IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2016-09-12

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th1a_officehi replaceafill.18:32
replaceafillhey th1a_office18:33
th1a_officeThere's a little cafe in the front entrance here.18:33
th1a_officeIt is just like a little kitchen this old Italian lady set up.18:34
th1a_officeIt is awesome.18:34
th1a_officeHow was your weekend.18:36
replaceafillnot bad, had some good rest18:36
th1a_officeYeah, I totally crashed out on Saturday.18:36
replaceafilli finished the other version of the new report18:37
replaceafillthe one i proposed doing on friday18:37
replaceafillhopefully i'll be able to continue at the same rythm18:38
th1a_officeYeah, we should have 100 hours on the final invoice.18:38
replaceafillso, that's it from me18:39
replaceafillwill keep grinding18:39
replaceafilltomorrow i'll be late for the meeting18:39
replaceafillwe should probably meet in the afternoon if necessary18:39
replaceafillit's independence day celebration at school18:39
th1a_officeThere is no school here either for primary election day.18:40
th1a_officeSo I'll be around.18:40
* replaceafill done18:41
th1a_officeTrying to get a full day in here today because I was pretty scattered last week.18:41
* th1a_office done too.18:41
replaceafillthanks Tom18:41
th1a_officeThanks replaceafill.18:41
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