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th1ahi replaceafill.18:29
replaceafillhey th1a18:29
th1aWell, it seems like we have a few issues in play, none of which require you to do any actual coding.18:30
th1aSo hopefully I can mostly handle the emails.18:30
replaceafillfew? any other besides Steph's?18:30
th1aWell, it is multi-part.18:31
th1aAnd I should probably explain blueprints a bit.18:32
th1athat is, everyone has access but only Ayesha should be on the team.18:33
th1a(and Fran and us)18:35
th1aSo we need to write an email about 32/64 bit and probably also reviewing repozo.18:36
replaceafilli'm not sure it's 32/6418:36
th1aWhat are you thinking?18:36
replaceafillproblem with this kind of issues is that Steph is explaining things bit by bit18:37
replaceafillsaw the "errors were found" part18:37
replaceafillprobably reset BIOS date18:37
replaceafillthat's why you see the 2014 in the db date18:37
replaceafilli want to go through the transaction history a bit18:37
replaceafillmaybe that's what breaks things18:38
replaceafillin 3218:38
replaceafilli'm not sure if Steph is confused about the testing instance18:38
replaceafill"I just ignored this and then carried on and was able to open schooltool using the link you sent through"18:39
replaceafillnot sure what she means18:39
replaceafillcan you follow that up?18:39
replaceafillor should we wait until i try transactions?18:39
th1aI'll follow up.18:40
replaceafillcool, thanks18:40
th1aI don't know if we have the exact cron setup they're all using.18:41
th1aI have trouble putting my hands on Fran's documentation... oh, is it in Dropbox?18:41
th1aAt the risk of having them touch that whole area, I'm not sure they shouldn't have backups every six hours or so18:42
replaceafillit would make sense for rising18:43
replaceafillor set ups where they turn severs off18:43
th1aIt would make sense for all of them -- there's no real downside.18:43
th1a0 22 * * 5 repozo -R -v -r /home/administrator/backups -o /var/lib/schooltool/Data.fs18:45
th1aThis is 10:00 weeknights?18:45
th1a10:00 PM18:45
th1aSo it could just be 0 * * * *18:47
th1aAt the top of every hour.18:47
replaceafillthat'd work18:48
th1aAnd the whole point of repozo is that the web server is still up, right.18:48
replaceafillit's not like repozo takes a lot of time to run18:48
th1aOK.  I'll write a post on that subject.18:50
replaceafilli'm starting the transaction investigation18:51
replaceafilli need to document this process...18:52
th1aI wonder if somehow just packing this on your system might help.18:52
replaceafilli could try tht18:53
th1aIt is easy!18:53
replaceafilli could reproduce the issue in my 32 bit VM18:53
replaceafilli mean, i was able18:53
replaceafilli'll try18:53
th1aI guess that's it then.18:54
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:55
replaceafillthanks th1a18:55
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th1areplaceafill: aty?19:07
th1aShould we have them run 'uname -a' ?19:08
replaceafillyeah, probably19:08
replaceafillthe more we know about that server the better19:08
replaceafillalso 'date'19:08
th1areplaceafill:  Did we ever discuss the bug reports about 64-bit issues in the BTree implementation?19:11
replaceafillthere are bug reports about that?19:12
replaceafilldon't remember seeing them19:12
th1aMaybe I chose the right search terms this time.19:12
replaceafilloh boy19:14
replaceafilli'll avoid that for now...19:15
th1adoes that look possible?19:15
replaceafilldo you think that could be the cause for this?19:15
th1aI don't know.19:16
replaceafilllet's first wait from them running 'uname -a'19:16
th1areplaceafill:  Maybe also you should just try moving a standard, working db from a 64 bit to 32 bit system.19:24
replaceafillth1a, confirmed19:29
replaceafilla "working" db shows the same problem in 3219:29
th1aOK, we can never move that way?19:29
replaceafillso, i should stop chasing transactions19:30
th1aI guess we could also be using anacron with cron to deal with the computer being off.19:31
replaceafilldoes that work when you turn it on?19:32
replaceafillth1a, for the record moving from 32 to 64 doesn't work either19:46
th1aWe should use the full --recover flag instead of -R in the cron jobs too...20:03
th1aI guess I can add more people to the Launchpad collaboration team as long as one person is the Approver.20:13
replaceafillth1a, i think it's just the date21:41
replaceafilli'm going to get a quick lunch and try it21:41
replaceafillth1a, yep that's it22:05
th1aWhy did you have the 32/64 issue then?22:14
th1aOh, that is a separate issue.22:15
replaceafillth1a, who knows22:15
th1aI'll have to add a warning in the book.22:15
replaceafillthank god i have the disk error in my laptop every time i disconnect it22:16
replaceafillthat's what really hinted me22:16

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