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jintyHi Marius?14:40
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jintyFirstly please excuse me for being impolite if I am, This is my first time on irc14:42
jintysecondly, ive been going through the source for schooltool and seen that the web address for the rest wiki 404's14:43
jintyfrom google i think should be
mgedminthanks for the information14:46
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jintyAlso.... on debian, starting the schooltool server fails because it can't import a class 14:48
jintyFails like   File "/usr/lib/schooltool-server/schooltool/browser/", line 30, in ?14:48
jinty    from schooltool.clients.csvclient import CSVImporterBase, DataError14:48
jintyMy patented "Hit it with a blunt object hard" workaround is just to14:49
jintycp -r /usr/lib/schooltool-clients/schooltool/clients /usr/lib/schooltool-server/schooltool14:49
jintyThen the server finds the missing files and everything goes fine...14:50
jintyAnyway, I'll just carry on learning and let you know of anything else I see...14:54
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mgedminoops, that's a bug14:59
mgedminno, that's not a bug14:59
mgedminwe're currently restructuring the csv import code14:59
mgedminand it broke the debian packaging in the bleeding-edge version14:59
mgedminthe last milestone should work just fine14:59
mgedminalso, you do not need to build debs to run schooltool on debian, you can simply start it in the checkout directory15:00
mgedminthe code restructuring is not yet finished, and this problem will be fixed soon15:01
jintyOk, no worries. Just saw it and thought you might be interested.15:06
jintyWould you prefer that I tested anything else I find with the last milestone version?15:06
mgedminif you want to15:10
mgedminyou cannot test the new web-application frontend with the last milestone15:11
mgedminand yes, we are interested in reports like this15:14
mgedminthank you15:14
jintyThanks, then I'll continue to send them. Although maybe i'll need a littlle hand holding at times (Still in learning phase).15:16
jintyI did have a look at the web-application interface but couldnt open any calenders with konqueror because there was no korganiser installed (me - organization????).)15:20
jintyMaybe it would help to provide a debian meta package that depends on the packages needed to work effectively with schooltool.15:21
jintyOver the web. Maybe one for KDE and one for mozilla. I would offer to write it, but haven't signed any agreements yet.15:22
jintyAlso, it probably doesn't take that long...15:23
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