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replaceafillhi th1a18:54
replaceafilli changed the server18:54
replaceafillsorry i'm late18:56
replaceafilli overslept :(18:56
th1aDid you check out the Proximity issue yesterday?18:56
replaceafilli fixed it18:56
replaceafilldo you have the link to their testing instance?18:57
th1aDid you send them an email?18:58
th1aI don't have the link handy.18:58
replaceafillno, i wanted to discuss something with you first18:58
replaceafillfrom Andrew's email:18:58
replaceafillData for only 19 users was pulled over to SchoolTool, and they were all placed into "Contacts" rather than showing up as teachers, students, etc.  It looks like only their names pulled over, and not other information.  No course info, grades, etc. appear to have been pulled over at all18:58
th1aOh, right.18:59
replaceafillso far, we have just imported students18:59
replaceafilland they're not placed in the students group18:59
th1aAh, ok.18:59
replaceafillwe just create persons for them if they don't exist in ST18:59
replaceafilliirc that was the whole scope of the story18:59
replaceafillcould you reply him on that please?19:00
th1aPeople get confused once you throw an error in.19:00
replaceafillafter fixing the pagination issue, 4137 were imported19:01
th1aDo you want to reset (clear) their instance?19:01
replaceafillplus the other 1819:01
replaceafilljust warn him that the process may take a while19:01
replaceafillthere are like +590 pages19:01
replaceafillthey have a lot of users in that instance :S19:01
replaceafilllet me clear it19:02
th1aDefine "while?"19:02
replaceafillmore than 15 minutes19:02
th1aIs there any feedback on that process?  I don't remember.19:04
th1a(while it is pending)19:04
replaceafillnot much, the message is just "Importing users from Canvas"19:04
replaceafilland the schedule task page says "task started"19:05
replaceafillok, instance cleared19:05
th1aAnd it creates a contact for each user, right?19:05
replaceafillwell, yeah, ST always creates a contact for new person objects19:06
replaceafillthat's a bug iirc19:06
th1aYeah, I don't like it.19:07
th1aI wouldn't quite call it a bug.19:07
replaceafilli mean, there's a bug filed for that :)19:07
th1aOK, I'll send that info to Andrew.19:08
replaceafillcool thanks19:08
th1aOn to Fran tasks?19:08
replaceafillsorry for not sending it myself, but i'm not good at explaining things19:08
th1aIt is ok.19:08
th1aYou don't like to be the one to say "You didn't pay for that part..."19:09
th1aI can do that.  ;-)19:09
th1aAlso I'll pay you today.19:09
replaceafillyou're the PR19:09
th1aI'm good for a few things.19:09
th1aCustomer relations.19:09
replaceafillon Fran things, i fixed the fee recurrence problem19:10
replaceafilli found one more thing in the VMS school database19:10
replaceafillthey messed up the title/labels for some of the fees19:10
replaceafilllike calling the December one October19:10
replaceafilland when you fix that, the change in the title/label doesn't cascade to the group19:11
replaceafillso i need to fix that too19:12
replaceafilland on the api, there's just the attendance group streams change19:12
th1aChange the titles or the implementation?19:12
replaceafillthe titles/labels19:12
replaceafillif you change the title or label of a recurrence19:12
replaceafillthe group and students fees keep showing the old information19:13
replaceafilli don't think they reported that19:13
replaceafillbut i tested it and it's a bug19:13
th1aThanks replaceafill.19:17
replaceafillthanks th1a19:17
th1aI'll pay you today.19:17
replaceafillcool, thanks19:18
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