IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2016-01-14

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:31
replaceafillhey th1a17:31
th1aHow are you doing?17:32
replaceafillwell... i'm in that usual phase17:33
replaceafillwhen i need to estimate17:33
replaceafilljust trying to not leave anything out17:34
th1aWell, we seem to be a lot further along in that regard than before.17:34
replaceafilldid we discuss d3.js the last time we talked about the dashboard?17:35
th1aI definitely appreciate the need for care in the estimates, partly just because of the effect on your sanity.17:35
th1aGenerally, I suspect that we can use some much simpler stock javascript graph libraries,17:35
th1abut if you want to do d3, I won't object.17:35
replaceafillactually i don't have a preference really17:36
replaceafillwe just have d3 already in flourish17:36
replaceafillbut these charts seem very simple17:37
th1aI'd think d3 is overkill and there are some libraries for which you'd just essentially be saying "bar chart" and passing your numbers.17:37
th1aI guess the risk would be if fran would start asking for small tweaks.17:38
replaceafillcan you recommend any?17:38
replaceafillgood point17:38
th1aI'm trying to see if this is appropriate:
th1aI think it runs locally...17:39
replaceafillfor some reason i don't see the examples...17:40
th1aI mean, let's assume here we're looking for a simple library for simple charts.17:43
th1aNot another d3.17:43
th1aI'd think Google chart would be a good choice if it is not somehow a packaging nightmare.17:44
th1aThat's promising.17:46
th1aSupport for creating an interactive dashboard.17:46
th1a(without baking it yourself...)17:46
replaceafill i doubt it'd work offline17:48
th1aOK, yeah...17:50
th1aI was worried it was really calling home to Google.17:50
replaceafillCan I use charts offline?17:50
replaceafillYour users' computers must have access to in order to use the interactive features of Google Charts.17:50
th1aOK, php...17:51
th1aMaybe we should be looking for dashboard libraries though.17:51
th1aI guess that's not really just a javascript library...18:00
th1aMaybe just:
th1aWe really just want something that does: var myBarChart = new Chart(ctx).Bar(data, options);18:02
th1a(for example)18:02
replaceafillthis one looks nice18:03
replaceafilland simple18:03
th1ait is one file.18:03
th1aI think!18:04
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replaceafillyeah, it looks like a single file:
th1aThat's probably what we want.18:08
th1aNot a library on a library we have to package.18:08
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th1aAnother simple one:
th1a(relatively simple)18:17
replaceafillwhat i liked about chart.js was that you can set the colors through js18:18
replaceafilli'm not sure if that's good or bad18:18
replaceafilli just liked it18:18
th1aIt is straightforward.18:18
th1aSomeone came up with horizontal charts for it...18:18
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replaceafillthere's only one feature we need from chartist18:25
replaceafilli'm trying to make it work in a bar chart18:25
th1aThis is a d3 wrapper:
replaceafillth1a, wtf18:29
replaceafilllet me fwd an email18:29
replaceafillsame John?18:30
replaceafill"That worked like a charm!  Thanks, Douglas!"18:30
replaceafillis this the same issue with the same people?18:30
th1aYou mean you CAN'T stop it first.18:31
th1aI thought you meant it didn't matter if you stopped it.18:31
replaceafillah no18:31
replaceafillthe service MUST be running :)18:31
replaceafillheh, typical: " John is the one who did this before and he is not here today"18:33
replaceafillanyway, back to the plugin...18:33
th1aI'll change the book now...18:36
th1aI'm maybe kidding myself in thinking we have *simple* charting requirements.18:40
replaceafillif the first version works....18:41
replaceafillit may become a shiny thing for them18:41
replaceafillbut boy, when i see the code to get a simple barchart (with our specifications) in d318:42
replaceafilli get sad18:42
replaceafillcompared to chartist and the like18:42
th1aOh, I know!18:42
th1aI mean...18:42
th1aPart of why I was interested in d3 was literally wondering if we could take the whole business in the data graphics direction.18:43
th1achartist might be the right level of complexity.18:44
replaceafillno, the threshold plugin doesn't seem to work with the bar chart...18:50
replaceafillit looks really nice18:51
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th1aIt seems like it would still give you a head start.18:52
replaceafillnever mind18:52
replaceafillchart.on('draw', function(context) {18:52
replaceafill  if (context.type === 'bar') {18:52
replaceafill    context.element.attr({18:52
replaceafill      x1: context.x1 - 5,18:52
replaceafill      x2: context.x2 + 518:52
replaceafill    });18:52
replaceafill  }18:52
th1aSo it works?18:53
replaceafillnot quite18:54
replaceafillit looks distorted18:54
replaceafillthat's the only feature missing really18:58
replaceafillit'd require fiddling with that plugin or creating one...18:59
th1aI guess the requirements are detailed enough that some fiddling is inevitable.18:59
th1aOr a more bare bones library that takes more work for everything.19:00
th1aSo... what do you think?19:05
replaceafilld3 i guess19:05
replaceafilli mean19:05
replaceafill the thing has everything we need19:05
replaceafillit's just hell to use it19:06
replaceafillbut we don't have much experience with it19:06
th1aDid you look at
replaceafillwe used it in one view19:06
th1aAlso keep in mind that if we tell fran, "we can do this in two days, except one little feature, othewise it will take a week"19:07
th1ashe's going to drop the feature.19:07
th1avar chartObject = uv.chart(chartType, graphDefinition, optionalConfiguration)19:07
replaceafillthe threshold limit seems important in the peas version19:07
replaceafilland she even said she'd like it across the other projects19:08
replaceafillThe function returns a uvChart object which exposes d3 selections so more adventurous users can harness the power of d3 even after the chart is created.19:11
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th1aNot super well documented.19:12
th1aI guess though if you can literally manipulate them with d3 after they're created, that might make tweaks easier.19:13
th1a  ;-)19:15
replaceafillbut i haven't seen a threshold anywhere19:15
replaceafillyou can add just a line to it...19:18
th1aI was going to say that...19:18
replaceafillthere's no "Bar" chart in d319:19
replaceafillit's all parts19:19
replaceafilli want to experiment a simple chart... with the line19:20
replaceafillagain, usual phase of taking forever to estimate19:20
th1aWell, this is a big step, I guess.19:21
replaceafillif the other libraries allow you to set the position of the chart...19:22
replaceafillmaybe we could combine them19:22
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th1aSo.... what are you thinking replaceafill?20:35
replaceafillhold on20:35
replaceafillit was simpler than i expected20:36
replaceafillthat's 20 btw20:37
replaceafillit needs label, etc20:37
th1aIs that raw d3?20:37
replaceafillbut you get the idea20:37
replaceafilli tried doing it with chartist20:37
replaceafillunderstood the problem with boxes lines etc20:38
replaceafillbut unfortunately the plugin is designed only for vertical bars20:38
replaceafillthe chartist threshold plugin i mean20:38
th1aYeah, ok.20:38
th1aSo, you're thinking just d3?20:42
th1aYou never have to worry about "no, that's not possible."20:42
replaceafillok, i'm going to get lunch20:44
th1aOK, one sec.20:44
th1aSo we have a chat tomorrow with Proximity a half hour after regular meeting time.20:44
th1aI don't think any particular prep is necessary.20:44
th1aWe're mostly learning about their weird year workarounds, iirc.20:45
th1aJust checking we're on the same page.20:45
th1aThanks replaceafill.20:45
replaceafillok, thanks th1a20:45
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th1areplaceafill:  I changed the SchoolTool homepage to link to the annual report.23:58
th1aI think you have to move it to the server.23:58
replaceafillmove it?23:59
th1aI mean, I pushed the change to bzr.23:59

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