IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2016-06-27

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th1ahi replaceafill.18:19
replaceafillhey th1a18:19
th1aHow was your weekend?18:19
th1aGood... had the last little league game (I coached) and a pizza party on Saturday.18:21
th1aJennifer is coming home this evening.18:21
th1aThe girls and I seem to have survived.18:21
th1aPaper is done except for a few captions, etc.18:21
replaceafillproductive week :)18:21
th1aLooking forward to a less productive one...18:21
th1aSo, how long would it take, roughly, to mass produce individual report cards, each titled with the contact email address?18:22
th1aLike a new dialog.18:23
th1aFor mailing from an external script.18:23
th1aLike, someone wants to email individual report cards.18:24
replaceafillstandard report cards?18:24
th1aRight now when you run report cards on a group it is one file, right?18:24
th1aSo one pdf per contact email.18:24
replaceafillso each student would have a contact email18:25
replaceafillyou run the report on each student and mail the result/18:25
th1aWell, I'm saying we wouldn't actually be doing the mailing part.18:25
th1aWe'd just put them in a directory so they could be emailed by a script or whatever.18:26
th1a(not our problem)18:26
replaceafillput them on a directory is a new problem18:26
replaceafilli mean, they're currently spit to the blobs directory18:26
th1aEven if it was in there.18:26
replaceafilleven though they're pdfs already, it's difficult to track them from the outside18:27
th1aTrack where we put them?18:27
replaceafillbut ST does have the downloadable file attached to each report message18:27
th1aBasically this is not a no brainer then?18:28
th1aCouple days?18:28
replaceafillso, generate the report on a student, get the downloadable file body/blob reference an copy it somewhere else18:28
replaceafillnot really18:28
replaceafillit's new stuff18:28
replaceafillwe could just create a export of:18:29
replaceafillemail, file location18:29
replaceafillso an external script could just use it18:29
th1aWe can't just zip them into one file?18:29
th1a(This is not very important, btw)18:30
replaceafillyou're sending all the reports to just one direction18:30
replaceafillwhy do you want to zip them?18:30
th1aJust so it would be one downloadable file.18:31
replaceafillor maybe the problem is just: split the group report card in individual files?18:31
th1aYes, essentially.18:31
replaceafillif the problem is that + having them zipped in one file18:31
replaceafillwe have done that in cando18:31
replaceafill*that* would be a couple of days i guess18:32
th1aI really just needed to know if it would be "easy," as the non-programmers say.18:32
replaceafillit's not a no brainer, but we have parts of that system that already do that18:33
th1aSetting that aside.18:34
th1aI thought about the future and our proposal a bit.18:34
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mandolincreekfari'm in the process of starting a new "rural/homestead living" school on my farm, and i am looking for a software platform to manage it19:07
mandolincreekfari am a profession software engineer (24 years experience), so i have exceptionally high standards for such a package.19:08
mandolincreekfar(i meant to say "professional", but i might have mistyped it as "occasionally illiterate")19:09
mandolincreekfaranyway, i like what i see on the surface of schooltime: open source, written in python, well funded19:09
mandolincreekfarit looks like it will easily scale up to meet my strategic needs (an "outdoors school" of sorts)19:12
mandolincreekfarhowever, my immediate needs are for it to scale down; it almost looks like too much for a one man shop to use to get started. moreover, i worry it might be too complicated for users.19:15
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