IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2018-06-12

nuevacienciai created a new report sheet template00:01
nuevacienciaadd 5 field activities00:01
nuevacienciaone of them is comment type00:01
nuevacienciawhen the teacher try to write in comments00:02
nuevacienciadisplay a enter comment dialogue box but the key board is not permited00:03
nuevacienciawhat can I do? for unblock this00:03
nuevacienciacan I set the footnote for all students01:21
mavhqI've never seen anyone here to help with stuff01:26
mavhqI just joined to see if the project was still alive01:26
mavhqIf it is, it's not here01:26
*** nuevaciencia has quit IRC01:27
*** povbot has joined #schooltool07:02

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