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th1ahi replaceafill.17:33
replaceafillhey th1a17:33
th1aI'm glad Fran included that list of features for 3.0 in her email.  I was dreading trying to come up with that first step.17:34
th1aI'm going to give her a short answer today and tell her we'll discuss it in more detail next week.17:34
th1aIt seems to me there are two tricky areas:17:34
th1a1) can we integrate the daily attendance with our homeroom attendance (or just get rid of homeroom) or what;17:35
th1a2) Do we want their additional layer of assessment sheets to be on by default or more optional (I'm thinking just default is ok).17:35
th1aWe'd mainly just need to update our standard report card layout to use those, etc.17:36
replaceafillhomeroom attendance is already integrated with the Journal tab attendance17:36
replaceafillARK teacher/student just borrowed the same functionality17:37
replaceafillteacher/student attendance17:37
th1aIn what sense is it integrated?17:37
replaceafillremember the Journal tab?17:37
replaceafillwith all the persons in the system17:37
replaceafillif you mark someone there as present17:38
replaceafillor whatever score17:38
replaceafillthat's carried to whatever section they have as homeroom17:39
th1aAh, good.  OK.17:39
replaceafillit's a single global requirement17:39
th1aSo at worst that needs some testing and polish.17:39
replaceafillwhat i'm trying to say is, we already have a view integrated with the homeroom functionality17:40
th1atesting and polish = me writing the documentation.17:40
replaceafillpretty much yeah17:40
replaceafillark's student attendance has some nice extra things17:40
replaceafilllike fill as present17:41
th1aOK.  Yeah.17:41
replaceafillmore filters17:41
replaceafilland reports!17:41
replaceafillsome of the reports could work in the general case imho17:41
replaceafillmaybe not all of them17:41
th1aWe'll have this discussion next week, but mostly you're not aware of a lot of traps in this process.17:41
th1aReasons we won't be able to integrate the ARK stuff that aren't obvious on the surface.17:42
replaceafillprobably just the score systems17:43
replaceafilleach project includes their own custom score system for the global view to use17:43
th1aoff topic fyi:
th1aSo that needs to be setable.17:44
replaceafill16k visas :O17:44
replaceafillwell, it's already setable17:44
replaceafillwe just need to include something in the journal17:45
replaceafillor not enable the views until that's set17:45
replaceafillother than that...17:45
replaceafillfees won't be 3.0 standard right?17:46
th1aI'd like it to be.17:46
replaceafilli mean, it'll be a plugin17:46
th1aI'd like it installed by default17:46
replaceafillhm ok17:47
replaceafilli guess assessment is fine since it only affects you after you set it up17:48
th1aIt will be confusing to set up.17:48
th1aThat'll be my job to deal with explaining.17:48
replaceafillwhat is weird to me about assesment sets is that mimics some of the report sheet/course sheet work17:48
th1aI mean, it is different enough.17:49
th1aI'll just have to have a page that is like:17:49
th1a1) If you use this kind of test in each course, go to ...17:50
th1a2) If you use different tests in each course, see...17:50
th1a3) If you let each teacher do their own thing, see...17:50
th1aThe problem is when someone starts reading instructions for a foreign system.17:51
th1aThey get super confused because they don't understand what we're trying to model in the first place.17:51
replaceafillthen the school page, searches and everything else should be fine17:53
th1aSo essentially, mostly "yes," and we'll confirm that next week.17:54
th1aNow to "Follow up on Ark SchoolTool instances"17:55
th1aGive me the brief and I'll write the email.17:55
replaceafillwhat's the conclusion about the demos?17:56
th1aI'm going to say not this week at least.17:57
replaceafilli'll have the isli issues sorted by the end of the day17:58
replaceafilli started organizing all the databases, because i have a bunch now17:58
replaceafilli was using some backups fran sent me when she was there17:59
replaceafillbut i think piyali's files are more up to date17:59
replaceafillalthough she mixed some...17:59
replaceafillabout peas, at this point i'm like: "i have no idea what caused this"18:00
replaceafilli checked the dashboard configs18:00
replaceafilland they seem fine18:00
th1aWe suspect it might have something to do with zrs.18:01
th1aThat's about all we've got?18:01
replaceafilland the september data18:01
replaceafillseptember attendance data is in one of the backups18:01
replaceafillbut yakub says the school took attendance since... may18:01
replaceafillso there's more data lost18:02
th1aSo we *only* have September?18:02
th1aShould we suggest they disable zrs?18:03
replaceafillweird thing is  that Fran says this happened in india too18:03
replaceafillin one school18:03
replaceafilland they're not using zrs18:03
replaceafillbut yeah18:03
replaceafillwe should suggest that18:03
replaceafilli'd also like to know the experience with the others schools18:04
replaceafilli mean, if it was zrs and all of them are syncing18:04
replaceafillis this happening for someone else in Uganda?18:04
th1aI don't think so.18:04
th1aOK, I can write the reply.18:05
replaceafillwe're "still on track" oon the rising api18:05
replaceafilland i think the report card is doable18:05
th1aMake some progress yesterday?18:09
replaceafillquick question18:11
replaceafilldo you think we need to update the person importer?18:11
replaceafillto sync people?18:11
th1aIn what sense different?18:12
replaceafilli mean, if you add someone through the importer, the person has to be created in journey, right?18:12
replaceafillsame with section enrollment18:13
th1aThat should trigger an event, in other words.18:14
th1aSee, we're getting better at not forgetting about the importer...  ;-)18:14
th1aOnly a few days into it.18:14
replaceafilltoday i'll try the retries parameter in the task18:15
replaceafilland pulling attendance data from the app18:16
replaceafillwe're ok-ish18:16
replaceafillnot in "oh my god" state yet18:17
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:17
replaceafillok, thanks th1a18:17
th1areplaceafill:  Could you redirect Andrew's test server (and I imagine wipe the database)?18:42
replaceafillsure about wiping the db?18:44
replaceafillth1a, ?18:45
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th1aNo... you could not and ask.19:04
replaceafillthey don't have much in their current ST testing db19:06
th1aOK, don't worry about it.19:06
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