IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2016-07-12

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replaceafillhey th1a18:41
th1ahi replaceafill.18:41
replaceafillsorry i'm late18:41
replaceafillwent for 10k18:41
th1aOh, good!18:41
th1aHow are you feeling these days?18:42
replaceafilli get tired faster than before18:43
replaceafillwhen i walk18:43
replaceafillhm, no news from Ayesha today18:43
th1aSo there is probably no bug in the fees report, just inconsistent data.18:44
replaceafilli'll let her decide how to approach that18:45
replaceafilli don't have any idea how to "fix" it18:45
replaceafilli mean, like if a student is in two streams18:45
th1aThe only thing I'd recommend is a report that highlights people with possible issues.18:45
th1aThey probably should just not use the streams report for fees.18:46
th1aBy possible issues, I mean like, if they are in a stream but missing a level, that kind of thing.18:47
th1aThat would be their call though.18:47
replaceafilli was thinking of chaging the fee report to be level based instead of stream18:47
replaceafillbut that's not probably what they need18:48
replaceafillanyway, i'll wait on that18:48
replaceafilli finished the skipping subjects story18:48
th1aOK, good.18:49
th1aProbably we're just waiting for a final thumbs up on doing the release then?18:49
replaceafillwell, yeah18:50
replaceafilli recommended just not including these reports18:50
replaceafillbut she said we should wait18:50
replaceafilldoing the release shouldn't be hard at this point18:50
replaceafillsince we don't know if this pptx is up to date18:51
replaceafilli think i'll move to this18:51
th1aWell, at a certain point Ayesha might just have to revise it herself.18:51
th1a(the data entry report)18:51
replaceafilli guess that's it from me18:53
replaceafilli might be 10 mins late again tomorrow ;)18:53
replaceafilli'm training for this:
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