IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2015-12-03

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th1areplaceafill:  I'm back but need to make lunch.18:52
replaceafillth1a, ok18:52
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th1ahi replaceafill.  Is this a good time for you?19:22
replaceafillth1a, yeah19:23
replaceafilli'm checking the credit importer issue19:23
replaceafillreported from india19:23
th1aOh, is that new?19:24
th1aOK, I see.19:24
replaceafillit was the one we were waiting on19:24
replaceafillit's the one*19:24
th1aThanks for the demo instructions for Fran and Steph.  They seem clear.19:25
replaceafilli tried to keep it short19:26
replaceafilli'm going to explain the stream functionality after they enroll, etc19:27
th1aYes, good.19:28
th1aWell, we can talk about Proximity when you're ready.19:29
th1aNo need to cram that into your mind now.19:29
replaceafilli'm confused19:30
replaceafillthe xls Piyali just sent seems to work for me19:30
replaceafilli guess i'll need a follow up question19:31
replaceafillwe can talk19:31
replaceafillbut i have no idea about the scope19:31
replaceafillfrom Andrew's email19:31
replaceafilloh "the other items you mentioned"19:32
replaceafillso i need to read your email then19:32
th1aCourses, sections, terms, years, score systems, student grades for term/year per section.19:34
replaceafillso, basically everything19:34
replaceafillas in "finish the grades integration"19:35
th1aWell, yes.19:36
replaceafillok, can you give me a moment to reply Piyali19:36
replaceafilli got a few screenshots19:36
replaceafillth1a, feel free to chime in in the VMS thread if my explanation doesn't make sense19:47
replaceafillmy english feels broken today :/19:47
replaceafillanyway, back to proximity19:48
th1aWe have access to a testing instance for them?19:50
replaceafilldo you want to check it?19:51
th1aWe can log into the web ui?19:53
replaceafillgive me a moment19:53
replaceafillok, so you have access to their production instance, right?19:55
replaceafillyour username/password should be the same19:55
th1aUh, I probably have an email.19:55
replaceafilldon't you use a password manager?19:56
th1aWhat's the url?19:56
th1aOK, in on testing.19:58
th1aHm.  Do we have permission to see more of the overall data structure?20:00
replaceafilli do20:00
replaceafillyou should20:00
th1aHow do I get there?20:00
replaceafilldo you see a Select Course linke at the top20:01
replaceafillhover that20:01
replaceafillthen Proximity Learning on the right20:01
th1aSo they have lots of different terms?20:02
replaceafillas you can see, their stuff date back to 2013 :S20:02
th1aHm... people are just people, student, etc. is at section level?20:03
replaceafillour People is Users20:03
th1aThey don't have students as a separate group though?20:03
replaceafilli don't think so20:03
th1aNo grading schemes to display, so they don't use them?20:04
replaceafillwhen you query canvas20:04
replaceafillthe enrollment information tells you that someone can have "StudentEnrollments", "TeacherEnrollments"20:04
th1aOK, so we don't have to worry about those groups then.20:05
replaceafillAccepted values are 'StudentEnrollment', 'TeacherEnrollment', 'TaEnrollment', 'DesignerEnrollment', and 'ObserverEnrollment.'20:05
th1aThose are per-course?20:06
th1aOr is that an overall status?20:07
replaceafillit depends how you query20:07
replaceafillbut the course/section structure is similar to ours20:07
replaceafillone course can have many sections20:07
th1aOh!  Grades are in enrollment.20:07
replaceafilli think you should try our clients app more frequently th1a20:08
th1aWhat part of the api are you looking at?  enrollments?20:09
th1aI'm just trying to remember this.20:09
th1aOK, so they do have the course/section distinction (this is not Moodle).20:09
replaceafillyeah, enrollments20:09
th1aOK, so it looks like enrollment info has the grade, and they don't use grading schemes.20:10
replaceafilli'm not sure what you mean20:10
replaceafillenrollment info has the grade?20:10
th1aWell, it is at the top of this page at least:
th1aHow do you get that grade object?20:12
replaceafilli'm not sure why it is there20:12
th1aIt seems like it is implied that it is just supplied with the enrollment.20:14
th1aYou can get them here:
th1ainclude "total_scores"20:16
th1aI think enrollments by default gives you grades if it has them.20:17
replaceafillgive me a moment, i'll test the api20:18
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