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th1amgedmin: you around?18:38
th1aI think there is still a problem with the timetable schema generation.  Let me explain what I'm trying to do.18:43
th1aI have a two-day cycle.  Each day has four periods.18:43
th1aSo I set up Day 1 with periods A, B, C, D18:44
th1aAnd Day 2 with E, F, G, H.18:44
th1aThe problem is when I go down to step 3, each day has eight time slots -- A through H.18:45
th1aWhereas there are actually only four periods in each day.18:46
th1aDoes that make sense?18:46
mgedminbut I do not see the problem18:55
mgedminnot all slots need to be defined18:56
th1aI don't know what to do though, because in this case the periods don't correspond to days.18:57
th1aSo I can't say "period A is at 9:00 on Monday" because period A is at 9:00 on alternating days.18:58
mgedminI still do not see the problem18:58
mgedminif period A is always at 9:00, you can say so explicitly18:58
mgedminif Tuesday defines a period A at 9:0018:58
mgedminbut it so happens that this particular tuesday is Day 2 in our schedule18:58
mgedminand therefore does not actually have a period A18:59
mgedminthen it is not a problem -- the timetable skips period A for this day18:59
th1aOh.  I see.  So essentially "if there is a period A on Monday, it will be at this time"18:59
th1aOK.  18:59
mgedminit is possible that the system is too flexible and therefore confusing19:00
mgedminexamples should help19:00
th1aBy default, if you're doing a repeating cycle, it should assume that every day of the week has the same time schedule.  It would be better if the days of the week grid only appeared when it is necessary.19:03
th1aAlthough it is hard to guess how common a case it is.19:03
th1aNormally, it would be fine to just enter the start and end times in step one, when you're defining the days and the periods.19:08
th1aSo perhaps the days of the week grid could just override the times set in the main days/periods grid when necessary.19:34
mgedminwhat about the following solution:19:37
mgedmin  (*) period times are the same for all days19:37
mgedmin  ( ) period times depend upon the day of week19:38
mgedminand then if the first one is selected, we only show one column19:38
mgedminI do not think it is possible to add times to the main grid19:39
th1aThat works, too.19:39
th1aWhatever is easier.19:40
th1aOK.  I gotta run.  Thanks!19:41
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