IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2015-10-14

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replaceafillhey th1a18:24
th1ahi replaceafill.18:24
replaceafillany idea of what's going on with david's instance?18:26
replaceafilli have no idea what he's doing18:26
th1aWell, the weird thing is that I replicated it on my instance.18:26
th1aGroups and sections are empty.18:27
replaceafilli think they've been empty since a long time18:28
replaceafillcan't confirm though18:28
th1aWell, they are here:
replaceafilland if you go to the any group and click members18:36
replaceafillfrom david's screenshot i notice something is different about his manager permission18:37
th1aThere are none.18:37
replaceafillin School, he has no link to the school year18:37
th1aBut yes, you are right.18:37
th1aThere is something weird permission-wise.18:37
replaceafilland there's not contacts18:37
replaceafilldid you start with a fresh instance? i mean before copying his db?18:38
replaceafilli could use your logs18:38
th1aNo, I just moved my db.18:40
replaceafilli'll see what i can do18:40
th1aIs there anything Fran needs urgently?18:40
th1aJust those sys admin problems?18:41
replaceafillthere's some issues with the assessment reports that i don't understand18:41
replaceafillunfortunately she explained them using as an example a database i cannot restore18:41
replaceafillso i cannot see what she means clearly18:42
replaceafilland her explanation is confusing18:42
replaceafilli could use your help on the sys admin stuff18:42
th1aWhy can't you restore it?18:42
th1aBecause they're sending you repozo stuff?18:42
replaceafillrepozo says everything is ok18:42
replaceafillbut when you try to either start the server or connect to it directly through python18:42
replaceafillit complains about the file format18:43
replaceafillthey're sending deltas and indexes18:43
th1aOK, so we should ask them to just copy the Data.fs.18:43
replaceafillwell, i asked her to explain the problem using one of the dbs i have18:44
replaceafillshe said she noticed the issue in that database too18:44
th1aWhat should I be looking at?18:44
replaceafillthe report issue?18:44
replaceafillher email from october 12tyh18:45
replaceafillIssue email from earlier18:45
replaceafillitem 2.18:45
replaceafilli have no idea what "unite tests" mean18:46
replaceafilli imagine they're just sheets18:46
replaceafillbut then she says "accurate percentage in the totals column"18:46
replaceafilltotals column of what?18:47
th1aCan you ask her that?18:47
replaceafilli just told her i didn't understand it at all and to put it in a different context18:48
replaceafillit's way easier for me to *see* things18:48
replaceafill1. and 3. were easy because of that18:48
replaceafilli have either a db to reproduce or a sample xls18:49
th1aCan she highlight for you the problem columns in the Little Rose report?18:49
replaceafilli hope18:50
th1aI mean, would that work for you?18:51
replaceafillany explanation involving little rose would work for me18:51
replaceafillsince i have the db18:51
th1aBut, basically, that would suffice?18:52
replaceafillthis should be solved by now if the jgm db would have worked18:52
replaceafill(i think)18:52
th1aI'm sure it isn't a very complicated fix.18:54
replaceafillok, so i have no idea how to explain Fran copying dbs and logs is an administrative task18:59
replaceafillwhen she wants to use nautilus for the task...18:59
replaceafillcan you take care of that?18:59
th1aYeah, but I won't let her use nautilus.19:00
th1aIs that why she didn't have permission?19:00
replaceafilli guess19:00
th1aOK, I sent an email on that point.19:03
replaceafillcool, thanks19:04
th1aOne small point is just saying where the file will be if someone runs that from their home directory.19:06
th1a(i.e., it will be in their home directory.19:07
th1aOr even maybe just throw a tilde in the output path so it will definitely be in their home directory.19:07
replaceafillthat's your tier of support ;)19:07
replaceafillmine is step lower19:08
th1aYou're the sys admin.19:08
replaceafilli'm the developer!19:08
replaceafillyou're support19:08
replaceafillbut seriously, we need a command or something19:09
replaceafilli mean, a script19:09
replaceafillnot sure what useful that would be...19:09
th1aWe could add something that would just zip up the logs and db and upload it to our server.19:10
replaceafillsomething along those lines19:10
replaceafilla spy mechanism!19:10
replaceafillproblem is connection stability19:10
th1aAh, right.19:10
replaceafillok, i'm  going to see what's going on with David's db19:11
th1aThat's an interesting mystery.19:11
replaceafillth1a, groups are ok in my instance19:16
th1aAre all your versions the same as his?19:16
replaceafilli just added 2.8 and my ppa19:19
replaceafillfor my ppa i changed trusty to saucy19:19
replaceafillsince there's no trusty release19:19
replaceafillbut i don't think my schooltool.niepa has anything to do with it19:19
th1aI'm going to have to drag you into this chat.19:22
replaceafillah great19:23
replaceafillFran explanation is a little bit clearer now19:24
* replaceafill reads the first explanation and compares...\19:24
th1aAre you on google chat?19:24
th1aCan you hop on that so you can chat with David?19:25
* replaceafill grumbles...19:25
th1aYeah, I know.19:25
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:12
th1aayt replaceafill?22:52

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