IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2016-05-06

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th1ahi replaceafill.18:29
replaceafillhey th1a18:31
th1aHow are you doing?18:31
replaceafillwent for a walk today18:31
replaceafilli took it too easy yesterday after i saw your meeting email18:32
replaceafillbut i managed to finish at least 3 bugs18:32
replaceafillthe big one being the flexible score systems one18:33
th1aYes, taking it easy AND closing three bugs is what we want.  ;-)18:33
replaceafilli think i can probably work on 4th one today18:33
replaceafillthe one about the peas reports18:33
replaceafillalso i just replied to fran's question about the rising report card18:34
replaceafilli forgot to update the instances after the release18:34
replaceafillso that's about it...18:34
th1aAh, shit.18:34
th1aFran didn't include you in an email this morning...18:35
th1aJust did.18:35
replaceafillit may be related to the level fuck up18:37
replaceafilllet's ask for the db18:37
th1aWhich level fuck up?18:37
replaceafillin theory that report card approach to get students should be better18:38
replaceafilllost history for the student-level relationship18:38
th1aOK... maybe just make it more lenient?18:38
replaceafillbut it does look like a problem when filtering students18:40
replaceafillit's the first step18:40
replaceafillall the students are filtered out18:40
replaceafillso the pdf has no pages18:40
th1aIf there were no students it would just make a blank doc.18:40
replaceafilli wouldn't sweat it18:41
replaceafillhopefully it'll be a quick fix18:41
replaceafillyay, bugs!18:41
th1aWe could add an error message there if there are no students...18:43
th1aIs there anything they could do to select the students differently?  What are their options?18:43
replaceafilli have no idea what values they used in the filters18:44
replaceafillthere are two filters for that report: level and stream18:44
replaceafilllevel is required and stream has an "All" option18:44
th1aAnd an active date?18:44
replaceafillthe logic for getting the term is the same as the dashboard18:45
replaceafilllook for current term in selected eyar18:45
replaceafillif term is in year, then use it18:45
replaceafillotherwise show last term of past year18:45
replaceafillor first term of future year18:46
replaceafillyou don't want me to look the db?18:46
th1aYeah, I'm just wondering.18:46
th1a"Douglas says that the blank file is what you would get if no students matched the current filter, so something unexpected is happening in the combination of stream/level/year/term to filter out all the students."18:48
th1aCould you do me a favor and not go all day without checking in at all?18:51
replaceafillok, i'll try18:52
th1aBetween that and Fran's email I spent the morning figuring my 11 year project ended sometime yesterday afternoon.18:52
th1aBy "checking in" I just mean any sign of life at all.18:52
replaceafill*your* 11 year project...?18:52
th1aThe project I have spent 11 years on.18:53
replaceafillah ok18:53
replaceafilldon't worry i'll let you know when i leave18:53
replaceafillwhen i see your emails about other business you have to take care of i usually loose myself a lot18:54
replaceafilltoo much i must say18:54
th1aWell, you got three bugs fixed so I won't complain.18:54
th1aI know it isn't exactly motivating.18:54
replaceafillit's not like i've been sleeping all day all week th1a18:55
replaceafillbut i have tbh and let you know that sometimes i don't see any point in us meeting in the morning18:55
replaceafillusually when i'm in the middle of stuff18:55
th1aYeah, well, I'm fine with that.18:56
replaceafilli've even thought of changing the meetings to mon, wed, fri18:56
th1aThe whole team used to only meet once a week...18:56
th1aThose were the days.  ;-)18:56
th1aOK, I can let you go then...18:57
replaceafillthanks th1a18:57
* th1a can take a hint.18:57
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:57
replaceafilloh wait18:57
replaceafillwe need to talk business18:57
replaceafillwhat about proximity next week?18:58
replaceafillare we going to wait until monday to discuss that?18:58
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