IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2004-06-29

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tom_hoffmanHi Steve.17:40
tom_hoffmanWhere is the demo server?  Is supposed to be at, or am I on crack?17:58
mgedminit is supposed to be there18:13
mgedminbut it is not working, and I'm currently investigating why not18:14
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SteveAhi tom18:29
mgedmindemo server is back online18:33
mgedminturns out that user-mode-linux upgrade to the version currently in testing broke it18:33
mgedminthankfully the old and working version was still in /var/cache/apt/archives18:33
SteveAreporting a debian bug?18:34
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tom_hoffmanCool.  Thanks.19:14
tom_hoffmanHow long do the demo instances last?19:15
mgedminone week19:24
mgedminone week without usage that is19:24
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