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th1ahi replaceafill.18:29
th1aHow was your weekend?18:29
replaceafillhey th1a18:30
replaceafillcan you give me 5 mins18:30
replaceafilli'm finishing something18:30
replaceafillok, done18:32
replaceafillweekend was good18:32
replaceafillfound many pokemons? :)18:32
th1aTook over one of the neighborhood gyms for about an hour.18:33
th1aIt was a bit hot for roaming around though.  Also, the whole game barely works right now.18:33
th1aIt is18:34
th1aFriday we rode over to the big park nearby, and there were a lot of people hanging out playing.18:34
th1aYou get a lot more pokemon that way.18:35
th1aIt is... not a great game really, but fun in the way fads are fun.18:35
th1aThe one gym in our neighborhood (that we won) is placed right in the middle of a grocery store, and you can only access it from inside the store or in the parking lot.18:35
th1aSo that's a little bizarre.18:36
replaceafillbusiness for the store :D18:36
th1aNot really.  It would work for a coffee shop maybe.18:36
th1aOr a grocery store with a coffee shop in it...18:36
th1aIt also seemed worth fiddling with since we have lots of poke-infrastructure in the neighborhood.18:37
th1aPokespot across the street (where you get basic supplies periodically), two gyms in two blocks where you can battle if you want.18:39
th1aI ended up picking the least popular of the three teams for our neighborhood though.18:39
th1aThey don't let you change it (yet) so that's a tricky choice.18:40
th1aAlso enjoying fiddling with Pyret.  I have to say making testing very easy is a good thing.18:41
replaceafilltesting as in unit testing?18:42
replaceafillor as in trying it out?18:42
th1aUnit testing.18:42
replaceafillanything specific you're writing?18:43
th1afun get-oar-factors(the-ship :: Ship) -> Number:18:43
th1a  the-ship.status.get(2)18:43
th1a  get-oar-factors(test-scout()) is 618:43
th1aI'm back to my Roman naval game.18:43
replaceafilli remember now18:43
th1aThat "where" block is a test.18:43
replaceafilli'm writing a command line manager for my router in rust18:44
replaceafilli'm tired of having to disable everyone every time i get into a meeting18:44
th1aI'll google that for myself...18:44
replaceafillreally weird at the start18:45
replaceafillwhen you're too used to python18:45
replaceafillthen makes you remember your C days18:46
th1aIs it supposed to be like C++?  That niche?18:46
replaceafillyeah, kind of18:46
replaceafilllow level stuff18:46
replaceafillbut more "secure" than c18:46
replaceafillit's not that easy to get outbound memory erros18:47
replaceafillleaks, etc18:47
replaceafillmy dreamed api is: router --disable-all18:48
replaceafill(but my laptop) :)18:48
th1aSo, what do you think about this email from Ayesha?18:48
th1aProbably some date weirdness?18:48
replaceafillthe one with the scores srror18:48
replaceafillnot sure18:48
replaceafillbut yeah, that's probably the reason18:49
replaceafillstudent is re-enrolled differently somehow18:49
th1aDo you want to have them just try to check that first?18:49
replaceafillthe gradebook doesn't care about that18:49
replaceafilllet me try reproducing it18:50
th1aWe should ask if they are still in the gradebook.18:50
replaceafillthey mention the assessment reports18:50
replaceafilli'll check it today18:50
replaceafillcan you take that one please?18:51
th1aMaybe try to reproduce it quickly and if not ask about dates/gradebook.18:51
th1aTake it in terms of replying?18:51
th1aIf you check it I'll write the email.18:51
replaceafillok, i'll write the email then18:51
replaceafilli want to pdb it18:51
replaceafill(not now)18:51
replaceafillhold on18:52
th1aTell you what, I can try to reproduce it tomorrow morning.18:53
th1aI'm If you want me to do that?18:54
replaceafilli'm on it18:55
th1aI'm trying to finish my resume and first cover letter, which is always a bit painful.18:55
th1aRegardless, if you want me to write the email after you check, I'll be happy to.18:56
replaceafilllet's end the meeting now18:56
replaceafilli'll write the email18:56
th1aOK. ;-)18:56
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:56
replaceafillok, thanks th1a18:57
replaceafillfirst try: student is there18:57
replaceafilli used the same re-enrollment date18:57
replaceafillmaybe it's another report18:57
replaceafilli'll look18:57
replaceafillth1a, you there?19:24
replaceafilli need your PR skills19:24
th1aI was going to expand on the enrollment dates point a bit.19:24
replaceafillah good19:25
replaceafillFrancisco sent me an email19:25
replaceafill(i hate when people don't reply all)19:25
replaceafillasking for the field to be mandatory, no problem, i just updated the blueprint19:25
replaceafill> b) It would be ideal if all reports (e.g. fee, assessment etc.) had this19:25
replaceafill> field as well. Is this possible?19:25
th1aRight, that's where I thought this ended up.19:26
replaceafillunfortunately, because of our poor minded developer, that change would be time consuming19:26
th1aThis is regarding the fees id?19:26
th1aWell, yeah, that's where it becomes a big job.19:26
th1aWhy don't you just come up with a highish estimate and add that separately to the same blueprint.19:27
replaceafilli'm thinking i'll tell him i'll estimate a la fran19:27
replaceafillwe're on the same page19:27
th1aIt needs to be a "This will take x hours to do a first pass through and y hours to double check/fix." estimate.19:28
th1a(not explicitly saying that)19:28
th1areplaceafill, If they were re-enrolled as of the wrong date, there is no harm in just repeating the process on the same day they were accidentally unenrolled, right?19:43
th1aIt doesn't matter if you have multiple enrollment events, right?19:43
replaceafillthat's what i did in the testing instance example th1a19:45
replaceafillan example with dates (from them) would be most useful19:46
replaceafillthan us trying to reproduce19:46
replaceafilli think19:46
th1aYeah.  Don't sweat it.19:46

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