IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2015-12-18

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th1ahi replaceafill.20:00
replaceafillhey th1a21:18
th1ahi replaceafill.21:33
th1aI went to get a haircut after my interview.21:33
replaceafilli'm about to have lunch, went for a long walk at noon21:33
replaceafillnot much to report from me21:34
th1aIt was pretty entertaining interview.21:34
replaceafilli set up Patty's instance21:34
replaceafillwhat was about?21:34
th1aThe introduction should read "Edited for length, clarity, profanity, and self-incrimination.21:34
th1aPretty much just an oral history from one of our senior labor leaders.21:34
th1aI should probably leave out the part about torching someone's car during the strike of '75.21:35
th1aWe've got what we call the statute of limitations, so he probably couldn't be prosecuted.  ;-)21:36
th1aLots of great stories though.21:36
replaceafillinspiring for you i imagine?21:37
th1aFrom orphaned shoe-shine boy to labor leader.21:37
th1aWell, not in the sense that I'm going to follow in his footsteps.  ;-)  But definitely tales of days gone by.21:38
th1aHe was union steward at the big silver factory that used to be at the end of our street.21:38
th1aThey made lots of fine silver and cast bronze.21:38
th1aThat seems like a million years ago now.  They just finished removing and covering (most) of the toxic waste left behind.21:39
th1aOK, enough of that.  I have a few hours of transcription ahead of me, but at least it is entertaining stuff.21:41
th1aSo where are we fran-wise?21:42
replaceafillbehind i guess on the api testing21:43
th1aWell, on their end.21:43
replaceafilli don't know if Steph is available for testing21:43
replaceafillor who the other person is, etc21:43
th1aThey're not waiting for us though.21:43
replaceafilland we're done with the promotion things we said we would do this week21:45
th1aJust not the...21:45
replaceafillsection creation procedure21:46
replaceafill(from streams)21:46
th1aCan you update LP before you wrap up.21:47
replaceafillok, i will21:47
replaceafillleft promotion as good progress for now21:50
replaceafilli still need to fix a year bug21:50
replaceafillit's not like i'm going offline today at midnight...21:51
th1aWell, I want you to have a full break!21:51
replaceafilldon't worry, i will21:51
th1aOK, so I should be able to send Fran a note saying we're pretty much done except waiting for API feedback and discussing section creation.21:54
th1aDone with that batch of tasks.21:54
replaceafilldo you know when she's coming back?21:55
th1aafter next week maybe.21:55
th1aThat doesn't matter.21:55
th1aAm I missing something?21:55
replaceafillshe'll probably want to test the promotion procedure21:55
th1aDon't worry about that.21:56
th1aAnything else?21:58
replaceafillcan we talk about my schedule next year?21:59
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