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algathisfred: hi15:57
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algamay I ask, why are you interested in Schooltool?15:57
th1aAre you asking me?15:57
algahi, Tom15:58
th1aGood morning, alga.15:58
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*th1a goes to feed his fish.16:01
alganicccce fishessss16:02
th1aSo juicy sweet!16:02
th1aNot really.  They're koi.16:03
th1aOK, shall we begin?16:03
th1aI added some little '+' marks to indicate more fine grained priorities on the wiki page.16:04
algauhuh, I noticed16:05
algaHTML Interface16:05
algawhat do we need to be able to do through it?16:05
th1aYou should be able to use the whole system without using an external client at all.16:06
algaAll the current functionality of schooltool?16:07
algaAnd moz cal does not count?16:07
th1aThis is the calendaring release.16:07
algaI mean, we should not rely on moz cal as the client for the hard parts? :)16:07
th1aYeah.  I don't want Moz Cal to be a requirement for using this product.16:08
algaso, add, remove, modify people and groups16:08
algaview, edit their calendars16:09
algaset up relationships16:09
algathat would be a good starting point, right?16:10
th1aI don't know how much interest you guys have in web design.16:11
th1aIt is not out of the question that some of the web design part could be done by someone else.16:11
algahm, I think, we will/can produce some clean minimalistic design, but nothing fancy.16:12
algasee -- that kind of thing16:13
th1aThat's fine,16:13
th1aIf it gets fancied up eventually we should be able to do that mostly with CSS.16:13
algaOK, making a web interface for groups, people, etc is about 1 man week16:14
algacalendaring is a separate issue16:14
algado you have a vision/example how you want the calendars to look/feel?16:15
thisfredalga: hi, sorry ;)16:15
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th1aQuite frankly I don't have any strong feelings about it.16:15
sabdf1hi all, mark s here16:15
th1aHi Mark.16:16
algahi mark16:16
mgedminhi Mark16:16
thisfredhi mark16:16
gintashi Mark16:16
algaI imagine our first iteration of the calendar web UI will be quite lame16:16
th1aI'll have to look at existing implementations of HTML calendars.16:16
th1aIt isn't something I use.16:17
algabut we will be able to use it as a basis for improvement16:17
th1aI'd just like it to be clean and valid to start.16:18
algahm, I think a simple cal view with a table of one month, links next month, prev month, and being able to click on a day and edit (add, remove, modify) the events in that day16:20
th1aProbably a weekly view, too.16:21
algawould be something like 4 dev days16:21
algathe 4-day version would probably have rough edges16:22
algabut then we might go and improve it16:22
algawhat do you think?16:22
sabdf1yahoo claender has a great ui for display of week/day/month views16:23
algaok, we'll take a look at that16:23
*th1a wonders if we should have someone else work on the visual design.16:23
algamaybe, but anyway we have to have functionaliity done in HTML first16:24
algaso -- what do you think?  Story 1 -- groups, persons rels in HTML -- 1 week16:25
algaStory 2 -- simple calendar view -- 4 days16:25
th1aSounds reasonable to me.16:26
mgedminI'm trying to write down a more detailed list of UI bits that need to be done16:28
mgedmin* login page (username/password, "login failed" message)16:29
mgedmin* a user's home page (basic user's info, what groups she belongs to, a list of allowed actions, links to default calendar views)16:29
mgedminA manager's home page will contain buttons for actions (e.g. new user, new group)16:29
mgedmin* page for editing an existing user's info (name, etc.)16:30
mgedmin* page for creating a new user (mostly the same as above)16:30
mgedmin* page for creating a new group16:30
mgedmin* page for editing group's info16:31
mgedmin(actually I'm not sure if groups have anything worth editing, perhaps the last one isn't necessary)16:31
mgedmin* group's home page (list of parent groups, list of members, etc.)16:31
mgedminno, it should be just "group's page" -- home page is something a user gets when he logs in, and groups cannot log in16:32
mgedmin* pages for establishing/removing relationships16:32
mgedmin* three calendar views (monthly, weekly, daily)16:32
mgedmin* page for adding/editing a calendar event16:33
algawhat about timetable models, schoolday calendars and all that stuff?16:34
algawill we leave in in XML only for the time being, or a HTML interface is required too?16:34
mgedmingood question16:34
algaand timetables!16:35
th1aIt might not be a bad idea to leave that to the client interface.16:35
mgedminwhat do we from need timetabling for the calendaring release?16:35
th1aViewing a timetable is the same as a calendar right?16:35
mgedminwhat do you mean by "client interface"?  The GUI client?16:35
th1aYeah.  wx.16:35
algaso, the admins will have to use specialized clients, but students, parents, teachers won't?16:36
mgedminviewing a timetable might be different from viewing a calendar16:36
mgedminbut viewing a calendar derived from a timetable is the same16:37
algabut we have an HTML view for timetables already!16:37
th1aLet's look at it this way.  I wouldn't mind requiring the administrator of the system to use the wx client.16:38
th1aBut I'd like users to be able to do everything via the web.16:38
mgedminso stories like  'add a user', 'add a group' are less important16:38
th1aBy that approach we could cut down on the amount of web work to be done now.16:38
mgedminbecause only admins can create users and groups16:38
th1aPerhaps.  It seems like a reasonable approach.16:39
algath1a: what is the aim of this meeting?  what do you want done by the end of it?16:39
algaare we just clarifying stories?16:39
th1aAt minimum.  I think there is some clarifying to be done.16:40
th1aWe probably should do a clarifying pass before we calculate times, etc. in detail.16:40
mgedminth1a: how about adding my list of "UI bits" to the list of stories on the wiki?16:41
th1aThe second big area is delegation.16:42
*mgedmin is editing the page16:42
th1amgedmin: are you adding your list?  Someone has the wiki locked.16:43
mgedminit seems that I'm unable to save my changes: the page is locked16:48
th1aAnyone using external editor on the wiki page?16:49
mgedminI am16:49
th1aSo that shouldn't be happening.16:49
th1aI think I can break the lock.16:50
th1amgedmin: just save your version locally.  let's move on and I'll figure out how to break the lock later.16:52
th1aSo delegation...16:53
th1aWill require a fair amount of work on the security infrastructure of SchoolTool, I imagine.16:53
mgedminperhaps not16:55
mgedminthere will be a fair amount of work for managing the ACLs, though16:57
mgedmincould you clarify "A person should be able to delegate other people to manage their own events."?16:58
th1aQuestions about how this should work?16:58
mgedmindid you mean that a person should be able to delegate other people to manage his (or her) events?16:59
th1aSo the principal can allow his secretary to add and edit his calendar.16:59
th1amgedmin: yes16:59
mgedmin"their" confused me16:59
th1aMy English is perhaps not as proper as yours.16:59
algait seems that once we get 17:00
mgedminI'm reading "BUGS in Writing" now ;)17:00
mgedminhow granular is the delegation?17:00
algait seems that once we get ACL's to work most of those stories will be very easy?17:00
th1aIt doesn't seem like one is particularly harder than the others.17:01
th1aWell, editing and deleting should probably be different than adding.17:02
th1aFor resource scheduling you really don't want teachers erasing each other's reservations.17:02
th1aBut you'd like them to be able to add themselves.17:02
algacreate remove? update delete17:03
algacreate retrieve update delete17:03
algafour kinds of actions to define in an ACL17:03
th1aBTW.  Creating a reservation/event for a resource should probably only be allowed via the web.17:04
th1aBecause we'll need to handle conflicts.17:04
th1aAnd I don't think we'll be doing conflicts from ICal interaction.17:05
mgedminI think that currently resource calendars (iCal) are read-only for that reason17:06
th1aIs it even possible to handle conflicts from ICal -- is there a "sorry, there's a conflict" error code?17:06
mgedminICal itself is not a protocol for updating calendars17:06
mgedminAFAIU ICal has no special provisions for representing conflicts17:07
mgedminwe could simply reject the full update17:07
mgedminand return an HTTP error code17:07
mgedminbut I do not know how Mozilla Calendar would handle that17:08
th1aLet's assume that resource scheduling is via web only.17:08
th1aIf people double-book their personal schedule, that's their own problem.17:08
th1aAnything more to say about delegation?17:09
mgedmin"A manager should be able to delegate the manager role for a group or resource."17:10
mgedmincould you elaborate on that17:10
algaI think I get it17:11
*alga explains to mgedmin via air17:11
mgedmincan the delegatee delegate the manager role to a third person?17:11
th1aGood question.  I don't see why not, but in the long-term I guess it might be bad for security overall.17:13
algathe security is tighter if only managers can set up delegations17:13
th1aI'd think.17:13
algaonly real managers, I mean17:13
th1aThat seems reasonable.17:13
algaso, the delegation would just grant a user all create and update rights on a group17:14
th1aAnd they can add or remove members from the group.17:14
algathat's updating a group17:15
algait's creating relationships on a group in fact17:15
algaI think we can move on17:16
algathings are pretty clear here on the requirements level17:16
algawill the freebusy calendars be public on all objects?17:18
th1aCan anyone think of a compelling reason why they shouldn't?17:18
algait seems that you know most about the privacy concerns though17:19
alga>     When sceduling a resource, the system should by default assume that you want to book the resource for a block of time corresponding to the main timetable for the school, e.g., teacher's will be thinking, "I need the computer lab first period", not 9:03 - 9:51.17:20
th1aDo you need some clarification?17:20
algaMaybe all calendars should be available with hours:mins or periods??17:20
algasome UI switch?17:20
th1aYeah, I guess that does apply to events in general.  Meetings, etc.17:21
th1aSo yes, a UI switch of some sort.17:21
algahm, schooltool supports different timetable schemas at the same time17:22
th1amgedmin:  for whatever reason, the DAV lock on the wiki seems to be gone.17:22
mgedminI'm not using external editor now17:23
th1aHm.  Odd.17:23
mgedminI (thought that I) saved my local changes, closed the editor17:24
mgedminclicked on the external edit icon again17:24
mgedmintried saving the page without any changes17:24
mgedminit worked17:24
mgedmintried saving the page without any changes again17:24
mgedminit didn't17:24
mgedminI gave up17:24
th1aGood choice.17:24
mgedminthe only problem is that the file where I thought I saved my changes does not exist17:24
th1aFrom a development point of view, "Delegation" and "Access Control" are essentially the same thing, right?17:27
th1aAll CRUD.17:28
mgedminthe stories look very similar17:28
mgedmin"Each person can designate which group calendars will appear as part of their free/busy schedule when requested by another person."17:29
mgedminwhat happens to group calendars that are not designated?17:29
mgedminthey do not influence the free/busy schedule at all?17:29
th1aIf I am the basketball coach, I'm busy every time there is a basketball game.17:30
algaand membership+teaching are not good enough designators?17:30
th1aBut I also want to see the general school event calendar, but I only attent a fraction of school wide events.17:30
th1aI go to all the basketball events if I am a basketball player, too.17:30
algaso, in general you'd want all the groups you belong to, plus some others?17:31
mgedminI assumed that "group calendars" referred to calendars of groups that the person belongs to17:31
algaBtw, basketball players belong to a Basketball group that the coach 'teaches'17:31
th1amgedmin: right.17:32
th1aAll the teachers, for example, will often subscribe to the "teachers" calendar.17:33
th1aBut they won't be going to all those meetings necessarily.17:33
th1aWhen you are viewing a group calendar you should probably be able to check off if you'd like to add it to your calendar.17:34
algath1a, could you elaborate on17:34
algaConflict Resolution17:34
th1aI guess you guys don't play American football?17:34
mgedminmy, are you clairvoyant?17:35
th1aPunt means "give up," "kick it to the other team."17:35
th1aNot that there is another team...17:35
algaok, thanks17:35
th1aWhat do you think about hooks for running scripts pre/post event creation.17:37
mgedminespecially security-wise17:38
th1aI'd like to have a clear way for external developers to add functionality around event creation.17:40
algaif the scripts are on the FS, in a form of "plugins", o extensions, or whatnot, the security is not so dire17:40
mgedminoh, right17:40
mgedminwe have a notification model in SchoolTool17:40
th1aOh.  That's good to know.  Does it do anything now?17:41
mgedminit has 'events' that are completely unrelated to calendar events17:41
mgedmincurrently it sends notifications, e.g. when a relationship is created17:41
mgedminit would be easy to send notifications when calendar events are created17:42
th1aSends notification to whom?17:42
gintasit's low-level stuff17:42
gintasnotifications are sent to subscribers17:42
mgedminit's highly configurable in the code17:42
th1aAre subscribers other objects?17:43
mgedmindoc/events.rst in svn contains a description of this subsystem17:43
gintascallables I think17:43
mgedminsteve advocated switching to zope 3 event implementation17:44
mgedminwhich is somewhat simpler17:44
th1aWould that change the interfaces, or is it a straightforward refactoring?17:45
mgedminit probably would17:45
mgedminbut it should be straighforward enough17:45
mgedminour current event system is not used for much17:46
mgedminabsence tracking mostly17:46
th1aDoes ICal support locations for events?17:48
mgedminProperty Name: LOCATION17:49
mgedmin   Purpose: The property defines the intended venue for the activity17:49
mgedmin   defined by a calendar component.17:49
mgedmin   Value Type: TEXT17:49
mgedminin other words, it does17:49
th1aThanks.  Our events should definitely have locations.17:49
algaI thought location is something like URI... :-)17:49
th1aNo.  Where in meatspace.17:50
mgedminthat was my first though as well, but eventually I understood ;)17:50
th1aActually, the location will usually, but not always, itself be a resource.17:50
th1aIf rooms in the school are resources.17:50
th1aI'm feeling like resources need description properties soon.17:51
mgedminbtw our calendar events now have a property (owner) that refers to a person who created the event17:52
mgedminso "(+)Perhaps an event should have a property containing the name of the person who made the event." is already done17:52
th1aOK.  Scratch that one.17:52
algaare we coming to the end of the meeting?17:53
th1aFeels like it.17:53
th1aCan you guys work up time estimates among yourselves?17:54
algath1a: what do you think if now we will come up with a proposal and send it to you and SteveA in a couple of days?17:54
th1aSounds fine.17:54
algaI think we can17:54
algaI suppose you want everything done ASAP?17:55
algaOK, thanks for the meeting17:59
th1aThank you!17:59
mgedminthank you18:00
algath1a: what about an m6 release?18:18
algashould we announce it?18:18
th1aSure.  And announce the new website is live.18:20
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*alga just announced m619:37
-->stockholm ( has joined #schooltool19:41
stockholmth1a: i read your mail on the debian-edu list19:42
stockholmth1a: do you have a url for the timetable generation requirements?19:43
stockholmth1a: i am a debian-edu developer19:43
th1aOh hello.19:54
th1astockholm:  I don't have a url for timetable generation requirements yet.19:55
th1aI should put up a wiki page.19:55
stockholmi was the one answering the mail claiming that i met the schooltood developer in brazil at debconf. (c:19:56
stockholmactually i thought timetable generation was working allready19:57
sabdf1hi guys, site is looking great, thanks tom!19:58
sabdf1do plane and zwiki work well together?19:58
th1aPlone and Zwiki do.19:58
sabdf1how about a wiki?19:58
th1asabdfl:  for timetable requirements?19:59
th1astockholm: you can make timetables now but the interface isn't sophisicated enough to do it on a large scale.20:00
th1aAt our school this year I'm planning on doing it on paper/in excel and importing it into SchoolTool.20:01
th1aOK, we can start collecting requirements here:
stockholmth1a: will you add that to that thread or should i?20:22
th1astockholm: go ahead and add what you'd like.20:24
th1aif you aren't sure where to put something just throw it in somewhere and I'll merge it together later.20:25
stockholmth1a: the thread on the debian-edu list. i expect the teachers to come and add feature requests.20:25
*stockholm id just a developer. (c:20:25
th1aGo ahead and add something yourself if you'd like.20:27
stockholmi would wish for interfaces to the software we use to keep track of users, groups and rooms. (c:20:28
th1aI don't want it to look like I'm the only person interested in this project!20:28
stockholmth1a: (c:20:28
stockholmi dont think you are, we are too20:28
th1aGood ;-)20:31
algath1a: do we need anti-events?21:02
algastuff that makes just a single event from a timetable disappear?21:03
algaI mean, a single occurence of a weekly event ant suchlike21:03
algathe story sais: A manager needs to be able to edit and cancel individual events in the timetable.21:04
algaor just nuking the whole recurrent event from the timetable is sufficient?21:05
th1aNow that you mention it, there are lots of cases that we probably haven't touched on.21:05
th1aOne frequent one is adjusting the schedule when there is an event21:05
th1aFor example, there is a pep rally (do you have those in Europe?) at the end of the day,21:06
th1aso all the other periods are shortened or one is eliminated to allow time for the special event.21:06
th1aThat's also a case that generally confuses everyone in the school, 21:07
th1aso it would be one time that everyone would really like to know where they can find21:08
th1aan accurate representation of the schedule.21:08
algaa tough one21:08
th1aIt is.21:09
algait might be quite hard on admins, but if they're willing to take pains, we can find several solutions21:09
th1aGive it some thought.21:09
thisfredMy thinking would be that recurring events are *all* single events that can be cancelled individually, but they are also members of a group that can be edited as a whole.21:10
thisfredbut that may create storage overhead21:10
th1aYeah.  That's not the way it is currently done.21:10
th1aAnti-events seems like a good idea.21:11
thisfredI was just thinking aloud, please ignore where inappropriate, or just plain dumb ;)21:11
algano, your idea makes a lot of sense actually21:12
th1aI encourage you to think aloud.21:12
algafor those corner cases, when all events are shrunk, and some removed, that's the model that does just fine21:12
algaIt's just that there's a lot of editing to do in a large school, so some automated tools might help21:13
th1aOne thing that would be nice is if the admin could say "I need to insert a 75 minute assembly at 2:00, without canceling any classes."21:14
th1aGive me a modifed schedule for the day.21:14
thisfredIn an abstract sense, each instance of a recurring event is an event in itself, and could have special properties. (Next thursday's English will start 15 minutes late/in another room than usual) In that case you would need an anti-event, and a replacing event.21:14
th1aWhen the timetable for a day is rendered, It would have to check first for corresponding anti-events.21:15
algaso, the question is: what happens more often:  changes in the timetable or single-day exceptions?21:18
algamy school was quite messy, and the timetable was not at all clear during the first two weeks of a term21:19
algabut if everything would have been run properly, the timetable should have been finalized before the start of term21:20
thisfredThat would seem to be a general pattern. Errors (as in real world incosistrencies, rather than things which the appliction could/should have caught) tend to crop up early in a term and get hammered out. Rarely do they not occur at all21:21
thisfredinconsistencies - application21:22
thisfredwill schooltool also teach spelling?21:22
thisfredwow,, that late already... sry all, I have to catch a train home. See you around21:25
<--thisfred has quit ("Farewell, cruel channel...")21:25
th1aI haven't seen many changes in the timetable once school started.21:38
th1aActually the teachers' union would never put up with that ahere anyhow.21:38
th1aSingle day exceptions are fairly frequent, though.  A couple times a month.  A lot more at the end of the school year and Christmas.21:39
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