IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2016-01-12

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replaceafillhey th1a_17:27
replaceafilli need to go downstairs17:27
replaceafillbb in ~15-20 minutes17:27
replaceafillback th1a_17:39
th1a_hi replaceafill.17:39
replaceafillhow do you feel?17:39
th1a_Not horrible, but I'm just drooping over the keyboard.17:40
replaceafillyou should rest17:40
th1a_Well, I will.17:41
replaceafillFran asked for an update17:41
th1a_Do you want to go over Fran's email?17:41
replaceafillso i'll work on that17:41
th1a_We're looking at "Defining next priorities and tidying blueprints" right?17:42
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th1aHm... perhaps I don't have much to contribute here.17:45
th1aIs there anything in particular we should discuss?17:46
th1aI see we have some simple pdf charts.17:47
replaceafillmy main concern at this point is converting groups into streams17:47
th1aWe're assuming this is happening between years, right?17:48
replaceafillit wouldn't be difficult to create a group exporter17:49
replaceafilli mean17:49
replaceafillto have a procedure like the one we just added for past year streams17:50
th1aYes, that would work.17:50
replaceafilland we attach fees to streams17:51
replaceafilland somehow evolve the data...?17:51
th1aEvolve which data?17:51
replaceafillthat's the part i'm not sure about17:51
replaceafillfees data17:52
th1aThe previous year's?17:52
th1aIs it necessary?17:53
replaceafillreports will start looking into streams, right?17:53
replaceafilli mean fee reports17:54
th1aYou're probably the only one who knows how weird the fees machinery is at this point.17:55
replaceafillit's not that weird17:55
replaceafillit's only that it'll need to look into a different place17:56
replaceafilland if you run reports for previous years17:56
replaceafilloh wait17:56
replaceafillnever mind17:56
replaceafillthat information is attached to the year17:56
replaceafillnot the group17:56
replaceafilli *think* we're good17:57
replaceafilli need to check the code though17:57
th1aDon't short-change us on that one.17:58
replaceafilldo you remember what we agreed on the dashboard?18:00
replaceafilli mean18:00
replaceafillabout being a web page or a pdf?18:00
replaceafillor both?18:00
replaceafilli still see the "Download to PDF" button18:00
th1aI'd just quote the web version and hope we can print it.18:00
replaceafillcss magic, right?18:01
th1aWell, not even really.18:01
th1aA little css.18:01
replaceafillin any case, no pdf for it18:01
th1aWe'll discuss it more tomorrow, but don't worry about it for now.18:01
replaceafilli guess the only priority at this point is "stream integration"18:02
replaceafilland the questions on the 4 blueprints on18:02
replaceafill"have the following been completed?" part18:02
th1aPriority for Fran,18:03
th1ain terms of needs to be done how?18:03
replaceafilli mean, "stream integration" has a deadline "before roll over process implemented"18:03
replaceafilli don't see deadlines in the other blueprints18:04
th1aOK, I guess I'm still not very useful today.18:06
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replaceafilldo you think we're still meeting with her tomorrow?18:07
th1aI don't see why not.18:07
th1aI mean, if you can come up with some estimates.18:07
replaceafilli meant because of your health18:07
replaceafillbut ok18:07
th1aI mostly just offer moral support and create blueprints in this process.18:08
replaceafilltbh i don't see the point in the update she's requesting18:08
th1aThis is not that serious aside from not being able to concentrate.18:08
replaceafillif we don't have groups -> streams18:08
th1aWhich update?18:08
replaceafill"Do you think you will be able to package all this in an update tomorrow? And will this include us being able to use the new subject section enrolment page for initial set up as well?18:09
replaceafillher last email in the "Stream section - missing at the moment" thread18:09
th1aThe new rollover procedures.18:10
th1aDo they just need to be moved to a production PPA?18:10
replaceafillno, i need to package them18:11
th1aOh, ok.18:11
replaceafillit's all in branches atm18:11
th1aMaybe she needs to teach people to use it now?18:12
th1aI'm not sure.18:12
replaceafillshoud we just do it?18:12
replaceafilli'm fine with it i guess18:12
replaceafilli just don't see the point, that's all18:12
th1aI'd do it.18:12
th1aDoes Dinwiddle need installed?18:13
th1aJust got an email from Patty and she doesn't see "Import VA Sections"18:13
replaceafilldo we have virginia in 2.818:14
* replaceafill looks18:14
th1aNot by default.18:14
replaceafillah ok18:15
replaceafillanything else th1a?18:19
th1aAny clue about this?
replaceafillnot at the top of my head18:19
th1aSo you're going to go over Fran's email and package the current changes today?18:21
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:21
replaceafillok, thanks th1a18:21
th1areplaceafill, ayt?20:22
th1aThursday or Friday morning for a chat with Proximity?20:24
replaceafillhey th1a21:11
replaceafillfriday would be best for me21:11
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