IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2016-07-14

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th1ahi replaceafill.18:39
replaceafillhey th1a18:39
th1aHow's it going?18:40
replaceafillworking on the release18:40
replaceafillfinished the custom export story18:40
th1aI just put all the report samples I had lying around my drive into a folder and shared it with you and Ayesha.18:43
th1aWhether anything else in there will be helpful, I don't know.18:43
replaceafilli don't think we'll be able to recover a couple18:43
replaceafillbut i haven't seen your folder yet18:43
th1aYou might be able to tell I haven't really been taking much initiative on this particular problem...18:44
th1aI have Dave looking into the Dinwiddie issue.  I think we'll be able to find them a home.18:45
replaceafillah ok18:45
th1aHe's happy to be working on CanDo stuff.18:45
replaceafilli'm happy he's working18:45
th1aThat's about all I have.18:47
replaceafillso, my plan is to finish this release of fee updates (and a couple more)18:48
replaceafilland then switch to the peas issues18:48
replaceafilli want your opinion on something18:49
replaceafillsince i need to write instructions on how to "develop" with the ark branches18:49
replaceafillfor the new guys18:49
replaceafilli was thinking i don't want to write emails18:49
replaceafilland i don't think blueprints are a good place for it18:49
replaceafilldo you think it's worth to use the ark version of the book for that18:50
replaceafillwe kind of have a page already for installing18:50
th1aWell, perhaps for starters.18:51
th1aIt really does not matter at all.18:51
th1aBecause you can just add pages to the book that aren't linked for example.18:52
th1aAnd it is really easy to move them from one to the other.18:52
replaceafillyou should start looking for a home for the book18:52
replaceafilland maybe the website...18:52
replaceafillsince you're in the looking for homes business now :)18:53
replaceafillso, you propose to just use the "standard" book?18:54
th1aSure, if you think that's simpler.18:54
replaceafilli'll use that then18:55
th1aI guess I really just need a web hosting account for
th1aI'll keep that going on my dime for a while at least.18:55
th1aActually, can probably park it somewhere free too...18:55
th1aIt is a low priority right now.18:55
replaceafilli'm done18:56
th1aI'm going to keep the public face unchanged until we feel like Ark is 100% committed to paying us through September.18:56
th1aI don't want to spook them somehow...18:56
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