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pipsmgedmin: what is st using from twisted? just the server?!14:38
pipsmgedmin: are you following the zope3 component model? 14:38
mgedminyes, we only use the twisted's server14:39
mgedminwe are not following the zope3 component model exactly14:39
mgedminbut we do use zope3 interfaces14:39
pipsso you don't use the zope3 component model as it described exactly?14:40
pips(keep in mind that i'm not a programmer) i'm only learning about the zope3 concepts now...14:41
pipsand i'm trying to make sense of the 'facets' concept, in relation to the zope3 'adapter' concept...14:42
pipsmgedmin: am i on the right track there? or are facets not really adapters as in zope3?14:45
*pips supposes that his questions are really too much out of context.14:49
mgedminnot really14:49
mgedminfacets are more like zope 3 annotations14:49
mgedminin facts, facets are a lot like zope 3 annotations14:49
pipsah, thanks14:52
*pips will read up on zope3 annotations in
*pips is browsing through zope3 webdav namespaces chapter
*pips feels he has a rough understandig about 'facets', but some more questions about it too ;-)15:11
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pipsthisfred: hi16:20
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