IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2016-01-25

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:34
replaceafillhey th1a17:34
th1aHow was your weekend?17:35
replaceafillnot good17:35
replaceafillcaught a cold17:35
replaceafillit's really cold around here :S17:35
replaceafillnot as cold as the US ofc17:35
replaceafillbut we hit ~11 C17:35
replaceafilllast nigh17:36
th1aAh, COLD.17:36
replaceafillhow's providence?17:37
replaceafilla lot of snow?17:37
th1aWe got 6 inches.17:39
th1aMy parents got more like 20.17:39
th1aAfter last year, six inches seems like nothing.17:39
th1aBut it was also Vivian's birthday yesterday, so it was a busy, tiring weekend.17:39
th1aWe should try to get an estimate to Proximity.17:40
th1aOther than that, I we aren't really on a *tight* schedule for Fran, right?17:40
replaceafillwe're ok-ish in the ark blueprints17:41
replaceafilli didn't do much on friday though17:41
replaceafillok, i'll start with the proximity estimate after the meeting17:41
th1aProbably better to rest up than drag along and get really bogged down.17:42
th1aAre you square on where we are with Prox?17:43
th1aWe need the days we've worked on "phase 2" (beyond people) already.17:44
th1aPlus just handling years/terms?17:44
th1aAnything else additional?17:44
th1aOh, the grades?17:44
replaceafillgrades is the missing part17:44
th1aRight, it is coming back to me.17:44
th1aOK, so including history for the grades, and a grade report from a certain day.17:45
th1a(I mean we have the history anyhow...)17:45
th1aI think we should just assume pulling grades is a scheduled task from the schooltool side.17:46
replaceafillare we going to include the course enrollment sync in this phase?17:48
replaceafilli mean, in this estimate?17:48
th1aIs that completed?17:48
replaceafillpretty much, yeah17:48
th1aEverything after syncing people.17:48
replaceafillit just needs to handle multi-section courses17:48
replaceafillanything else?17:49
replaceafilldoctor says i'm fine btw17:50
replaceafilli lost 2 pounds in ~1 month :)17:50
th1aThat's it.17:51
replaceafillthanks th1a17:51
* th1a is a little muddle-headed this morning.17:51
th1athanks replaceafill.17:51
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?22:10
replaceafilldo you have any idea of the report to include in this quote?22:10
replaceafilli've estimated: pulling courses, enrollments and grades22:10
replaceafillmaking it automatic22:11
replaceafillbut i'm not sure about the layout or functionality for the report22:11
replaceafillother than "pick a date"22:11
th1aI'd say just estimate a report that would run over all the sections meeting on a certain  date.22:12
th1aEach row would be like...22:12
th1asection ID | student ID | current grade22:12
th1aWhat else... well, adding fields if they want them wouldn't be hard.22:13
replaceafillwhat do you mean by "sections meeting on a certain date"?22:13
th1aI mean22:13
th1aI guess sections for the term that includes the date?22:14
replaceafilli don't follow you sorry22:15
replaceafillwe're making single term sections in ST, right?22:15
replaceafillwhole year span22:15
th1aAll I'm saying is the sections that would be relevant/active during the date selected.22:16
th1aAs opposed to, say, the grades on that date for sections next year or the previous year.22:16
th1aI'm not trying to say anything that isn't obvious.22:17
replaceafillthe report would be year context, right?22:17
replaceafilli mean22:17
replaceafillwould have the year as the context22:17
replaceafillsince they're using old ST22:17
replaceafillit'd be placed under the year page22:17
replaceafillthat solves that issue, right?22:18
replaceafillwe know what sections to get22:18
th1aYes, presumably.22:19
th1aThat was one of those classic SchoolTool IRC moments where one person is trying to note something obvious and someone else is searching for the hidden meaning...22:21
th1aOK, gotta go get the girls.22:23
replaceafillth1a, ok, doc shared22:32
th1aI don't see it replaceafill.23:06
replaceafilli shared it with your sielibre account23:07
th1aI don't have any notification.23:07
th1aTry again?23:07
replaceafillnow shared it with your gmail23:09
th1aThat worked.23:09
th1aOK, seems simple enough.23:10
th1aThanks replaceafill.23:10
replaceafillkk, thanks th1a23:10
th1aI'm hoffman@sielibre, btw.  ;-)23:11
replaceafillwhy do i have a!??!23:13
th1aSuddenly replaceafill realizes why I've not been answering his emails.23:14
replaceafillhey i should be cerna@... then :P23:14
th1aI think you wanted douglas.23:14
replaceafillcontacts updated23:15

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