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*alga is disgruntled16:52
*SteveA realises that svn isn't installed here16:53
algaSteve, can you live with a sucking m4 release page?17:01
SteveAwhat's m4?17:02
SteveAa serious question17:02
SteveAso, this can be all of "Milestone 4", "Deliverable 1"17:03
SteveAor any other fancy name17:03
SteveAerm... pick a pixar film and use characters from it17:03
SteveAhow about "nemo"17:03
SteveAwtf... svn: relocation error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: gdbm_errno17:05
algaI suggest to put the schooltool-m4rc1.{zip,tar.gz,deb,exe} on the m4 page17:07
SteveAthat sounds like a good idea17:07
algathen, when the rc gets promoted to the release, edit the links17:07
SteveAI've been looking at that page17:07
algawe've got an extra dep: PIL17:08
algaadded to the deps page already17:08
SteveAwhere does the PIL dep come from?17:08
algalabas rytas17:09
algathe server resizes the photos submitted to fit into a given area17:09
SteveAah, ok17:10
SteveA SteveA|Home Jan 30 17:15:12 <mgedmin>SteveA: downgrade libapr0 to release -417:15
SteveAhow do I get it?17:16
SteveA apt-cache policy libapr017:17
SteveA  Installed: 2.0.48-517:17
SteveA  Candidate: 2.0.48-517:17
SteveA  Version Table:17:17
SteveA *** 2.0.48-5 017:17
SteveA        150 unstable/main Packages17:17
SteveA        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status17:17
SteveA     2.0.47-1 017:17
SteveA        200 testing/main Packages17:17
mgedminlook in /var/cache/apt/archives17:17
mgedminor, if you've done an apt-get [auto]clean, you can find it on muskatas17:17
mgedminor there's a simple workaround17:18
SteveAI never had it17:18
mgedminyou need to set up LD_PRELOAD to load libdb4.0 iirc17:18
SteveAthis computer never had svn on before17:18
mgedminlook at
mgedminthe debian package of schooltool works just fine in a woody chroot17:20
SteveAsvn is working now17:21
SteveAI used the LD_PRELOAD workaround17:21
*SteveA reads docs17:23
*SteveA adds some further explanation to roll calls17:29
algachinese food arrived17:33
algaSteve, when would you have written the docs if I did nothing?17:38
algaand when would the release happen?17:38
SteveAI'm not complaining about the docs17:47
SteveAI thought I was supposed to review them and improve them17:47
SteveAanyway, I'd have done the prerelease without docs17:48
SteveAbut the release with17:51
algagintas is investigating the Python crash in libxml2 on WinXP18:11
algait seems that it's the same problem that Eugene was experiencing18:11
algaWe're going to Megapolis18:14
algaMarius is going do get an AP for his party tomorrow18:14
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algaso whose photo should I use for the screnshot of a person info page?19:49
SteveA|Homepublic domain, requires attribution in the software19:56
mgedminisn't that contradictory?20:00
mgedminif it's public domain, then the author has waived his right to require anything, right?20:00
SteveA|Homebut, the collection providing the service of serving up the work requires attribution as the source20:08
algaI've gratuitously put up my own20:15
SteveA|Homewetsuit looks good... pictures of people actually doing something interesting are good.20:18
algaSteve -- can you edit that page to what you want it to look like?20:18
algaok, because I'm already fed up with it20:19
algaand with writing tech docs in general20:19
algawe're on the finish line -- there are just some GUI layout bugs on Windows20:23
algaonce we've fixed those, we're tagging the m4rc120:23
algaSteveA|Home: can you check in you changes to the docs?20:24
mgedminBTW the debian package for the Milestone 4 Release Candidate 1 will be called20:27
mgedminnot schooltool-m4rc1.deb20:28
mgedminwon't "Windows binary" be misleading?20:28
mgedminit will be a zip file full of python sources + precompiled .pyd files20:29
mgedmin"This will create a schooltool-m3 directory."20:29
SteveAonce I've installed the debian package, how do I start the client? 20:38
SteveAonce I've installed the windows package, how do I start the client?20:38
SteveAThe relationships pane shows relationships of the selected member doesn't it?20:42
SteveAnot the selected group in the groups pane20:42
SteveA SteveA|Home Jan 30 20:50:45 <mgedmin>debian package contains a README.Debian in the traditional Debian location20:50
mgedminyou can find it in the source tree as debian/README.Debian20:50
mgedminit contains a 4-step instruction for playing w/ schooltool20:51
mgedminto answer your question: just type schooltool-client (or wxschooltool for GUI)20:51
mgedminin windows package: there's no installation20:51
mgedminthere's extraction20:52
mgedminonce you unpack the zip, you get the same thing you'd get with the source .tar.gz20:52
mgedminexcept that you do not need to 'make all'20:52
mgedminthe .pyd files are there20:52
mgedminyou just double-click on, or whatever .py files in the root20:52
SteveAwhat is the correct .py to click on to get the gui client?20:53
mgedminwho is editing the milestone 4 page?21:14
algaI seem to be the last one21:15
mgedminthe dependencies page can now claim that the software has been tested on debian and on windows xp21:15
mgedminnow it says that only about the client21:15
SteveAI am not currently editing it, as I am working on doc in svn21:15
SteveAI've just checked in the user guide doc21:20
SteveAalga: it was pretty good.21:21
SteveAhopefully it still is ;-21:21
SteveAI haven't changed it materially, just reworded things here and there for clarity, and added various explanations. 21:21
SteveAI'd like to include some diagrams or some screenshots. Then again, maybe it isn't a good plan to have screenshots in svn. Thoughts?21:22
mgedminI see no problems with having screenshots in svn21:33
SteveAremembering to update them when the GUI changes?21:34
algarebooting to win98!21:35
<--alga has quit ("the EVIL OS!")21:35
SteveAhow evil21:35
SteveA SteveA|Home Jan 30 21:37:00 <SteveA>"I have invented an Evil way to control 80% of the home computers in the world. I call this <quote gesture>Win Doze<quote gesture>"21:36
mgedminSteveA: if you want to play around with schooltool debs, you can find one on fridge:/home/mg/out/21:37
SteveAok, I'll get it21:37
SteveAis there a command to install schooltool using apt-get to get its dependencies?21:42
mgedminok, simplest way: dpkg -i schooltool*.deb21:46
mgedminit will complain21:46
mgedminthen run apt-get install -f to satisfy missing deps21:46
mgedminet voila21:46
mgedminthe "proper" way would adding a repository to /etc/apt/sources.list21:49
mgedminbut it's much more involving21:49
mgedminwe might set up an apt repository on the schooltool server though21:50
mgedminit's just a matter of exporting Packages.gz in the same location the .deb lives21:50
mgedminhow's aiste's health today?21:50
SteveAaiste says "so-so"21:52
SteveAshe hopes to be alright tomorrow21:52
SteveAstill feels crapy today though21:52
SteveAok, one issue with the deb22:17
SteveAafter running the server for the first time, I was directed to change the config gile22:18
SteveAbut, not told what it is called or where it is. Can that be change?22:18
SteveAand also, when I changed the file, I didn't look carefully 22:19
mgedmin"Reading configuration from /etc/schooltool.conf\n\nNo storage is defined[...]"22:19
SteveAah, ok22:19
SteveAI see now22:19
mgedminI had in fact added the config file in that "no storage" message, then I saw it was mentioned twice and removed it22:19
SteveAit was directly under the command, so I skimmed over it22:19
SteveAI edited the config file, uncommented a line, and it still didn't work22:19
SteveAbecause I just uncommented "path" and not the surrounding <> tags22:20
SteveAmaybe change the text to be "uncomment the following 3 lines..."22:20
SteveAnext error -- now that I've uncommented all three lines:22:21
mgedminwell, that wouldn't be enough either22:21
mgedminyou also need to mkdir and chmod22:21
SteveAsteve@zeus3:/stuff/code/schooltool/doc$ schooltool-server 22:21
SteveAReading configuration from /etc/schooltool.conf22:21
SteveATraceback (most recent call last):22:21
SteveA  File "/usr/bin/schooltool-server", line 13, in ?22:21
SteveA    schooltool.main.main()22:21
SteveA  File "/usr/lib/schooltool/schooltool/", line 786, in main22:21
SteveA    sys.exit(Server().main(sys.argv[1:]))22:21
SteveA  File "/usr/lib/schooltool/schooltool/", line 546, in main22:21
SteveA  File "/usr/lib/schooltool/schooltool/", line 656, in run22:21
SteveA    self.db =
SteveA  File "/usr/lib/schooltool/zodb/", line 97, in open22:21
SteveA    return zodb.db.DB(,22:21
SteveA  File "/usr/lib/schooltool/zodb/", line 126, in open22:21
SteveA    quota=self.config.quota)22:21
SteveA  File "/usr/lib/schooltool/zodb/storage/file/", line 95, in __init__22:21
SteveA    self._lock()22:21
SteveA  File "/usr/lib/schooltool/zodb/storage/file/", line 163, in _lock22:21
SteveA    self._lock_file = LockFile(self._name + '.lock')22:21
SteveA  File "/usr/lib/schooltool/zodb/", line 59, in __init__22:21
SteveA    self._fp = open(path, 'w+')22:21
SteveAIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lib/schooltool/Data.fs.lock'22:22
SteveAException exceptions.AttributeError: "LockFile instance has no attribute '_fp'" in <bound method LockFile.__del__ of <zodb.lockfile.LockFile instance at 0x40a85dec>> ignored22:22
SteveAI think an example would be good22:22
SteveAin the file22:22
SteveA"for example, if you want to run schooltool as user 'nobody'..."22:22
mgedminfeel free22:22
SteveA(this isn't a good idea. Ideally create a schooltool user...)22:22
mgedminthe file is debian/schooltool.conf in the svn rep22:22
SteveAok, I'll add it22:22
-->alga ( has joined #SchoolTool22:23
SteveAwhat permissions should the /var/lib/schooltool directory have?22:26
SteveA700 ?22:26
*SteveA pings mgedmin22:27
*mgedmin is about to leave22:29
SteveA SteveA|Home Jan 30 22:30:12 <mgedmin>can't say22:29
mgedmineither we create a schooltool user, a directory with correct perms, a init.d script and a proper daemon that runs as user 'schooltool'22:30
mgedminor we leave all that to the sysadmin22:30
mgedminI understood that we chose the second option22:30
mgedminanyway, regarding perms -- I'd copy the perms from /var/lib/zope22:31
SteveAI'm writing suggested instructions in the conf file22:31
SteveAso, I'm suggesting to create a schooltool user, create the standard directory, chown it, chmod it, then change to user schooltool to run the server22:32
SteveAI'll suggest 70022:32
mgedminit's 755 in Debian22:32
mgedminfor /var/lib/zope22:32
SteveAwith all that, we can't be accused of suggesting insecure things22:32
mgedminls -ld /var/lib/zope/instance/default/var/22:32
mgedmindrwxrwxr-t    3 root     zope         4096 Sep  2 21:53 /var/lib/zope/instance/default/var/22:32
mgedminhey, the data.fs is world readable in the default debian zope install22:33
mgedminI did not expect that22:33
SteveAare you sure?22:33
SteveAif so, that sucks22:33
mgedminthat's how it is on fridge22:34
mgedminand I'm sure we did not change the perms22:34
mgedminand yes, that sucks22:34
mgedminI vote for chown schooltool; chmod 70022:35
SteveA# ls -ld /var/lib/schooltool/22:35
SteveAdrwx--S---    2 nobody   root         4096 Jan 30 22:26 /var/lib/schooltool/22:35
SteveAwhat does S mean?22:35
mgedminand not executable22:37
SteveAI thought that was s22:37
mgedmin's' is sgid + executable22:37
mgedmin'S' is sgid + not executable22:37
mgedminor vice versa, cf man ls22:37
SteveAwhat is the default password?22:37
mgedmin'schooltool' without the apostrophes22:38
mgedmin(I was right about 's' and 'S')22:38
SteveAok, it is on the m4 webpage22:38
mgedminAlbert is uploading the packages at the moment22:38
SteveAI haven't checked in the new debian conf22:39
SteveAI was just testing it22:39
SteveAperhaps it isn't so important22:39
algawe've just changed the m4/index_html22:39
SteveAI just committed the debian conf file22:40
algaShould I update the very front page?22:40
SteveAum... I think add a news item22:41
SteveAI can do that22:41
SteveAbut, the point of a pre-release is not to make such a big fuss22:41
SteveAwe'll ask people on the mailing list to look at it22:42
SteveAas they have seen it before 22:42
SteveAbut save the front page and freshmeat etc. for the real release 22:42
SteveAwhat do you think?22:42
mgedminsounds like a good idea22:42
SteveAok. I'll announce stuff over the weekend. Expect people to have a go on Sunday or during next week.22:44
algain that case, we're done22:44
algagood night22:44
SteveAwe can grep the logs for download numbers22:44
mgedmincongrats, all22:44
SteveAsee you all tomoorrow22:44
SteveAwhat time, mg?22:44
SteveAok, uhh o'clock22:44
mgedmini guess 18:00 +02:0022:44
<--alga has quit ("+2 means EET, not 18:00, but 20:00 really :)")22:45
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