IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2016-06-08

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th1ahi replaceafill.21:42
replaceafillhey th1a21:42
th1aHow was your appointment?21:42
replaceafilli've gained 2 pounds :S21:43
replaceafillneed more walking21:43
replaceafillpressure is stable and normal21:43
th1aThat's good.21:43
replaceafillwill keep using the same medication21:43
replaceafillgood catch by Piyali21:44
replaceafilli bet the attendance report is out of date too21:44
th1aWhat's up with the demo passwords?21:45
replaceafilla sec21:46
replaceafillit's dummy data21:46
replaceafillthe password is 'pwd'21:46
replaceafillbut they're just dbs created with selenium21:47
replaceafilli copied the demo dbs to evolve them locally21:47
replaceafill(so i could pdb the evolves)21:47
replaceafillthen i ran a few selenium ide tests21:47
replaceafilland by mistake i uploaded the wrong Data.fs's to each demo instance21:48
th1aI was going to ask you yesterday if you wanted me to test those...21:48
replaceafilli'll go get something to eat and work on it21:48
replaceafillimho you should have been testing all of this since a long time :)21:48
replaceafillbut meh21:48
th1aTo be clear, I'm more hesitant to ask because it will take you time than the time it will take me.21:48
replaceafilli know21:49
th1aI guess I should just start erring on the side of testing even when it does not seem necessary.21:49
replaceafilli think you should start documenting things21:50
replaceafillthat'd be a good test21:50
th1aWell, again, I can't document them until you type what I'm supposed to be doing first.21:50
th1aBut, I guess we just have to start doing that now that you're not franticly chasing deadlines.21:51
replaceafillwhat do you mean?21:51
th1aI mean, for me to even see if the demo was working would require you telling me how to log in, were to go, what it is supposed to be doing.21:52
th1aI mean, most of that is on the bug.21:52
th1aOr blueprint.21:52
th1aAnyhow, we need to start doing it.21:52
th1aSo how about you let me know how to log in once you have the testing instance up.  ;-)21:53
replaceafillno th1a21:53
replaceafillthat's what Fran is for21:53
th1aWell, that's what I'm saying.21:53
replaceafilli'm talking about the incoming merge21:53
th1aYes, certainly.21:53
replaceafilltake 2.821:53
replaceafillthink what we add first to 3.021:54
replaceafillset some ark instance21:54
th1aIdeally Fran wouldn't discover you have the wrong database.21:54
replaceafilltry what we're going to merge21:54
replaceafilli'm talking about that kind of testing21:54
replaceafillbut unfortunately at this point i don't care anymore21:54
replaceafilllet's just fix bugs as they are reported21:55
replaceafilllike today21:55
replaceafillthat's a logical catch21:55
replaceafillthe dashboard has been there for a while21:55
replaceafillthe report has been there for a while21:55
replaceafillbut nobody considered checking if the numbers matched21:55
th1aOK, fine.21:56
replaceafillquestion is, is that Fran's job or ours...?21:57
th1aWell, it is our job to get the demo database right.21:58
th1aThat's what I'm talking about.21:58
replaceafilli made a mistake, simple21:58
replaceafillwhat if the database had been the right one21:58
replaceafillwould you have cared the same?21:58
th1aObviously a test is unnecessary if something works.21:59
th1aI just could have asked you for the login and tried it.21:59
replaceafillyou get my notification emails, right?22:00
replaceafillfor the record22:00
th1aNotification of?  Bugs?22:00
replaceafillthe demo instances use default credentials22:00
replaceafillwhen i tell Fran i've updated the demo instances22:00
th1aYeah, I mean, we've had a ten minute conversation now about whether I should have bothered you for a minute or two yesterday.22:01
replaceafilllately we have had lots of unnecessary conversations like this22:02
replaceafillbut we end up in the same place22:02
replaceafillwe suck at this22:02
th1aNot period.22:03
replaceafilltrue th1a22:03
replaceafillwe're a joke22:03
replaceafilli mean, with all due respect22:03
replaceafill(to you)22:03
replaceafillsolo developer, solo manager22:04
replaceafilland we have all sorts of s..t on us for some reason22:04
th1aWell, you're pretty fried and careless on this right now, and I'm not getting on top of you about it as much as I should.22:06
th1aIt is hardly an unsolvable problem though.22:07
replaceafillwhat's the solution?22:07
th1aI should have asked you for the login info.22:07
th1aOr you should have double checked.22:07
replaceafillth1a, you're talking about today's issue22:08
th1aYes, that's all I'm talking about.22:08
replaceafilli'm talking about our way of working22:08
th1aIn terms of?22:09
replaceafillnah never mind22:09
replaceafilli'm tired22:10
replaceafilli'll go get something to eat22:10
replaceafillanything else we should discuss?22:10
replaceafilli saw a proximity email yesterday22:10
th1aI just have to go ahead when I think "Should I ask about checking this first?"22:10
replaceafilldidn't understand it22:10
th1aYes, ah, ok.22:10
th1aSo essentially they're broke until they get paid for next year.22:10
th1aAnd they're changing Canvas hosts.22:11
th1aSo probably we just pick this up in September.22:11
th1aOr... not, but no particular reason to think not beyond their overall lack of concern about the project.22:11
replaceafillcan you rephrase that last part22:12
replaceafilli don't get it22:12
th1aI mean, there is no particular new reason to think this won't continue.22:12
replaceafillah ok22:12
th1aIt very much goes along with them not seeming concerned about costs last fall and then a lot more in the spring.22:12
th1aThat's all I have.22:13
th1aGet some food.22:13
replaceafilli'm done too22:13
th1aThanks replaceafill.22:13
replaceafillthanks th1a22:13

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