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th1ahi replaceafill.16:30
replaceafillhey th1a16:30
th1aOK... we should set up a meeting with Glenda next week.16:32
th1aNot a "OK, we're switching tasks now" meeting, but a planning meeting.16:32
th1aI was going to say Tuesday.16:33
th1aSo when we turn our clocks back...16:33
th1aWhat time is it there now?16:33
replaceafill8:33 am16:33
th1aOK, so there's just an hour difference then.16:33
th1aIn a week it will be 9:30 here instead of 10:30.16:34
th1aWe could move our meeting time to 9:30 your time if you want.16:34
replaceafillif we can keep *your* 10:30 am meeting time that would be great16:34
th1aThen we both can get our much needed exercise.16:35
replaceafilli felt like i was in a rush in my training today :P16:35
replaceafillbut i managed to finish it16:35
th1aOK, cool.  We're on the same page.16:35
th1aSo maybe early Tuesday afternoon for Glenda?16:35
th1aOK, Fran.16:38
th1aLooks like Teena remembered us today.16:38
replaceafilli was thinking sending Fran a gif on how to fix the level issue16:38
replaceafilli can send screenshots too16:39
th1aIf we are lucky maybe we can at least estimate the API task tomorrow.16:39
th1aWe probably should just take a shot at it once we hear from Teena.16:40
th1aI mean, I can't imagine leaving it hanging past this meeting.16:40
replaceafilli guess Fran will start to push the mif that's the case16:41
replaceafillpush them16:41
replaceafilloh, we need to update the restore manager section of the book btw16:42
replaceafillto remove the stop/start service lines16:42
th1aI suspect she pinged them today.16:42
th1aJust that?16:42
replaceafillcan you take care of that?16:42
th1aIt also should be moved somewhere it is possible to find.16:43
th1aCan you see her bubbles on the dashboard?16:45
th1aRead the orange bubbles?16:45
replaceafilla bit big16:46
replaceafillbut readable16:46
th1aThey just run off the page for me...16:46
replaceafillzoom out?16:46
th1aTerm 2 and thre should have arrows to compare to the previous term?16:48
replaceafillEnrolment or Attendance section?16:49
th1aThat was the only one where I didn't know what she was talking about.16:51
replaceafillah ok16:52
th1aDo you get that?16:52
replaceafill10% in term 216:52
replaceafillis lower than the 30% in term 116:53
replaceafillso you show a "down arrow"16:53
replaceafillit's like the targets logic we use in one xls report16:53
replaceafillbut in this case we compare %s16:53
th1aAh.  OK.16:53
th1aI don't think we need to come up with an estimate for this -- we need to discuss it at some length with Fran first.16:54
replaceafilldo you want to propose improvements?16:54
th1aWell... we kind of have to discuss them since I brought them up.  I shut up because it became clear to me that there wouldn't really be enough communication bandwidth to do the job correctly.16:55
th1aEspecially including the schools...16:56
th1aI mean, just for starters it is hard to interpret the design of the assessment table without knowing whether the example data in any way reflects what they expect the actual data to look like.16:57
replaceafillit's been like that in all xls reports th1a!16:57
th1aThat is why I have not been trying to improve them...16:57
th1aOnce she said "dashboard" I just felt like it was a new opportunity.16:58
th1aAnd the assessment table is EXACTLY like the examples of bad dashboards in my book.16:58
replaceafillthe arrows make my head spinning16:58
th1aBut it isn't like I have extensive experience with good ones, and it would take a LOT of talking and writing to improve it.  If we were in the same room it would be no problem.16:59
replaceafill"there has to be a better alternative"16:59
th1aOK, so it isn't just me.16:59
th1aI think it needs more "pre-processing."16:59
th1aLike, what bits do you want people to be looking for here, can't we just pull those out algorithmically?16:59
th1aSo we'll talk about it a bit with Fran.17:00
replaceafillthe assessment part is very clear to me though17:00
th1aPage 1 I couldn't really improve given the exact way they wanted the data sliced.17:01
replaceafillmy biggest concern in all of this is speed17:01
th1aI thought we could get it all in one bar chart, but not quite.17:01
replaceafillthese are web views, right?17:02
replaceafilland calculating all of this takes time17:02
replaceafilli think we need to show just the current term by default17:03
replaceafilland have the [+] buttons17:03
replaceafillto request asynchronously17:03
replaceafillor whatever you type that :)17:03
th1aThat's the other issue I had with calling this a "dashboard."17:03
th1aIt is a dashboard telling me my average speed over the past year.17:04
th1a(rather than just my current speed)17:04
th1aThere are a few ways we could deal with it I guess.17:04
th1aCould we cache some of those values?17:05
th1aI guess that presents its own complexity.17:05
th1aCaching is hard...17:05
replaceafilli'm thinking more of a catalog to speed thing up17:05
replaceafilli'd prefer trying the catalog first17:05
th1aProbably she'd prefer just having those be added as they can -- assuming they are all needed eventually.17:06
th1aBUt not holding up the overall view.17:06
th1aI guess it is not a problem doing Enrolment and Attendance side by side?17:06
replaceafillwell, the number of levels is dynamic17:07
replaceafilland terms17:07
replaceafilli'd prefer doing separate sections17:07
replaceafillthree "dashboard" pages if possible17:07
replaceafilldo you need to see enrollment to understand assessment?17:08
th1aAh.  OK, we'll have to ask.17:09
th1aI mean, my instinct was that we wouldn't be able to format it that way.17:09
th1aSometimes I think my instinct is getting overly conservative.17:10
th1aSo, like the S1, S2, S3 may have a lot more values?17:10
replaceafillno, it'll be really hard to get this layout17:10
replaceafillwell, yeah17:10
replaceafillif she then decides to use this dashboard in the other pilots17:10
th1aOK.  We definitely need to explain that kind of thing to her.17:10
th1aTables of arbitrary width are bad.17:11
replaceafilli mean, we could do some hack like what we have in the gradebook17:11
th1aThat's not the kind of thing that would be obvious to someone.17:11
replaceafillwhere you can scroll horizontally17:11
replaceafillbut that's complicated17:11
th1aI mean really, that's where it is better to have a simple data graphic.17:12
replaceafilland we should estimate just the web views initially17:13
replaceafillsee where we finish17:13
th1aGoing though this again, I think we should push her for another iteration.17:13
replaceafillprobably coding them in a way that can be reusable in a xls or pdf17:14
th1aOne big thing in the dashboards I looked at is just having lists.17:14
th1aClasses with lowest attendance, etc.17:14
replaceafilland try css + printing from the browser17:14
replaceafillit worked ok in the autism project17:14
replaceafillit may work here17:14
th1aInstead of "look through all this data to find the lowest attendance," just make a list!17:15
th1aYeah, I'm fairly confident that will work for us, printing wise.17:15
replaceafillexplain the list part please?17:15
th1aI mean...17:17
th1aPresumably she's going to train principals to look for certain things in these tables.17:18
th1aPerhaps, "In any given subject, which class underperforms?"17:18
th1aYou can just list that!17:18
replaceafillquick question17:19
replaceafilldo you know what the A, B, C, D labels mean in the enrolment dashboard?17:19
replaceafillin the chart17:19
replaceafillGirls, Boys, Boarding, Day?17:19
th1aI think levels but I'm not sure.17:20
th1aWe'll just need to go over these.17:20
th1aActually, I don't think they're levels.17:20
th1aI don't know.17:20
th1aS1, etc. are streams?17:21
replaceafillno, levels17:21
replaceafillnot sure if she will want to implement streams in peas17:21
replaceafilli see a lot of changes coming in peas17:21
replaceafillit's really out-dated17:22
th1aOK.  Remind her of that.17:22
th1aOK, so basically I think we're in good shape to just walk through these with her.17:24
replaceafillyou know our app, right th1a? :D17:26
th1aUh... yes?17:27
replaceafilldo we have any async page...17:27
replaceafilljust the dialogs i guess17:27
replaceafilli mean, the report dialogs17:27
th1aThe progress bars.17:27
replaceafillthe viewlet that queries the server17:28
replaceafillthat's the answer probably17:28
replaceafillajax parts17:28
replaceafilli was getting worried :S17:28
replaceafillanything else?17:29
th1aIS there anything tricky about the report card?17:29
replaceafillhhm i don't think so17:30
replaceafilllet me look the old one17:31
th1aI have to leave for an interview in about 10 minutes.17:32
replaceafillnothing complicated17:33
replaceafillbut she did add more stuff to the report17:33
replaceafilland we already estimated it the first version17:33
replaceafillso we need to update the estimate17:33
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:36
replaceafillok, thanks th1a17:36
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