IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2016-08-12

replaceafillhey th1a00:41
replaceafilljust came back from the MRI session00:41
replaceafillwe were able to get it today00:41
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Guest30552hi all15:39
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th1ahi replaceafill.18:21
replaceafillhey th1a18:21
th1aMy haircut ran a little long.18:21
replaceafilltoo much hair!18:21
th1aI instigated a discussion in Spanish about unions half way through.18:21
th1aNot that I knew what anyone was saying.18:22
replaceafillthey could be talking about baseball :P18:22
th1aWell, I know trabadores, union, syndicato, etc.18:22
th1aI played some speeches in Spanish from a rally I attended yesterday morning.18:23
th1aSome guys who sandblast and paint ships (like for the navy and coast guard) are trying to organize.18:23
th1aThe verso script seems to be hanging up on a problematic skill -- this is not your problem.  I emailed Glenda.  I think this happened last year.18:25
th1aAh, I have the problematic URL now.18:26
replaceafilliirc the api has hiccups18:26
replaceafillsometimes the page returns 404 or something18:26
replaceafilland sometimes works18:26
replaceafill(page for a skill)18:27
th1aIt is too hot for my right monitor.18:27
th1aI think that happened last year too...18:27
th1aBefore I forget, any thoughts about this:
replaceafillnothing to do without chaging flourish report module iirc18:31
replaceafilli really don't remember the state of that issue, sorry18:31
th1aOK, so, docs?18:39
replaceafilli've added a new Packaging doc that i'm writing now18:40
replaceafillbasically i wanted that out of my "notes"18:40
replaceafillso it can be my reference in the future18:40
th1aYes, that's a good one to get out of the way.  Very necessary.18:40
replaceafilli also checked the Apache and nginx chapters of the book18:40
replaceafillupdated that is18:41
replaceafillthey were a bit out of date18:41
replaceafilltested both with a fresh 14.0418:41
replaceafilland today i remembered we're actually writing restructured text...18:42
replaceafillinstead of doing (see http://)18:42
replaceafilli can use links!18:42
replaceafillso i started doing that18:42
th1aReStructured Text sucks compared to Markdown, but whatever.18:42
th1aOK, I guess just plug along at that.18:45
th1aI'll be around, but I don't think it needs constant collaboration.18:45
replaceafillnext target could be a typical schooltool package configuration18:46
replaceafillso people can move inside and identify key pieces18:47
replaceafillinterfaces module, zcml configuration, browser subpackage, tests, etc18:47
th1aI think people get lost with that.18:47
th1aI was trying to find stuff in Pyret's source and it was driving me crazy "trove" "locker" wtf are those?18:48
replaceafilli still wonder why the pdf machinery is inside browser... :/18:48
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:54
replaceafillthanks th1a18:54
replaceafillgood rythm this week18:54
th1aJust imagine if I'd been able to wrap my head around Zope 3...18:54
replaceafillyou around th1a?20:49
replaceafilli think the Packaging section is done20:49
* replaceafill is proud of the Packaging section :)20:49
replaceafillit's menesis' shared wisdom20:50

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