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th1aI'm replying to Glenda's ZODB email now (sorry I forgot yesterday).17:11
replaceafillth1a, kk17:12
replaceafillshe sent a new email today17:12
replaceafillthat shows where zope is located at least17:12
th1aI wasn't sure how to answer that, so if you'd take a crack at it now.17:13
replaceafilli have no idea about that one17:13
th1aOK, perhaps you could tell her that.17:14
replaceafillcouldn't find what janus is17:22
th1aNot actually our job...17:23
th1aOK, shall we look at Fran's list?17:24
replaceafilli haven't looked the databases she sent yet17:25
th1aOK, unenrolled students.17:26
th1aIs she just talking about graduated students (not unenroll link students)?17:27
th1aSo essentially that was never an explicit requirement?17:27
th1aI mean, I think we discussed it being essentially harmless, except now apparently for some reports?17:28
replaceafilli'm going to start playing a card:17:28
replaceafillif it's not in the blueprint, it was not a requirement17:28
replaceafillall i can understand from the first two bullets is:17:28
replaceafilluneroll needs to remove active levels (i remember it does)17:29
replaceafillunenroll and graduate view needs to remove from students group17:29
replaceafilli started to fix bullet 3 (All Students) when i noticed the level fuck up17:30
replaceafillbullet 4 was caused by the fuck up17:30
replaceafillstudents lost their old level17:30
th1aLet's stick with one and two.17:31
replaceafillso the report doesn't find anyone that match17:31
th1aFran doesn't quite understand that the reason there is an "unenroll" link is that it does several things.17:31
th1aThere are separate, unrelated steps.17:31
th1aSo, the original link on the student's page currently *DOES* change the level setting when it removes the student from the group.17:33
replaceafilleh, can you rephrase that?17:33
replaceafilli assume you're talking about the "uneroll" link?17:34
th1aDoes the unenroll link do anything to the student's level?17:34
replaceafillyes, it's supposed to remove the current active one17:34
th1aJust so I understand this... what do we mean by "remove" there?17:34
replaceafillset as inactive17:34
th1aAs if the effective date.17:35
replaceafillyes, it uses the same unenroll date17:35
th1aWhat she's really saying is that the graduate form wasn't setting the level to inactive.17:35
th1aWhich we discussed last week.17:35
th1aOK, and we're billing for that.17:36
th1aBut you haven't done it yet.17:37
replaceafilland didn't we agree we're not billing for promote/graduate stuff?17:38
th1aOh, shit.  Right.17:38
th1aHopefully you won't have to keep reminding me of that.17:38
th1aSo the answer to the first bullet is -- you're going to fix that.17:39
replaceafillto me the first bullet is about the unenroll view17:40
replaceafill"so any students that we graduated into the next level and then unenrolled from Dec 2015"17:40
th1aOK, let me ask a clarifying question, because I think she's being imprecise.17:40
th1aIt doesn't make sense to graduate then unenroll.17:41
th1a"In other words, when a student graduates -- through the graduate view -- their level is not also set to inactive.  That is the bug, correct?"17:42
replaceafillthat's what you're writing?17:43
replaceafillseems fine17:43
th1aIs the second one because they are graduated-active?17:43
th1aSecond bullet?17:44
replaceafillno, because they're not removed from the students group17:44
replaceafilli mean, they're not marked as inactive :)17:44
th1aThere is just no change?17:45
replaceafillgraduated/inactive to be precise17:45
replaceafillyeah, graduate just modifies the level17:45
* th1a is completely baffled.17:45
th1aWhat does graduate modify the level to currently?17:46
replaceafillbut it doesn't touch group memberships17:46
replaceafillso when she goes back to the School page17:46
replaceafillshe looks the Students box17:46
replaceafillwith the same number17:46
replaceafillshe was expecting all those graduated people to not be students anymore i guess17:47
th1aOK, but if the view currently modifies the level, what is the bug in the first bullet point.17:47
th1aThe problem here is that we've lost all track of what "common sense" is in this case.17:48
replaceafillsure, because your common sense, her common sense and my common sense is nowhere documented...17:48
replaceafillbullet 117:48
replaceafilllevel is supposed to be modified17:49
replaceafillbullet 217:49
replaceafillstudents membership supposed to be modified17:49
th1aYes, but you just said above "graduate just modifies the level"17:50
replaceafillthat's the bug, right?17:50
replaceafillshe ran it17:50
replaceafillit didn't happen the way it's supposed to17:50
replaceafillnow i need to dig into the db to see what's going on17:50
th1aSo that's a bug bug.17:50
replaceafillbug bug?17:51
th1aNot a misunderstanding bug.17:51
th1aNot a requirements bug.17:51
replaceafilla bug bug17:51
th1aOK, fine.17:51
th1aFirst one is a bug bug, second is a small added feature.17:52
th1aThat's what had me really thrown off.17:52
replaceafillglad you're in sync now ;)17:53
replaceafilli always expect th1a with lots of cards on the wall17:53
replaceafillmoving and updating17:53
th1aI try not to have that many balls in there air.17:54
th1aIt isn't like I can juggle tasks between developers.17:54
th1aOK, we need all hands on... oh wait.17:54
replaceafillmoving on17:54
th1aNext four are the aforementioned "report bugs."17:54
replaceafillthat'll be a heavy change17:55
replaceafillbut needed i'm afraid17:55
replaceafilland this time17:55
replaceafilli'll just suck the tests17:55
replaceafillit's enough17:55
th1aHow much beyond the level fix?17:55
replaceafilli mean, i'll do it gradually17:55
replaceafillstarting with the ones she's listing here17:55
replaceafillbut most of the levels regarding levels17:56
replaceafillattendance mostly17:56
replaceafillneed to change17:56
th1aOh, just generally making the tests smarter about years?17:56
replaceafillfirst, having the tests...17:56
replaceafillwe have 0!!!!17:56
th1aI mean, reports, sorry.17:56
th1aAny thoughts about the individual report card issue?17:57
replaceafillsame issue17:57
replaceafilllet me try to explain17:57
replaceafillthe request view17:57
replaceafillhas a level dropdown17:57
replaceafillso you can create report cards for the whole level17:57
replaceafillso, last year Tom was in level 117:58
replaceafillin sections: Math-Level-1, Physics-Level-1, etc17:58
replaceafillthe report first looks for persons in level one to filter17:58
replaceafillthe report card was empty becuase that level history was lost17:58
th1aAh, so it is also related to levels.17:59
replaceafillthat's why Fran wrote "level issue"17:59
replaceafilli kind of replied already to these issues17:59
th1aSorry, I meant "•      Action to generate an individual student report card not found on student profile – need to mention to schooltool"17:59
replaceafillare we schooltool? :D18:00
replaceafillthat's a new feature imho18:00
replaceafillsorry for being pedantic18:00
replaceafillbut you probably forget history on this...18:00
replaceafillwe first developed a report card18:01
replaceafillfor uganda18:01
replaceafillwhen peas was the only project18:01
replaceafillremember that?18:01
replaceafillthat report was by student18:01
replaceafillin this last couple of iterations fran came up with this new awesome report card18:01
replaceafillthe old one (first) probably was never used18:01
replaceafillthe new one is by year18:02
replaceafillthere's no option to get it for a single student18:02
replaceafillthat's what she means here i think18:02
replaceafillwe don't need just the "action", we need the adapt the current (by level, stream) report for a single student18:02
th1aI guess we've got a blueprint?18:03
th1aI'm not clear on why the new one does not have a single student version.18:04
replaceafillsee the first line18:04
replaceafillthe estimate one18:04
th1aOK, right, so it is very clear that they did not want that at the time.18:05
th1aThey might say "Oh, we just want the old one for individuals?"18:05
replaceafilli don't think so18:05
replaceafillthe old one doesn't work for them anymore18:05
th1aSo basically I should say "We discussed this option at the time and you deferred paying for it, see..."18:06
th1aOK, next bullet.18:07
th1aDo you think they want per-year school information?18:07
replaceafill"schools won't want to generate the report cards one by one"18:08
replaceafillthat's a bug bug18:08
replaceafillthey were able to18:08
replaceafillthe change to schooltool.ark probably messed that up18:08
replaceafillark overrides the school info view too18:09
replaceafillsorry, it looks like a left over18:09
replaceafilli don't think they need per-year school info for this18:09
replaceafill(phone, contact, etc)18:09
th1a"Ok, that's probably a bug introduced when we merged the code."18:09
replaceafillit's 2016....18:10
th1aNo biggie, really.18:10
replaceafillnext bullet?18:10
th1aLook, she needed it in 3 days, we said we'd do it in three days.18:10
replaceafillmoving on th1a18:10
replaceafillsorry i'm crabby today18:10
th1aThere's nothing to get excited about here, but nothing terrible.18:11
replaceafilllast bullet is a new feature18:11
replaceafillsimilar to what we added for rising18:11
replaceafilla Streams fieldset18:11
replaceafillrising shows 3 stream dropdowns18:11
replaceafillpeas has to show only one18:11
th1aOK, I'll create a blueprint and link to it.18:11
th1aIn terms of instances affected, basically just if they'd all try to promote/graduate tomorrow, they'd have the same issue?18:12
th1aHave you pushed a fix to not erase the level data?18:13
replaceafillif they run it today, there's no issue18:14
th1aOK, so you wouldn't expect ISLI/Rising to see new errors.18:14
replaceafillbut i think rising ran it a month ago or so18:14
replaceafillthat's when we packaged it the first time18:14
replaceafilli have no news on that18:14
replaceafillif they did, the bug is there too18:14
th1aWhat day did you fix the level issue?18:15
replaceafillthe day i realized about it18:16
th1aI just want to say "If you promoted before..."18:17
replaceafillfix is in 2.10.918:18
th1aIf any school used the promote view before last Friday, they'll have the same level bug.  If any school currently uses the graduation view, they'll run into the graduation related bugs, until we push a fix for the grad view.  Otherwise, they should not be seeing new bugs.18:18
th1aAnd the same fixes will apply across all 3.  Basically, the versions are in much closer sync now, on the same core PPA.18:20
th1aOK, guess that's it.18:21
th1aNothing too scary. ;-)18:22
th1aShould I let you go?18:24
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:25
replaceafillthanks th1a18:25
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