IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2016-08-24

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th1ahi replaceafill.18:27
replaceafillhey th1a18:27
th1aHow are you feeling?18:28
replaceafilla bit better18:28
replaceafillnot able to focus for long periods though18:28
replaceafilli tried yesterday and i could only write for 1 hour or so18:28
replaceafillthe peas report card issue is back18:29
th1aUnfortunately the blessed silence from Ark has ended.18:29
replaceafillcan you access the file Rachel just shared?18:30
th1aYeah... I can look at it on one of my virtual servers.18:30
th1aI mean, I assume I can access it?18:31
replaceafilli doubt it18:31
th1aOh, no I can't.18:31
replaceafillit seems even Rachel can't18:31
replaceafillYakub must have forgotten something18:31
th1aOK, so we can't do anything immediately.18:31
th1aLooking at the testing doc.18:33
replaceafilli'm not even sure what i want to write there18:34
th1aWell, even just explaining what is where is helpful.18:34
th1aEssentially, the pre-Flourish functional tests aren't particularly useful at this point.18:34
replaceafillwell, most of them work18:35
th1aBut if you broke one, whether or not it was relevant would not necessarily be obvious?18:35
replaceafillalthough the UI changed, the fields, links and buttons kept mostly the same18:35
th1aI do think we need a preamble on the overall state of testing.18:36
th1aThe history.18:36
replaceafillgo ahead18:36
th1aNote the shift to passive voice there... ;-)18:39
th1aSomething like that ok?18:41
th1aJust to set the overall perspective on what to expect.18:42
th1aDo the flourish functional tests pass?18:48
replaceafillthere may be a couple out of date, but most of them do18:49
replaceafilllast time i checked at least18:49
replaceafilli haven't checked recently18:49
replaceafilli was thinking of running them18:49
replaceafillyesterday i just fixed a couple of unit tests18:49
replaceafillwhat do you think we should do? make sure all of them pass?18:50
replaceafillin all the relevant packages?18:50
th1aNo, but we should let them know the overall state so they aren't wondering why things aren't passing on their setup.18:50
replaceafilli think we could say that until 2.8 selenium tests passed18:51
replaceafillbut ark introduced ui changes18:51
replaceafilllike the new school page18:51
replaceafilland tests were not updated18:51
th1aOK, right.18:52
replaceafilllooks good18:53
replaceafillok, now18:54
replaceafilli was thinking of explaining how to set up the testing environment18:54
replaceafilland how to run each kind of test18:54
replaceafilli don't think we should explain how to add a test18:55
th1aYou could probably skip adding a test.18:56
replaceafilli'll work on that part then, after having a quick breakfast18:57
replaceafillwhat's next?18:57
replaceafilli think we're mostly done with the outline18:57
replaceafillark specific things18:57
replaceafillpeas has its own report card18:57
replaceafillrising too, etc18:57
replaceafillyou can find those here and here18:58
replaceafillthat kind of thing18:58
replaceafillhopefully today will be more productive18:58
replaceafilli'll go get a quick bite, anything else?18:58
th1aNo.  I'll probably be out bike shopping at some point.19:00
th1aI told you our bikes were stolen, right?19:00
th1aIt turns out our bikes were a bit weirder than we realized.19:01
th1aWell... they both were really nimble combinations of racing bikes with flat handlebars for commuting.19:02
th1aMine I got in Scotland, and Jennifer's was a long-discontinued racing bike we modified.19:02
th1aSo we can't just get another of the same thing.19:02
th1aAnd are used to something unusual.19:02
replaceafillit's the modifications19:03
th1aBike design changes quickly too though.19:04
th1aThey literally don't make frames like the one Jennifer had anymore.19:04
replaceafillMarcela has been pushing for a bike lately19:05
replaceafillbut unfortunately San Salvador is not a very bike friendly city19:05
replaceafilland the nearest place to ride safe it's a 40 mins drive from home19:06
th1aYeah, that doesn't work so well.19:09
replaceafillth1a, ok19:36
replaceafillfinished the part on running the tests19:36
th1aAre you sort of figuring they'll write tests their own way anyhow, if they do?19:37
replaceafillno idea tbh19:37
th1aI'd say don't go down that rabbit hole because they'll probably do it the way they want anyhow.19:38
th1aOK, going out for a bit.19:38
replaceafillthis is more a "this is how we did it" kind of thing for me19:38
replaceafilli'll start the ark section19:38
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th1aI'm back replaceafill.21:40
replaceafillback th1a23:05

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