IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2017-08-30

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NoGodDamnIdeathis is dead isnt it23:18
NoGodDamnIdeamavhq, zerkalo povbot23:18
NoGodDamnIdeaanyone alive?23:19
mavhq It's very dead23:22
NoGodDamnIdeais there a windows version mavhq ?23:35
mavhqNo idea23:35
NoGodDamnIdeawhat im looking for is a simple web app/website that can show a student his grades23:35
NoGodDamnIdeaand other minor stuff23:35
mavhqThe grades are stored where m23:35
NoGodDamnIdeaim trying to help a friend23:36
NoGodDamnIdeado you perhaps know of such a open source website?23:36
NoGodDamnIdeaasking this since you are in this channel so you might have an idea :/23:37
mavhqWell, there's things like Django, but never found anything that's really simple23:38
NoGodDamnIdeawell im looking for something already made23:39
NoGodDamnIdeadont really have the time to build one from scratch23:39
NoGodDamnIdeajust to tweak it a bit and done23:39
NoGodDamnIdeadont even need all features to function just the one that pulls data about the student like his grades23:39
mavhqYou'd need login integration I assume23:51
mavhqThe quest23:53
mavhqQuickest way I know how is just to write a vbscript page for iis23:53
mavhqUse iis basic Auth23:54
NoGodDamnIdeathats not an issue23:56
NoGodDamnIdeawhat i want is a web app/website thats already built23:56
NoGodDamnIdeaso i can modify it23:56

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