IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2015-12-11

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replaceafillhey th1a19:31
replaceafilli'm back19:31
th1aHey replaceafill.19:41
th1aThe meeting this morning went very well.19:41
replaceafillwant to discuss it now or until monday?19:42
th1aOh, I'd rather leave it for Monday.19:43
th1aGoing over Fran's spreadsheet of the set up process was helpful.19:44
th1aThankfully we agreed to not try to roll over fees.19:44
th1aThe other new thing that came up was assessment sets.19:44
replaceafillah ok19:45
th1aIdeally that could just be a check box on the add year form (like groups, etc).19:45
th1aSo if you want to take a look at something, you could look at that.19:45
replaceafilladd year is something we need to check19:45
replaceafillbecause of membership dates19:45
replaceafillit's kind of the same issue19:46
replaceafill(implicit today date)19:46
th1aYes, there are a number of date related issues.19:46
th1aThe main thing is at least we're pretty aware of where the issues always crop up by this point.19:46
th1aWe have the green light to do this next week, unless it ends up being a whole week (billing wise), not counting fixing promotion.19:47
th1aGreen light money-wise.19:47
replaceafillwhat's estimated in the 3 days?19:47
replaceafillfixing promotion = leave only levels (remove groups)19:48
replaceafillwell, we can discuss it on monday anyway19:48
replaceafillwe're back at xls attachments...19:49
replaceafilland inline replies...19:50
th1aWe'll sort it out Monday.19:50
th1aBut in brief:19:50
th1afor streams, there is going to be an export/import spreadsheet that lets them rejigger streams for the new year.19:51
th1aIt is a slight modification of the export and no new importer.19:51
th1aThe biggest new bit will be a spreadsheet template we create for section setup.19:51
th1aWhere each row is a section, and there will be drop downs for instructor | stream | subject19:52
th1aWe'll export that with the menus set, and we'll need a new importer for that.19:52
th1aBut it should be pretty straightforward.19:52
replaceafilldrop downs in the request view?19:53
th1aIn the spreadsheet.19:54
th1aSo each row is19:54
replaceafilldropdowns in a spreadsheet?19:55
th1asection id | [subject] | [instructor] | [stream]19:55
th1aYeah, we can do that can't we?19:55
replaceafilli don't know19:55
replaceafillwe haven't done it before, right?19:55
th1aIt would help if I knew what you call that in Excel.19:57
replaceafillform controls?19:57
replaceafillyeah, i know it's possible19:59
replaceafillbut i don't think xlwt supports that19:59
th1aOK, we might have to do this in a web form then.19:59
th1aI just thought it was more the kind of thing you'd like to be able to take your time setting up offline.20:00
th1aNothing in Python seems to do what I need - gonna use Perl,20:02
replaceafillyou just need the right library:20:02
th1aYeah, I know.20:02
th1aWell... it isn't a must from Fran's point of view, but we both thought doing it in a spreadsheet might be somewhat preferable.20:03
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replaceafilloops sorry wrong window20:04
th1aAnyhow, that can just be a form, which is probably quicker anyhow.20:05
replaceafillif you could create a quick mock for that, that would be great20:06
replaceafilli don't see it20:06
replaceafilli mean, what's the stream doing in the row20:06
replaceafillwhat's the goal of the export?20:07
replaceafilli'll write my questions20:07
replaceafilland we can take it back on monday20:07
th1aYou're setting up sections, right?20:07
th1aeach section needs an id, connections to: subject, instructor, stream (students).20:08
th1aIt is just like a batch form, so you can create several sections at once.20:09
replaceafillwhat about the term?20:09
th1aOh, however they do that.20:09
th1aIt is looking like this task won't be done before Christmas.20:10
th1aWe'll have to bounce this back off Fran, because there are a few different approachers.20:10
th1aI think their sections go all year.20:10
th1aHolding off until after Christmas is not a problem.20:12
replaceafillthey need this in production by february, right?20:12
th1aBut we would be doing this and the dashboard first in January.20:13
replaceafillby "Main add school year - roll over form", Fran means the "add school year form", right?20:14
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replaceafillok, from me, finished packaging the fixes20:16
replaceafillwill document the changes needed in journey for the new year20:16
replaceafillthat'll be needed for rising20:17
replaceafillit's just the streams => study groups20:17
* replaceafill done20:17
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.20:18
th1aHave a good weekend.20:18
replaceafillremind me of us discussing my schedule for next year20:18
th1aOK, I will.20:19
replaceafillok, thanks th1a20:19
th1areplaceafill, ayt?21:42
replaceafillth1a, yeah21:45
th1aDid you see my email to Denise at Niswonger?  I created a user who was only a clerk and didn't see their report.21:46
replaceafillah yes21:46
replaceafillit's a missing allow directive21:46
replaceafill(i think)21:46
th1aThese things can take a long time to diagnose with not very engaged clients!21:47
replaceafillthis is what i asked you a few months agon21:48
replaceafillwe (*i*)21:48
replaceafilldon't have a... i don't know... policy?21:48
replaceafilllike categorizing views or links21:48
th1aClerks can run reports.21:48
replaceafillthat's a policy21:49
replaceafillwhich i didn't know...21:49
replaceafillwe don't have that documented anywhere21:49
replaceafillbut at some point, i can see Fran asking for a report only for the school administrator21:49
th1aClerks - This group is responsible for day to day school-level data entry, data management and reporting.21:49
replaceafilli guess that's an exception in that case21:49
th1aWell, Fran doesn't know the policy.21:50
replaceafillmy point is that if i create a view for certain action21:50
replaceafillmy common sense is not enough to categorize the functionality per role21:50
replaceafillthe journey sync for instance21:50
replaceafillwho is the sync for?21:51
replaceafillcan i use the roles page to decide that21:51
th1aYou mean, who manages it?21:51
replaceafillyeah, site managers right?21:52
replaceafillaccording to:21:52
replaceafill"technical maintenance"21:52
replaceafilli guess we do have the documentation21:52
replaceafillit's just the app that doesn't respect it in several places21:52
replaceafillfor instance messages21:52
replaceafilli've noticed manager cannot see messages21:53
replaceafillonly owners can apparently21:53
th1aThe manager cannot see everyone's messages?21:53
replaceafillsome messages21:53
replaceafilli don't remember off the top of my head21:54
replaceafillit was failures21:54
replaceafilland i think i saw it in niswonger21:54
replaceafillin denise user21:54
replaceafilli'll try to follow the roles page more carefully21:55
th1aYes... as always, don't read too much intention into every decision put into code over the past 12 years.21:55
th1aAnyhow, there is no immediate rush to fix this, but it would be good to do so before Christmas, I'd say.22:00
replaceafillit shouldn't take long either22:02
th1aOK, I told Julia I'd start putting the lights on the Christmas tree...22:04

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