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th1ahi replaceafill.21:59
replaceafillhey th1a21:59
replaceafillth1a, i'll need to go downstairs for 10 mins (to pick Camila up)22:00
replaceafillbut we can start22:00
th1aSo I got an inquiry from a hosting company about 40 minutes away from Gladstone School this afternoon asking if any schools in the UK used SchoolTool, so I might be meeting with them too.22:00
replaceafilltiming ;)22:01
th1aAnd I don't know if you were on the email where we were talking about Karoshi Linux, which is the K-12 Ubuntu variation someone down there puts together, but we're meeting with that guy as well.22:01
th1aI guess that's just called this now:
replaceafillno, i wasn't22:02
th1aSo there are a few angles in play, despite me feeling a little overwhelmed by the spec last night.22:02
th1aI'm feeling like to have this literally work as a business proposition we'd have to do all the coding in two weeks, and while it doesn't look too hard, we've never actually had to output perfect XML to someone else's spec.22:03
th1aI have a feeling that that's at least a week of debugging.22:03
replaceafillis there a deadline for this?22:04
replaceafilltwo weeks?22:04
th1aWell, school starts in the fall.22:04
replaceafillthat's september, right?22:04
th1aNot two weeks FROM NOW.22:04
th1aSchool would start in August, but ofc they'd want to be setting things up before that.22:04
replaceafillok, there's Marcela's call22:05
replaceafilli'll be right back th1a22:05
replaceafillback th1a22:11
th1aBasically, I'm not worried about having this ready on time, but rather the amount of time it might take.22:12
th1aWhich I'm currently guessing would still be under a month.22:13
th1aWhat is your feeling at this point?22:13
replaceafillwell, the spec is pretty clear22:13
replaceafillbig, but clear22:13
th1aI swing back and forth about how intimidated I am by it.22:13
replaceafilli'd say 3 weeks22:14
th1aIt is certainly clear.22:14
replaceafillwe need produce xls files right?22:14
th1aYes, that's what makes it different than Nigeria.22:14
th1a(aside from the complexity)22:14
th1aIt isn't enough to look right.  ;-)22:14
replaceafillno custom reports, right?22:15
th1aWell, not that have been discussed yet.22:15
replaceafillimho doing it right can attract other users22:16
replaceafilli mean, UK users maybe22:16
th1aI'm leaning at this point towards thinking it is worth SchoolTool splitting the cost if Gladstone wants to do it.22:16
replaceafillyou have any idea how much dev time they can buy?22:16
th1aOr, more specifically, charge them for about two weeks work.22:16
replaceafillah ok22:17
replaceafilland we can start after 14.04, right?22:17
th1aThat's what would keep it under the price of just getting a commercial solution and still give us some support money.22:17
th1aYeah, that shouldn't be a problem.  They could input a lot of the data on a regular instance anyhow.22:17
th1aAlso, this wouldn't necessarily be the FULL spec -- it would just be what was relevant in their case.22:18
th1aI'm not sure where we'd draw the line with that.22:18
th1aBut skipping edge cases generally saves time, ofc.22:19
th1aOTOH, we can't claim it will "just work" at any UK school then.22:19
th1aWe'll have to play that angle by ear.22:19
th1aAlso, it just depends on if other English folks get on board.22:20
th1aThey're generally stuck here with a near monopoly.22:20
replaceafillif we do it, i think we should do the same as the niepa spec22:21
replaceafillyou give it a first pass22:21
replaceafillthat really helped22:21
replaceafilli knew where to move stuff based on your review22:21
replaceafilland reading the spec ofc22:21
th1aYeah, definitely.22:21
th1aI need to talk to them about it tool22:22
th1aA lot of the Home Information and Home Location Context stuff weirded me out.22:22
th1aChurch of England Parish?22:23
replaceafilli didn't see that22:23
replaceafillthe church part22:23
replaceafilli did see the school location structures, etc22:24
th1aI suspect that some of the most wtf parts they may not even care about.22:24
th1aDid you look at the spreadsheet?22:25
th1atbh I guess I didn't get too deep into the School part.22:26
replaceafilli wondered about your comment on "sliders"22:26
th1aIt has 1500 lines!22:27
th1a(the spreadsheet)22:27
th1aWell, just part of my first impression is "wtf, where are we going to put all this crap?"22:27
replaceafilli didn't see the right one then!22:27
replaceafillno, i'm looking at the Validation_Rules one22:29
th1aThe common basic data set is where they get down to business.22:29
th1aThat's the scary wtf one.22:30
replaceafillcan you point me to that url?22:30
replaceafilli can't find it22:31
th1aOh, I gave you the file version22:31
replaceafilli think we could make fieldsets to behave like accordions22:31
replaceafillnow i understand you being overwhelmed :D22:33
th1aYeah.  I definitely need a little feedback from the users on what parts of that are and aren't relevant.22:36
th1aOr whether all SIS's are just... really busy in England.22:37
th1aA lot of the individual wtf's may just be text fields we'd have to add to objects.22:37
th1aAnd since the spec is clear we don't have to do too much thinking.22:38
th1aAlthough if the users would say "no... you can really skip all that" it would help to know.22:38
th1aYou don't have to understand something to add an attribute if that's all it is.22:39
th1aI guess this would beef up or resource implementation a bit.22:39
replaceafillor our views/forms22:39
replaceafillto structure all of this properly22:40
replaceafillmulti tab forms or something22:40
th1aThis would have to be more polished than Nigeria's pilot.22:41
replaceafillthis is explained even better than the validation rules :D22:42
th1aSo would this add a couple weeks to your vague estimate?22:43
replaceafillAny alphabetical character other than I, O, or S.22:43
replaceafilloh yes22:43
replaceafilli mean22:43
replaceafillthe xml schemas didn't seem this scary22:43
th1aSo yes, testing...22:44
th1aCan we validate our xml against the schemas I guess?22:44
replaceafillyeah, i think that's the idea of they giving us xsd files, right?22:45
replaceafillhow to do it, no idea :(22:45
th1aThat'll tell us if it is syntactically and structurally valid, but it is still probably possible that the govt. system might not like it for some reason.22:46
th1aThere are certainly tools for using the xsd.22:47
th1aI'd kind of forgotten what it did entirely.22:47
replaceafilli was thinking if we could create for example, vocabularies, based on those files22:47
th1aYeah, that would be an approach, to be sure.22:48
th1aOK, here's one question, should I make a GB (or whatever) translation to switch to things like "Forename?"22:50
replaceafillin the demo?22:51
replaceafilllet me compile them22:51
replaceafilland i'll add en-gb to the languages22:51
th1aYes, and in general.22:51
replaceafilli think we already have one...?22:51
replaceafilllet me check22:51
replaceafillwant en_GB as default for the demo?22:52
th1aI guess?22:54
replaceafillwhat time is your meeting on monday th1a?22:57
th1aMy first meeting is after lunch.22:58
th1aI don't see the principal until tuesday.22:58
th1aWhich is the real sales part of the job.22:59
replaceafillhe's Jim?22:59
th1aNo... Jim would be the open source booster who is bringing me down there.22:59
replaceafillgot it23:00
th1aHe's part of the team putting the school together.23:00
th1aThe principal, unfortunately, actually did some consulting for the monopoly SIS company (SIMS), so he may be resistant.23:00
th1aHe's the hurdle.23:01
th1aotoh, if he comes around, he may understand some important things about SIS's in England (i.e., parts of the spec we should skip).23:01
th1aSo... we'll see.23:01
th1aIt is just costing us £101.98 to fly down, they're picking up the hote.23:02
th1aSo if it doesn't happen... oh well.23:02
th1aI mean, there just may be no chance he'll ever agree to take a chance.23:03
th1aWe'll see.23:03
replaceafillwe have plenty on our plates in the meantime ;)23:03
replaceafill2 weeks to freeze23:04
replaceafilli think we're good23:04
replaceafilli got busy adding/fixing tests23:04
replaceafillas usual, i always want to be sure i'm not breaking stuff23:05
replaceafillthe gradebook stests are green now23:05
replaceafilland i added a lengthy one for propagation23:05
th1aI've pretty much written off getting the parent stuff in the release, as I assume you have.23:05
replaceafillwell, it'll be there23:05
replaceafilli haven't even played with it23:05
th1aWe can pull it out though, right?23:06
replaceafillwell, it's a single commit23:06
replaceafillwith the temp work23:06
replaceafillbut we could23:06
th1aSo it'll be in there probably but not really do much.23:06
th1aWell, I'll have to take a look.23:07
replaceafillone question that i got while i'm working on the transcript23:07
replaceafillcourses have levels now23:07
replaceafilli've created a set of data with several years23:07
replaceafillbut in the /courses view23:07
replaceafillthere's no way to know anything about the level23:07
th1aWhere is Santa Tecla?23:07
replaceafillwe just diplay course title and course id23:08
th1a(sorry to interrupt...)23:08
replaceafillnext to San Salvador...23:08
replaceafill25/30 mins from here23:08
replaceafill1 hour if you take the bus :D23:08
th1aAh... we just got a query from,d.d2k23:08
th1aGoogle url...23:08
replaceafillno way!23:09
replaceafillit's one of the most fancy schools around23:09
th1aI just cc:ed you on a reply.23:11
th1aI'm getting all kinds of weird emails today.23:12
th1aSo what's the course level question?  Should it be visible?23:13
replaceafilli was thinking maybe we could add a level dropdown23:13
replaceafillto filter by level23:13
th1aOh, in courses, sure, that sounds reasonable.23:14
th1aMore filters are good.23:14
replaceafillyeah, i'm seeing lots of Soccer courses23:14
replaceafillfor 1-6 grade23:14
replaceafillno idea which is which23:14
replaceafillso i started using titles as usual23:14
replaceafilldon't you think the gradebook should filter by level too?23:15
replaceafillor at least include the info in the section filter23:15
th1aSure, yes.23:15
th1aSo how would I do the GB translation, in LP?23:18
th1aAnd then you can update our instance on Monday?23:19
replaceafillit takes a few minutes though23:20
th1aOK, I'll do that, and I'll go through the spreadsheet and try to find the tricky bits.23:20
replaceafillthey send you the link to download the file by email23:20
replaceafillmail me when you're done to request the .po files23:20
replaceafilland put them in the instance23:20
th1aIt may just be "forename" and "surname."23:21
replaceafillsurename is already there23:21
replaceafillforename is not23:21
th1aWell, I'll go through it.23:21
th1aOK.  Anything else?23:22
replaceafillno, that's it23:22
th1aDefinitely feel free to add filters, various cues, etc.23:22
replaceafillcool thanks23:22
replaceafillhave a good trip23:22
th1aI will!23:22
th1aLater replaceafill.23:22
replaceafillsee u th1a23:23
th1aOh, you might want to send a quick note to that school in El Salvador.23:23
th1aSay "hi."23:23
replaceafillon it23:23
th1aOK, good night!23:27
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