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Voff_got time for some Q's?14:36
mgedmina bit14:39
Voff_I'll just fire away, answer at will :)14:40
Voff_I am looking into how schholbell could be integrated into an Active Directory set-up, mixed Win/OSX platform14:41
Voff_ultimately, the users would have their own "time-blocking" calendars, and a project leader would sync those calendars to main project based work-calendars, also including "holiday-calendars"14:42
Voff_and, for users to be able to combine, in a web-interface, selected calendars. 14:43
Voff_To each calendar the users has been asigned a project-calendar, they should have permissions to edit/update their time-slots in a iCal-compliant software of choice14:44
Voff_is schoolbell for me?14:44
Voff_syncML integration, is this something you are thinking about?14:45
Voff_maybe something like this:
Voff_ presents the calendars in a nice manner, with the ability to combine different layers of choice, but lacks sorely the calendar editing functionality14:47
Voff_there is a software called Now-up-to-date that basically does this, but i am looking for an open-source project that in the long run can be integrated into a project administration tool using PHP/SQL hooks.14:50
mgedminoops, i got a bit distracted15:00
Voff_np. am working15:01
Voff_sorry for my bad spelling, am Swedish15:01
mgedminusers will be able to combine several calendars in a web interface -- it's not done yet, but its is planned15:05
mgedminI'm not sure what you mean about integration with Active Directory15:06
mgedminafaik AD is more or less LDAP15:06
mgedmindo you want to get user and group information from AD?15:06
mgedminthere were some talks about supporting LDAP in SchoolTool, but all of that is postponed for an undetermined later time15:07
mgedminit would be possible to write a small external script that extracts user/group data from LDAP and creates those users and groups in a SchoolTool server15:08
Voff_might be wise to think about it, especially in large environment situations with many users15:08
mgedminschoolbell currently has one calendar per user/group, and you can edit that calendar either on the web or via an iCalendar client that speaks HTTP15:09
mgedmin(HTTP GET and PUT to be precise)15:09
mgedminthere are currently some problems with some iCalendar clients (including Apple's iCal), but we plan to add workarounds for those clients15:10
Voff_so: in project X i would have 10 persons, would their permissions anable them to ONLY edit their own timeslots, but at the same time see the whole groups schedulings?15:11
mgedminphp icalendar looks nice -- I wish we had seen it when we were designing HTML calendar views15:11
mgedminyou can do that, yes15:12
mgedminaccess to calendars in SchoolTool can be defined with ACLs15:12
Voff_can OSX iCal users edit, or do they have to use the web interface15:12
mgedminyou could give view permission for all 10 users and modify permission only to one of the users15:12
*Voff_ am not a programmer, ACL menas nothing to me15:12
mgedminaccess control list15:13
Voff_k, thanks15:13
mgedminbut AFAIU you want the group calendar to be a composite of all user's calendars15:13
mgedmincurrently SchoolTool does not do calendar composition, but I think it will in the future15:13
Voff_even composites of different project-calendars15:13
mgedmindo you want composition for the web views only15:14
Voff_to quickly find empty timeslots etc15:14
mgedminor do you also want to view the composed calendar with an iCal client15:14
Voff_brb, phone15:14
mgedminor do you also want to edit the composed calendar with an iCal client?15:14
Voff_that would be great15:15
Voff_cross-platform integration means a lot of different parameters to consider, i know...15:16
mgedminediting composed calendars is a bit tricky15:16
mgedminwhen a new event is added, how do you know which of the source calendars it should go into15:16
mgedminalso, I had the impression that iCalendar clients can do the composition on the client side15:17
mgedminat least Mozilla Calendar can15:17
Voff_right so15:17
Voff_so there's separate calendars for each project/group, and on the user side one enables what calendars you want as a composite15:17
Voff_Apple's "iCal" works like this15:18
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