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th1aHi guys.  I'm thinking I should just move the website to Plone and get it over with.18:40
SteveAfine by me.18:42
SteveAcan you say what version of plone / zope you want to run18:42
th1aPlone 2.018:42
SteveAI'll get that set up, and ask thomas black to put it on, perhaps18:42
th1aWhose servers are these?  The foundations?18:43
SteveAmy server18:43
SteveAprobably to be changed at some point in the future18:44
SteveAactually, I need to remind Mark to get a server online to run the demo schooltool server18:44
SteveAthe dns is handled by the foundation18:44
SteveAyou've used plone before?18:44
th1aYeah.  I've set up a number of Plone sites, so I'm pretty quick with it.18:45
SteveAok, great18:46
SteveAdo you need any particular Products?18:46
th1aI think the standard Plone 2 install will have everything I need.18:46
th1aLet me see though, because maybe I'm thinking of what's in the installer.18:46
th1aThey recommend Zope 2.7.0 but it will work with 2.6.4 ...18:48
th1aYeah, the source tarball has all the requirements.  And we already have Zwiki.18:50
*SteveA mails thomas black18:50
th1aAlso, if you already made a Zope account for me I've lost track of it.18:51
SteveAthere wasn't one18:53
SteveAI just created one18:53
SteveAusername: hoffman18:53
SteveApassword: the name of the band you used to be drummer for, no spaces, all lower-case, no leading article.18:54
th1aSteve, you are a marvel of efficiency.18:56
SteveAI'm just between $DISTRO tasks :-)18:56
th1aCan you install Plone before you take up another task?19:08
SteveAhmm.. the plone in debian is only 19:10
SteveAhmm.. the plone in debian is only 1.0.519:10
th1aI'm a little frazzled.  I just had a 10" koi flopping around the floor of my office.19:18
SteveAdoesn't happen every day.19:19
SteveAor does it? ;-)19:19
th1aThis is my first time trying to medicate a fish.19:19
th1aApparently it wasn't happy with its dose of medicine, because it launched itself from the tank.19:19
SteveAI'm talking with mgedmin, who sysadmins the server, about what is needed to get stuff installed19:21
th1aAre you two in the same office?  I don't have a sense of where everyone actually IS.19:27
mgedminnot really19:27
SteveAthey're 1 or 1.5 miles away19:27
SteveAor, perhap I'm 1 mile away19:27
SteveAanyway, I'm in the centre of vilnius old town19:27
SteveAat home19:28
SteveAthey're in an office19:28
mgedmin15 minutes on foot from steve's place19:28
SteveAI sometimes work from their office19:28
th1aMy wife is anxious for a Lithuanian vacation, so I'll probably get to see all this before too long.19:28
SteveAsummer works best19:29
th1aWe spent two weeks doing Helsinki/St. Petersburg/Estonia last August.19:30
SteveAsame username and password21:45
SteveAthanks to mgedmin for setting it up21:45
*mgedmin waves cheerfully21:45
mgedmindon't mention it21:45
SteveAit will be accessible at when thomas black updates the dns21:46
th1aAh.  Cool.22:00
th1aI'll need a version of the banner image that isn't separated by the links.  Should I email Bradley?22:01
th1aIf so, I don't have his email address...22:10
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