IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2016-06-02

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replaceafillhey th1a20:31
th1ahi replaceafill.20:31
replaceafilldo you have time right now?20:31
th1aI was just sitting here, staring at XChat, waiting for you to appear.20:32
th1aSo yes.20:32
replaceafillso, i made little progress yesterday on the fees stories20:33
replaceafilli'll probably make more today20:33
replaceafilli feel better now20:33
th1aGood to hear.20:33
replaceafillbut i think we could postpone tomorrow meeting20:33
replaceafillmaybe for monday or tuesday?20:33
replaceafillregarding the data loss email from Yakub20:34
replaceafillcan you take that one?20:34
replaceafillit's like20:34
replaceafill"that's not our problem"20:34
replaceafilli mean20:34
replaceafillit's a misconfigured cron job20:34
th1aWell, the only thing I would suggest (if someone wanted to pay for it), would be just creating a package that essentially only installed the cron entry.20:35
replaceafilli've always think we need more console scripts20:36
replaceafillthe cronjob could be one20:36
replaceafillbut yeah20:36
th1ajelkner called me last night.20:37
th1aWe had a good chat.20:37
replaceafillabout the future?20:38
th1aBasically, yes.20:38
th1aNo specific conclusions.20:39
th1aI edited the proposal this morning a bit more.20:41
th1aDid you get a chance to look at it?20:41
replaceafill"...starting an El Salvador based development company..."20:41
replaceafillsupport through june 30...20:42
replaceafilli keep thinking it's not enough th1a20:42
replaceafilldid you check our invoices?20:43
replaceafillwhat's the current support contract situation?20:43
th1aThat's just what I was thinking again...20:43
th1agive me five minutes.20:43
th1aThe ISLI invoice is From August 2015.20:48
th1aSo through August 2017.20:48
replaceafilland the other two?20:49
th1aPeas is this fall.20:50
th1aRising... I need to check Quickbooks...20:50
th1aIt is possible that was all included in pre-paid hours, so no separate support line...20:51
th1aJune 15.20:52
th1anot that.20:53
th1aJust a sec.20:54
th1aIt is just that I have detailed invoices on my Mac and the actual accounting invoices in a Virtual PC.20:55
th1aPeas is a little ambiguous because we have a contract date, but it wasn't invoiced until April 2015.  So it is either this fall or April, if it mattered.20:56
th1aWe don't seem to actually have an invoice line for Rising support, which is good.20:56
th1aBut essentially, we'd be responsible for bugs until next August.20:57
replaceafilli don't agree with that at all20:58
replaceafillbut it seems like there's not much we can do20:58
th1aI don't understand why you don't think we would be responsible for bugs.20:59
th1aUnless they were specific to a school.20:59
replaceafillbugs is not support20:59
replaceafilli mean20:59
th1aWell, yes, it depends on what you're thinking of.21:00
replaceafillyou're mentioning "activley support ark partners"21:00
replaceafillbugs i'm ok with until forever... :/21:00
replaceafillhaving to answer cron questions21:00
replaceafillnot so much21:00
replaceafillthat's what i don't want/like21:00
th1aI can do that shit.21:00
replaceafillyou'll need me21:00
th1aOr, much of it.21:00
replaceafilland that's what i don't like21:01
replaceafilli'll have to be involved somehow in support21:01
th1aI'll take out "actively."21:01
replaceafilluntil you write really detailed documentation on everything we have done21:01
replaceafillwhy don't you specify bug fixing21:02
th1aThey've already paid for more than that.21:02
replaceafillsure, but not as part of this proposal, including all the projects at the same time21:03
th1aI mean, they haven't paid enough, given the complexity of the customizations, but that's water under the bridge.21:03
replaceafillif that's water under the bridge21:03
replaceafilli just don't want more water there21:03
replaceafillif i understand you correctly peas support will expire soon21:04
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