IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2004-10-12

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pipshi marius, just showing irc to somebody :-)15:21
pipsok, that was the end of my irc demo... 15:29
pipsmgedmin: how is it going?15:29
mgedminsubversion is painful :/15:38
pipsmgedmin: i read in the news that u r having elections in lt... but maybe u don't want to talk about it.15:38
pipssubversion is painful? in what way? i thought it was an improvement over cvs..?!15:39
mgedminit is15:39
mgedminnevertheless it is somewhat half-baked and occasionaly painful15:40
pipsmgedmin: would you know by any chance whether th1a will be on irc l8r 2day?15:41
pipsit's just that i would like to discuss a few things with him and you guys...15:42
pipswe will be mapping our school's requirements to st...15:42
pipsand we will need to discuss also how we could get a decent demo 2gether for our school...15:43
pipsanyway, I will let you get on... i suppose i will just need to peek in l8r...15:46
*mgedmin wakes up16:36
mgedminI'm not sure, I hope so16:36
th1aI'm here.  Yesterday was Columbus Day here.16:41
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