, married too13:03
cherryWhat I'm sorry! Ithouth that you are/13:04
Aistei wonder, what were you doing at school....13:06
cherryAre you still there13:06
Aistedefinatelly not learning13:06
algaI wonder what time of day it is in Australia...13:06
cherryI'm Not Studying aanymore.........................13:07
cherryHow old ARE you?13:07
AisteI can see, that you are not studying13:07
cherryI'm serious!@13:07
algaso are we13:07
cherryWho else Then you13:08
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cherryHI! alga how old are you?13:09
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Aistedamn, i have problems with my l's13:10
algayou kanot spel, you sili13:12
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hazmatthanks, i was starting to get private msgs.13:23
Aisteyeah... crazy australian chick13:28
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perethe web site is still broken.15:18
pereth1a_: I got a positive response regarding the test school.15:18
pereth1a_: I'm not sure where to send Ole-Anders Andreassen, as the web site is down.  Which email address should I use?15:20
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pereanyone here at all?15:23
mgedminpere: how is it broken?15:24
pereif I get an email address to send the backtrace to, I can do that.15:24
peremgedmin: all pages give a long backtrace instead of a web page.15:24
mgedminsend it to marius@pov.lt15:24
mgedminbut I see no backtraces from here15:24
peremgedmin: on its way.15:26
mgedminan interesting error message15:29
mgedminI do not see the error myself, but I will restart zope just in case15:30
mgedminthere are some suspected hardware problems on this server15:30 will be moving to another server soon15:30
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peremgedmin: now it works.15:56
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pereis the schooltool client available for woody?16:29
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mgedminprobably not16:51
mgedmindoes woody have twisted 1.3?16:51
mgedminpython 2.3.4?16:51
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peremgedmin: no idea.  but it would be a lot easier for the test school if they could continue to use their woody clients when testing schooltool.17:08
th1aWell, we're deprecating the wxWidgets client, for one thing.17:08
th1aThey could install a new Python and Twisted from source and use that to run SchoolTool.17:08
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