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th1ahi replaceafill.16:21
replaceafillhey th1a16:21
replaceafillth1a, do you know that this means:
th1aNo... is there a calculation that doesn't apply to all levels?16:22
replaceafillyeah, in the student report16:23
replaceafillbut we also have this:16:23
th1aAh, well, maybe it is just a duplicate.16:24
th1aI don't know.16:24
replaceafillshe wrote it twice...16:24
replaceafilli'll ask16:24
th1aI try not to interject another level of interpretation into these minutia.16:25
replaceafillsometimes i need your interpretation though16:26
replaceafillwhen Fran and i get mixed16:26
th1aYeah, sure.16:26
th1aDid you get a chance to look over the hours?16:32
replaceafilli've updated the sheet16:32
replaceafilli added a migrate-peas row16:33
replaceafillfor all the hours related to the "rush" :)16:33
replaceafillmoving peas to work with schooltool.ark and friends16:33
replaceafillcould you take a look at:16:33
th1aWhew, we're over 240...16:33
replaceafilloh yeah16:34
th1aThe dollar is at a high vs the pound right now.16:34
th1aJust for reference... heard it on the news yesterday.16:34
replaceafillthat's bad for us, right?16:34
replaceafillstrong dollar = bad16:34
th1aNo, we switched to billing by dollars.16:35
th1aDoesn't matter to us.16:35
replaceafillgot it16:35
th1aOr else I'd be really sad.16:35
replaceafilli remember your old euro budget days :)16:35
th1aThey can handle it easier than we can.16:35
th1aThat mainly just resulted in me begin under budget every year, which probably made Mark happy.16:35
replaceafillcan we disscuss the middle-name story?16:36
th1aWhat's up with the middle name blueprint?16:36
replaceafillthe custom export16:36
replaceafillshows only the "title" property for the students16:36
replaceafill"Tom Hoffman"16:36
replaceafilltitle is generated either by "first_name last_name"16:36
replaceafillor viceversa16:36
replaceafillhold on16:37
replaceafillno viceversa16:37
replaceafillit's always first + last16:37
replaceafillit's the gradebook that adjusts the columns based on preferences16:38
replaceafillfor rising, we added middle names only to the journal view16:38
replaceafillso first name became just "name"16:38
replaceafillthis was due to journey, etc16:38
replaceafillwhat do you think of changing person's title property to always show16:39
replaceafillfirst + middle + last16:39
replaceafilltitle is used in a lot of places16:39
replaceafilland in this blueprint, Fran thinks middle name is a demographics16:39
th1aI don't know... do you think it would cause a size problem in many places?16:39
replaceafillwhich it isn't16:39
th1aWell, yeah, she doesn't know the difference.16:40
th1aI would suggest just adding the individual name values to the custom export.16:40
replaceafillyou mean use first + middle + last *only* in the custom export?16:40
replaceafilli don't want to break the title in 3 columns16:41
replaceafilltitle = full name16:41
th1aI mean add another drop down that lets you select the individual name values.16:41
th1aFirst, Last, Middle, etc.16:41
th1aWhy not?16:41
replaceafilltoo much work16:42
th1aWell, we're talking to Fran in a few minutes.  Ask her.16:42
replaceafillshould we remake this blueprint to show that16:42
th1aDo we always have the ID in the first column on those?16:42
th1aIn the export?  The "primary key"16:42
th1aWe probably should ask about that too.16:43
th1aRight now we always have the Title in row A?16:43
replaceafillwe already have a Details dropdown16:43
replaceafillyou mean, column?16:43
replaceafillcolumn A?16:43
th1aDetails has name info?16:44
th1aNow I'm confused.16:44
replaceafillunder details we only have gender and birth date16:44
th1aOK, so right now, is anything automatically in the export?16:44
replaceafilljust the title16:44
replaceafillfirst + last name16:44
th1aOK, I would say that is wrong.16:44
th1aWe should discuss this with Fran.16:44
th1aI'd say that should always be ID.16:44
replaceafillwhy does it have to be the first?16:45
replaceafillcan't we include it under details16:45
replaceafillbtw, that's the username16:45
replaceafillin the general case16:45
replaceafillonly ARK has username translated to ID16:45
th1aI would think for clarity/data integrity it should always be there as a matter of principle.16:45
th1aYes, username.16:46
th1aThat's what I mean.16:46
th1aSchooltool username.16:46
replaceafillwhen i think of it being username.... doesn't make sense to make it default16:46
replaceafilli'll add it to my discuss things16:46
th1aThe underlying point here is that if it is just name you can't differentiate -- which is part of why they need middle name there.16:46
replaceafillmy point is that maybe you don't want it always showing up16:47
replaceafillbecuase in some contexts you don't want usernames being displayed in reoprts16:47
th1aWell, we'll have to ask.16:48
th1aThis is what I mean about staying out of the middle of things... ;-)16:48
replaceafillif we start doing what i think it's common sense16:48
replaceafillwe're dead16:48
th1aWell, mostly that has worked out ok.  Except for promotion...16:50
th1aBut that's partly because it is such an unintuitive implementation.16:50
th1aI mean, I think it is a good implementation, aside from the fact that it makes no sense.16:50
th1aAnyhow, as long as we're getting paid, I'll take it.  ;-)16:53
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replaceafillwhere does that specify that the level column should be sortable...?16:55
replaceafillit was just 2 hours16:56
replaceafillbut that's what i mean about things not being specified in blueprints16:56
replaceafilli'd add the 2 hours to the display-class estimate16:56
th1aYeah, just do that.16:56
th1aThat is FINE.16:56
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