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th1ahi replaceafill.17:31
replaceafillhey th1a17:32
th1aI’m looking at this email about the rising student id.  They could add a new demographic field but that wouldn’t do anything for searches by default, right?17:33
th1aThey couldn’t search by fee id from the student page, for example.17:33
th1aWithout changes?17:33
replaceafillrising has its own package though17:33
th1aYeah, I mean we could add it.17:33
th1a“Fairly easily?"17:34
replaceafillif it's just "allow me to search by this demographics in this view"17:34
replaceafillthat's fairly easy17:34
replaceafillbut i guess they want the importer modified17:34
replaceafillwell, maybe not17:35
th1aMaybe they don’t need the importer modified?17:36
th1aOK, maybe it isn’t helpful for me to try to write an email before the chat...17:37
replaceafillif it's just for identifying students from their payment app to the system17:37
replaceafilli think the importer is what we'd need to change17:37
th1aOK, we just need to talk through it.17:37
replaceafill"make the importer identify person by demo field"17:38
th1aI think the context at this point is that they could get a minimal functional integration without new code, and then they can pay for however much convenience they can afford.17:38
th1aWithout new SchoolTool code, but with Excel code.17:38
replaceafillfunctional integration making the translate in excel?17:38
th1aSo in the fee summary report — does it just have the columns that were specified in the blueprint, or what?17:39
th1a(regarding Ayesha’s email)17:40
th1a…looking for the blueprint...17:40
replaceafillyou won't find it17:40
replaceafillthat report is from august 201417:41
th1aSo the answer is just — we can add columns as a new feature.17:41
replaceafilli guess it's one of the "standard" reports we come up when we added fees17:41
replaceafillcolumns + totals17:41
replaceafillthat's why i didn't answer the email17:41
replaceafilli don't have the PR skills...17:41
th1aI’ll answer that.17:42
th1aExplain the pre-history.17:42
th1aWould that be, like, 1 hour?17:42
replaceafillnot 417:42
th1aMostly just formatting, packaging, etc.17:43
th1alots of little steps?17:43
replaceafillit's a pdf17:43
replaceafillso formatting can screw us17:43
th1aYeah.  OK.17:43
th1aYou tend to look at that as just a couple database queries.17:44
th1aBut that’s only part of it.17:44
th1aIs this probably a good time to do a release?  Monday?17:44
th1aOK, let’s figure on that.17:45
th1aWhere are you task-wise?17:45
replaceafilldone with the skip subjects with no data17:46
replaceafillbut i wouldn't include that until she tests it17:46
replaceafilland there are several reports to test17:46
replaceafilli'll try to demo a couple today and the dashboard17:46
replaceafilland i guess it's not a priority17:46
replaceafillwe should discuss her priority email17:47
th1aWhich email exactly?17:47
replaceafill- custom report: still includes unenrolled students (in blueprints)17:48
replaceafill- gradebook page includes inactive students (NOT in blueprints)17:48
replaceafill- could the date format in consolidated custom export be changed to a DD-MM-YYY format? I think this blueprint is under discussion. Would this take a lot of time to do?17:48
replaceafillthose are the "time critical" issues she raised17:48
replaceafilljune 27th17:48
replaceafillRE: Testing instances and blueprints updated17:48
replaceafilli already estimated the custom report story17:49
replaceafilli fixed the second issue already17:49
th1aSo what’s outstanding?17:50
replaceafillno, i mean, we should discuss it in the meeting17:51
replaceafillshe needs to approve the custom export story17:52
th1aOh, ok.17:52
th1aAll right.17:53
th1aSeems like we’re in reasonably good shape.17:54
th1aDid you get an invite from Ayesha?18:00
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replaceafillmaybe she's using my sielibre account?18:02
replaceafilli'm logged in as gmail18:02
th1acan you switch?18:04
th1aDo you have the invite?18:05
replaceafillbut i see her online now18:05
replaceafillare you in a call?18:05
replaceafillshe says she's going to star the call18:07
th1aI think I just invited your other google acct.18:10
replaceafillwell, i'm logged in on both...18:10
replaceafillchrome + chromium18:10
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