IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2016-06-06

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replaceafillhey th1a17:33
th1ahi replaceafill.17:34
th1aHow was your weekend?17:34
replaceafillok, some brief report on fees17:35
replaceafilli just updated the blueprints17:36
replaceafillthe unselect all checkbox one is finished17:36
replaceafillabout fines i just need to finish task 5.17:36
replaceafillchanging the fees basic report to take fines into account17:36
th1aYeah, I wouldn't rush fines out at all anyhow.17:37
th1aFines is something that should get more testing (just by the nature of it).17:37
replaceafillgood point17:38
replaceafillso, we should not rush to release it this week17:38
replaceafilljust the bug fixes17:38
th1aOr if you feel comfortable with unselect all.17:38
th1aYou could put that and the bugfixes up for Fran, today?17:38
replaceafillthat's pretty straightforward functionality17:38
replaceafilli think so17:39
th1aOK.  I'd say Fran's expecting that, so make that the top priority.17:41
th1aI'm going to reply to that inquiry -- she said they need it today because they're reviewing their responses tomorrow.17:42
replaceafillah ok17:42
replaceafilli'll need to get out in the morning17:43
replaceafillwill you need anything from me?17:43
th1aGet outside?17:43
replaceafillyeah, to Camila's school17:43
th1aOne question: 10.   Does the system track/report academic/grades per teacher and class (to see how teachers are performing)?17:43
th1aDo any Ark reports sort of do that?17:43
th1aPer teacher reporting on grades?17:44
replaceafillhhmm not that i remember17:44
th1aLike, which teacher's students have what grades?17:44
replaceafillmaybe you could do it per stream17:46
replaceafilli mean17:46
replaceafilla different stream per teacher, but no17:46
replaceafillstream is the only filter i can think of17:46
th1aWe could add that filter for them though, or make a new report.17:47
replaceafill"it's possible..."17:47
th1aI'm not going to pin you down to anything specific.  ;-)17:48
th1aI think that's it for today.17:50
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:50
replaceafillthanks th1a17:50
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