IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2016-02-26

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replaceafillth1a, you around?17:15
th1ahi replaceafill.17:15
replaceafillcan you help me with the 3a part here:17:16
th1aHm... ok?17:17
replaceafillit's the ability to see other terms attendance breakdown17:17
replaceafilllike by default only shows the current term17:17
replaceafilli thought about using checkboxes17:18
replaceafillbut i'm not sure it's the right approach17:18
replaceafillyou can look at the screenshot of the attendance dashboard17:19
th1awhat's the URL?17:19
replaceafilli cc'ed you17:20
th1aNot the demo, the screenshot?17:20
th1aWhat email?17:20
replaceafillmy first email from yesterday17:20
replaceafillre: enrolment dashboard update 1:0717:20
th1aWhere would the checkboxes be?17:21
replaceafillthat's where i need your help :)17:21
replaceafilli thought below the % present blue headers17:21
replaceafillabove the tables17:21
th1aYou could put it on the side?17:22
replaceafillyou mean the left sidebar?17:22
replaceafilli was thinking individual checkbox for teachers and students btw17:23
replaceafillone set of checkboxes above each table17:23
th1aI think I'd rather have the interface elements separated from the data, but we can ask fran in 40 minutes.17:24
replaceafilldo you mean separating to the sidebar?17:25
replaceafilllike the column preferences in the gradebook17:25
replaceafillor the journal modes in the section journal17:25
replaceafillStudents breakdown (or something)17:25
replaceafill[ ] Term 117:26
replaceafill[  ] Term 217:26
replaceafill[X] Term 317:26
replaceafillTeachers breakdown17:26
th1aIf it is more than one term will the data fit?17:27
th1aDo we need radio buttons so it is only one choice?17:27
replaceafillprobably not with this width17:28
replaceafillunless we decrease the font-size17:28
th1aThat's another ask, but I'd think it will have to be radio buttons.17:29
replaceafillalso if this ends up being a remote task17:30
replaceafillthose updates features probably don't make much sense anymore17:30
replaceafillhhmm or maybe not17:30
replaceafillwe could store the breakdowns17:31
replaceafillok, cool, i'll add the questions to my notes17:31
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