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th1ahi replaceafill.17:30
replaceafillhey th1a17:30
th1aHere's an out of left field question from Myanmar(!).17:31
th1aCould we do Latex report templates (so they could, you know, edit the Latex themselves).17:32
replaceafillno idea :(17:33
replaceafillmanually maybe?17:33
th1aZPT has to be xml, right?17:33
replaceafilli mean, i don't know if there's reportlab support or anything17:33
th1aAh... oh...17:33
replaceafillbut "manully" you can generate JS or CSS17:34
replaceafillnot pretty17:34
replaceafillbut it works17:34
th1aJust with python.17:34
th1aString replacement or whatever.17:34
replaceafillwell, using zpt syntax17:34
replaceafillwe could search for a native latex python package17:35
th1a(I'm not taking this entirely seriously by the way)17:36
replaceafillbut either it'll be very custom (specific for the client)17:36
replaceafillor we need to find how to plug it in the report system17:37
th1aWell, ok, so assuming they would start by giving us the Latex.17:38
th1aWe could use the latex package to just plug in the right bits.17:38
th1a(the variables)17:38
th1aI mean, it wouldn't literally be quicker the first time.17:38
replaceafillsimilar to how the final rml is generated17:38
replaceafillyou have a "document" part17:38
replaceafilltemplate, etc17:39
replaceafilllots of viewlets and managers17:39
replaceafilllatex docs have structure right?17:39
replaceafillpreamble :O17:39
replaceafillfancy :)17:40
th1aThis is actually a little weirdly appealing to me now that I think about it.17:40
th1aIn theory it is possible -- **POSSIBLE** -- to use a Latex GUI editor to do the layout.17:40
replaceafilland don't tell jelkner and company if you ever implement this :D17:41
th1aThat was a pain in the ass 15 years ago.17:41
th1aBut maybe it works better now!17:41
replaceafillemacs ftw17:41
replaceafillall my latex was manually back in the day17:41
replaceafilli wrote physics exams with equations in latex17:42
th1aI mean, it occurs to me that the reason I can't/don't do our report layout now is the lack of a gui.17:43
th1aI mean, I *could*, but I guess the whole process seems so intertwined.17:44
replaceafillyou mean a gui like libreoffice writer?17:44
replaceafillthat converts to rml, latex, etc?17:44
th1aWell, also, in ZPT there are so many macros, etc.17:44
replaceafillwell, yeah, but that's the flexibility strenght in it17:44
th1aJust exporting a big XML file would not even be that useful to you.17:45
th1aI mean, we haven't been overlooking something *obvious* all these years.17:45
th1aBut I wonder if I could lay out report cards and transcripts in Latex.17:46
th1aOK, anyhow.17:47
th1aI'll look at that.  ;-)17:47
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