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algath1a|way: I have a suggestion re. (+++)By default, a personal calendar will only return to an unauthorized user a blocks labeled "busy" with a location. This policy should probably be adjustable site-wide, and perhaps by an individual.16:31
algaI think this should be deciden on a per-event basis by the owner of the calendar16:32
algathis way the privacy is much less of a concern16:33
algabut regarding timetable events in the calendar... isn't this public knowledge anyway?16:35
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algath1a: how do you imagine producing RSS feeds out of groups' calendars?17:52
th1aWell, it is another type of view.17:52
th1aIn RSS 1.0, you'd use
mgedminI assume the RSS feed should use mod_calendar17:54
mgedminerr, mod_event that is17:54
mgedmindo you want RSS views for all calendars?17:54
mgedminshould these views contain all events?  $number of earliest upcoming events?  last $number of past events?17:54
th1aYes.  So you can subscribe to each individual calendar.17:55
th1aLet me check what Kellan said...17:55
th1aThe last $number events created, sorted by creation.17:58
th1aMost recent first.17:59
th1aalga:  the problem with deciding public/private on a per-event basis is that it wouldn't be very easy to do on using a calendaring client.18:01
th1aYou'd have to have two separate calendars.18:02
th1aWhich I don't think is very intuitive.18:02
th1aWe could allow it though.18:02
th1aTimetable events... for kids they aren't public knowledge.  The student use cases maybe need more thought.18:05
th1aI may finally have to go read some of the relevant regulations in the US.18:06
th1aBut my understanding is that technically SchoolTool shouldn't acknowledge the existence of a child to unauthorized users.18:07
th1aAnd definitely not where they are at a given time.18:08
th1aAnd, come to think of it,  I'm sure some schools would be unhappy to have kids18:09
th1abeing able to easily find each other's schedules, making it easy to18:09
th1awander the halls and chat.  But we can worry about that later.18:09
*alga is shocked18:11
th1aShocked by the prison/fortress nature of American schools?18:13
th1aIt can be pretty bleak.18:14
th1aAmerican parents are amazingly paranoid.18:15
th1aThey act like there are an army of kidnappers just waiting for a chance to seize their child.18:15
th1aAnd keeping kids out of the halls is the simplest measure of success for a high school principal or teacher.18:16
algaso basically we want configurable policies for everything18:19
algawhether stuff is public or private18:19
algai mean, publically accessible or not18:20
th1aSince we want this to be used outside of schools, it should be configurable.18:24
algawhat about   (+)Email notification could be added in various ways.18:24
th1aBut I'd favor, at least initially, focusing on configuring it site-wide.18:24
algaleave for later?18:24
th1aWell, it is something people will want.18:25
algabut it's (+)18:25
algaand it's not clear18:25
th1aI know.18:25
th1aYeah, leave it til later.18:26
th1aIt gives people something to add.18:27
th1aCan't get that open source community going if we don't leave anything for people to contribute.18:27
th1aI guess at the moment SchoolTool doesn't know anyone's email address anyhow.18:28
th1aSo it isn't quite as easy as it might be.18:29
algathat's not much of a problem18:29
algawe have a person info facet18:29
algait shouldn't be hard to add an email there18:29
th1aWe'll have to discuss precisely how facets work someday.   Not now though.18:30
algaI almost have a draft proposal18:36
algaWe just have to revise the estimates of stories and figure out how much time we have available18:37
th1asabdf1: Do you know anything about Shibboleth?  It is some kind of identity system they're starting to use here in higher ed.18:41
algath1a: re private/public18:44
algamoz cal has a checkbox "private"18:44
algaand a corresponding property is in iCal18:45
th1aAh.  Well, that changes everything.18:45
th1aBut what does that do?18:45
th1aIs that an ICal attribute?18:45
algaI think so18:45
algaso that we can render events as busy blocks18:45
th1aOK, Cool.  I missed that.18:46
algaso, personal events are up to the user.18:47
algaMozilla has private as default18:48
algaand timetable events can be a site policy18:48
th1aIdeally the timetable events policy could be set differently for students.18:49
th1aStudents timetables are private.  Public for everyone else.18:49
th1aI guess you should just be able to define an arbitrary group to have private timetables.18:53
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algath1a: when is the deadline for the calendaring release?21:06
th1aalga: still there?22:29
th1aMark has said "by September,"22:32
th1aWhich is a little ambiguous.22:32
th1aBut I'd say we should target the beginning of September.22:42
mgedminalga just mailed you the first version of the proposal22:52
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