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mgedminalga: I'd like to discuss schooltool packagin14:28
*SteveA works on the Connection.add backport14:31
*SteveA has notes from Jim on what test to write14:31
algamgedmin: take a task card and write "Make a debian directory for scchooltool"14:31
*alga*alga@fleksija:~$ ssh ex.codeworks.lt14:34
*alga*Linux ex 2.4.20-k7 #1 Tue Jan 14 00:29:06 EST 2003 i686 unknown unknown GNU/Linux14:34
*alga*alga@ex:~$ 14:34
SteveAAh... debian packaging14:35
SteveAI had a request from the sprint organiser...14:36
SteveAI'll find it14:36
SteveAalso, he wants our .po files to do a french translation :-/14:36
SteveAI explained that translations are off the menu atm.14:36
mgedmindebian packages were on my to-do list14:36
mgedmini18n wasn't14:36
SteveAright -- we should put that in the next proposal14:36
mgedminI can imagine (more or less) how the debian packages should look like14:37
mgedminthings are not all that clear with plain .tar.gz packaging14:37
mgedminthere were requests to split client from the server14:37
mgedminalga suggested two archives:14:37
mgedminand server + client14:37
mgedmin(server needs csvclient for sampleschool and cmdline client for ftests)14:38
algaI think that's the way to go for now14:38
algathat way the debs will be generated from 1 src package14:38
SteveAalga: how are you?14:40
algaSteveA: OK when reclined14:40
algamy back doesn't quite bend though14:41
SteveAoh -- something other than your nose / throat thing?14:41
alganose-throat, but somewhat different14:43
algamy back muscles hurt like I have been sunburnt14:44
SteveAsounds like an evil virus thing14:45
mgedminhas anyone looked at the issue tracker lately?  are there any must-fix-before-release showstoppers?15:02
mgedmin(personally I have and I do not think there are)15:02
mgedminalga: what about that bug you told me about yesterday?  have you fixed or filed it?15:09
*mgedmin just finished writing http://wiki.lan/SchoolToolPackaging15:15
mgedminalga, could you look at it (ssh fort porwarding or some such)?15:16
mgedminwe're now planning to lunch15:16
SteveA SteveA|Home Jan 27 15:16:41 <mgedmin>SteveA, perhaps you could load that file and look at it during lunch?15:16
algaSteveA: what about the user doc draft I've done?15:18
*mgedmin is pondering whether he should take his laptop with him15:20
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algaEHLO alga.sick.home.lt18:55
algaanyone alive?18:55
algathere's another doc for you to read and edit on the way to the repo18:55
SteveAtalking with jim18:59
mgedminalga: reading your doc now19:00
mgedmincould you remind me the port number we planned to use for schooltool?19:00
*alga is disconcerted19:00
mgedminsomething mnemnonical19:00
mgedmindid you look at SchoolToolPackagin?19:01
*mgedmin keeps losing the letter 'g' today for some reason19:01
algaif it's the same I got in my mail, then yes19:01
algafrankly, unimpressed19:02
algaquestions, questions, and no answers19:02
alganothing we didn't know19:02
alga19:01 < mgedmin> g19:03
algalooks like *grin*19:03
mgedminwhat's that space doing in front of my nick?19:03
mgedminI do not know what you saw in the email19:03
algait's reserved for the + or @ flag19:03
mgedminthe doc I put on wiki is full of assertions19:03
algathe wiki nofitication19:03
mgedminand I'm giving you the chance to disagree with them19:03
*mgedmin thought wiki notifications were not sent for external edits19:04
mgedminyou probably only saw the first draft, the one I entered in mozilla's text area19:04
mgedmineasy to verify: did you see 'things to do before the release'?19:05
algais šo šlooow19:05
algammm, not sure19:05
algalook, I'm trying to get through to it via links on fridge19:05
alga   We should not use the Makefile for running things, we should use portable    19:07
alga   Python scripts instead.                                                      19:07
algawhat is that supposed to mean?19:07
algado you intend to write those scripts before release?19:08
mgedmindo you think we shouldn't?19:08
mgedminI'm thinking about 5-line python scripts19:08
algaam thinkink is diffikult19:08
mgedminthat just set sys.path appropriatelly, import main from schooltool.clients.something and call it19:08
mgedminthose scripts will live in /usr/bin in debian packages19:08
algalots of scripts?19:08
mgedminor in the project root in source archive19:09
mgedminlet's see19:09
algawhat about schooltool.py19:09
algaschooltool run19:09
mgedmin'run server', 'run cmdline client', 'run wxclient'19:09
algaschooltool runwxclient19:09
mgedminmaybe 'create & import sample school'19:09
mgedminno scripts for unit/functional tests definitely19:09
mgedminno separate script for building extension modules ( is good enough19:09
algaiis needed?19:10
algawhat are distutils fo anyway?19:10
mgedminit builds zodb/persistence extension modules19:10
alganothing more?19:10
mgedminwe use it for nothing more19:10
mgedminit could potentially be used for installing things19:10
mgedminor building py2exe style installers19:10
mgedminI'm not proposing to do that for this release19:11
algayep, that thing looks fine19:15
algaplease please edit the docs19:15
algaI wrote them completely off-hand19:16
algaas a start19:16
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mgedminwhatis JTM?19:17
mgedmin'just to move'19:17
algarusiškas keiksmažodis19:19
mgedminI thought you were referring to
algain that case I'd say "fire and motion"19:25
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